Four dead and more than 100 inhabitants rescued by floods that leave a powerful storm

Tragic weekend: at least four killed by flash floods due to a heavy storm. In addition to the four killed by the floods, authorities resc...

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  • Tragic weekend: at least four killed by flash floods due to a heavy storm.
  • In addition to the four killed by the floods, authorities rescued more than 100 trapped people.
  • The storms are expected to continue in the coming hours in the southern United States.

Authorities report at least four deaths from flooding caused by a powerful storm that hit Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, more than 100 residents were trapped during the heavy rain.

Quoting the authorities, Fox News reported Sunday that overnight flash floods in central Tennessee left four dead and many people trapped by rising waters.

They find four dead from the floods

As detailed Fox 17 Nashville, the body of a man was found in a submerged car near a stream. The body of another man was found on a golf course after police said he may have gotten out of his vehicle and been dragged away. And the bodies of another man and a woman were located near a homeless camp in a wooded area.

According to Fox News, the accounts included reports of first responders assisting people in apartment complexes and drivers traveling on roads in areas flooded by the storm that struck the town.

Storm and flood hazard

four dead from floods

Referring to the tragic event that claimed multiple lives this weekend, Katy Morgan, the chief meteorologist for Fox 17 in Nashville, warned: “Water is a very powerful thing, very powerful and it doesn’t take much to sweep your car away.”

Heavy rains were expected to continue in the region for several hours into the early hours of Sunday, with alerts running until 4:30 a.m. for Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and Mount Juliet, the local newspaper reported. The Tennessean. Other alerts were in effect until 7:00 a.m., Fox News detailed.

They ask not to leave the house

In a message, the National Weather Service had written: “There are major flash floods happening, with numerous highways, interstates and houses flooded, and with rescues in progress!” He added, “Please stay home and don’t travel!”

The aforementioned newspaper mentioned that yesterday Saturday afternoon, a powerful storm in Lexington, Tennessee, caused significant damage. A possible tornado formation had been warned for the area, but it was not immediately clear if the phenomenon had actually occurred.

Four dead and more than 100 trapped by floods

NBC News He also outlined this Sunday that the floods caused by the fall of seven inches of rain caused the four deaths and the rescue of at least 130 people. According to that television network, the city of Nashville, of nearly 700,000 residents, remains under a flash flood warning issued by the National Weather Service as of Sunday.

The floods are also causing landslides and causing people to be trapped in their homes, the fire department was quoted as saying by NBC News. Since early Sunday morning, many smaller stream basins that rose to flood levels overnight began to return to more normal flows, water services officials said.

Tornadoes and storms will continue to hit the south this Sunday

Tornadoes and thunderstorms continued whipping the south on Saturday, killing at least six people. The region, which has been hit by extreme weather since mid-March, is once again suffering from the destruction of seriously damaged homes and trees and businesses.

The six people who have died across the South include five in Calhoun County, Alabama, and one in Coweta County, Georgia, since Thursday, when a second wave of extreme weather hit the region, authorities said. Three of the dead were relatives of Calhoun County Kalvin Bowers, who told NBC News: “I lost a brother-in-law. I lost a sister. I lost a niece. I have a brother in the hospital. And I have a niece in the hospital ”.

Tornadoes and storms wreak havoc

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said the tornado crossed the county on a diagonal, hitting mostly rural areas, perhaps keeping the death toll from being higher. “Five people lost their lives and for those families things will never be the same again,” Wade said at a late-night news conference.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp toured storm-damaged communities Saturday. “It is very different from anything I have seen,” he told the media. “Total destruction in many places.” At least 24 tornadoes have made landfall in Georgia and Alabama since Thursday, the National Weather Service said.

Thunderstorms through Sunday morning

four dead from floods
Photo: AP

The National Weather Service on Saturday warned a “higher risk” of more thunderstorms and a “moderate risk” of excessive rainfall over parts of the lower Mississippi and Tennessee Valley through Sunday morning.

The overall threat to tornadoes decreased in Birmingham, Alabama, as the line of thunderstorms approached the I-20/59 corridor this morning. The line of thunderstorms will continue southeast through Central Alabama until 4 p.m. today. Thunderstorms will also be possible in the Mid-Atlantic through Monday morning, March 29, experts said.

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