Fortuna de Raúl de Molina: How much does the driver of El Gordo y la Flaca earn?

At last it is announced how much Raúl de Molina earns The fortune of the presenter of El Gordo y la Flaca is no longer a mystery What has...

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  • At last it is announced how much Raúl de Molina earns
  • The fortune of the presenter of El Gordo y la Flaca is no longer a mystery
  • What has weight, has it in millions of dollars

Fortuna Raúl de Molina. Once MundoHispánico made known the fortunes of Jorge Ramos Y Eddie sotelo ‘El Piolín’, it’s time to find out how much money Raúl de Molina has, the popular presenter of Cuban origin of the Univisión program El Gordo y la Flaca.

And it goes that the famous ‘Gordo’ takes Jorge Ramos and ‘Piolín’ by far, because his fortune exceeds by several million dollars both that of the Univision journalist and that of the popular announcer, both of Mexican origin, according to data obtained from the specialized site Celebrity Net Worth.

How much does Raúl de Molina earn?

Raúl de Molina's fortune how much El Gordo earns
PHOTO Instagram @rauldemolina

Raúl de Molina is one of the stellar hosts of the show business program El Gordo y la Flaca, which he has hosted with Lili Estefan since September 21, 1998, so in 2021 they will celebrate 23 uninterrupted years on the air on Univisión.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Raúl de Molina was born in Havana, Cuba, but grew up in Madrid, Spain and from there emigrated to the United States as a teenager, where he has spent much of his career as a photojournalist and entertainment journalist. , until currently achieving a salary of 15 million dollars a year.

Raúl de Molina’s high salary

Raúl de Molina's fortune how much El Gordo earns
PHOTO Instagram @rauldemolina

What Raúl de Molina earns in Univisión is much more than what Jorge Ramos earns with the same chain, where the Mexican serves as a stellar journalist. While Raúl de Molina makes 15 million a year, Jorge Ramos gets 3 million dollars.

And Raúl de Molina’s $ 15 million salary is also much more than what Eddie Sotelo, better known as ‘El Piolín’, earns more than Jorge Ramos by earning $ 5 million a year thanks to his work as announcer in his program El Show de Piolín.

How did Raúl de Molina make his money?

PHOTO Instagram @elgordoylaflaca

Raúl de Molina graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and initially focused on a career as a photojournalist, where he also worked with great success, to the extent that his photographs appeared in magazines such as Time, Newsweek and Life Magazine, among other publications.

El Gordo began working as a presenter on the Hispanic network Telemundo in the early 1980s and later began working for the Univisión competition. Since then he has not stopped and his program El Gordo y la Flaca, co-host of Lili Estefan, is one of the most popular in the world.

Your fortune thanks to El Gordo y la Flaca

PHOTO Instagram @elgordoylaflaca

Before working as a partner with the presenter, also of Cuban origin, Lili Estefan in El Gordo y la Flaca, Raúl de Molina participated in programs such as Primer Impacto on Univisión, as well as Ocurró Así, Hola América and Club Telemundo for Telemundo.

It is estimated that, like his partner Lili Estefan, El Gordo de Molina receives a salary of approximately $ 63,000 per month for conducting the program. But that’s not all, since Raúl de Molina is the channel’s majority shareholder.

The most popular program

PHOTO Instagram @rauldemolina

El Gordo y la Flaca airs at 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and, according to Celebrity Net Worth, regularly has more viewers than all major network shows combined during the same time.

In addition to his work on El Gordo y la Flaca, Raúl de Molina has also hosted the Latin Grammy Awards, the Miss America pageant and had great coverage during the broadcast of the FIFA Soccer World Cup for Univisión.

Fortuna Raúl de Molina: He is also a writer

Raúl de Molina's fortune how much El Gordo earns
PHOTO Instagram @rauldemolina

And if that weren’t enough, Raúl de Molina has written a couple of very successful books. The first is about interviews and photos of celebrities that you have interviewed over the course of your career. The second was called “The fat man’s diet” and in it he tells of his experiences as a child and his battle against obesity.

In 2010, People en Español magazine named him among the most elegant, even though it was not common for a plus-size person, as is his case, to enter that list. Precisely, his fight against obesity has been one of his constants in his life.

Fortuna Raúl de Molina: Exhibits his wife in a bikini

Raúl Molina wife bikini

In his networks, Raúl de Molina boasts his luxurious social life next to his wife, Millie de Molina, who weeks ago he exhibited in an incredible black bikini, while they enjoyed their travel by yacht through the paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic.

Raúl de Molina and his wife, Millie de Molina, have been married for more than 26 years, where it was not even long ago that this happy couple celebrated another year of being married, where the same driver of The fat and the skinny shared a series of snapshots to celebrate this union.

Fortuna Raúl de Molina: A Dream Trip


It was on his official Instagram account that the driver Raúl de Molina shared a series of videos and images, where he recounted the experience of his trip to the paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic that he and his family had taken.

At the beginning it is possible to see a video where the driver appears with a navy blue shirt, accompanied by a black cap, while his wife was by his side wearing a two-part black bikini. Both enjoyed the trip on a yacht in the sea off Palmilla beach, in the Dominican Republic.

His family


Raúl Molina wife bikini

In the video you can see how Raúl de Molina talks with his wife Millie while they were watching this beach, in addition to the fact that they both offered tender kisses from time to time and Millie de Molina tenderly caressed the driver of El Gordo y la Flaca on the cheek.

In the following photos the Cuban is observed inside the sea while his wife is behind him on top of the yacht; and in the following images his daughter Mía de Molina appears, and more images with views of the sea, in a publication that swept more than 18 thousand likes.

Pure love

Raúl Molina wife bikini

Quickly various comments began to arrive on the video where Raúl de Molina showed off his wife in a black bikini, where many users were fascinated with him love that this couple displayed over the years.

Among the comments stood out those of great personalities such as: Jessi Maldonado, Clarissa Molina, among others, who highlighted the good life that the driver and his family had. You can see the video of Raúl de Molina with his wife Millie de Molina wearing a black bikini here.

“How cute”

PHOTO Instagram @rauldemolina

“Linda Raúl family, blessings”, “beautiful family”, “beautiful my land, Dominican Republic”, “Raúl how beautiful to see you walking and happy, I am very happy that you are enjoying these beautiful beaches, take care of yourselves and wear masks”, ” how beautiful, long live love, blessings for that beautiful couple ”.

However, there was a user who with her comment drew the smile of several followers, arguing the following: “Every time I see you you remind me of William Levy, and I do not know why”. Could it be that Raúl de Molina does look like the hot Cuban actor?

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