Fortuna de La “Chilindrina”: How much money does the Mexican actress have?



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  • The “Chilindrina” has to her credit 64 years of artistic life in which she has amassed an impressive fortune
  • The Mexican actress’s earnings are based on her artistic career
  • María Antonieta de las Nieves starred in the television series El Chavo del Ocho from 1972 to 1984

María Antonieta de las Nieves, best known for playing “Chilindrina” in the program “El Chavo del 8”, created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, is a renowned Mexican actress admired throughout the world.

La Chilindrina began her acting career at the young age of 6 and now, at 70 years old, she seems to be in a good moment of her life after having worked hard and amassed a considerable fortune.

The beginnings of the “Chilindrina”

Image taken from Instagram @chiquinha_fanbr

María Antonieta de Las Nieves made her artistic debut in 1957 in the children’s film Pulgarcito. In addition, Chilindrina was a pioneer of Mexican television by acting in what was the first telenovela made in Mexico in 1958: Senda prohibited.

The also Mexican comedian and singer has performed as a voice actress in countless films and world-class plays. Thanks to her work at the Cinematográfica Interamericana SA (CINSA) company, she was classified as one of the most sought-after dubbing actresses in Mexico.

Voice actress for Latin America

Chilindrina fortune
Photo: Mezcalent.

María Antonieta became a voice actress at age 8, and at that young age she gave voice to the Spanish versions of The Addams Family, The Monster Family, Batman and the Fantastic Four.

La Chilindrina was born in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico in December 1950. Although the dubbing made her famous in the entertainment world, it was not until she starred in the series “El Chavo del 8” and “Chapulín Colorado” that she grabbed a fame world. María Antonieta starred in the Chespirito productions from 1973 to 1978.

The “Chilindrina” fortune: fruit of years of hard work

Chilindrina fortune
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According to the specialized site Celebrity Net Worth, Chilindrina’s net fortune is valued at no more and no less than 10 million dollars. The large heritage is not only derived from her career as an actress, the Mexican has also led other projects.

María Antonieta directs the circus that bears the name of her character, “La Chilindrina”, with which she has traveled mainly through Mexico, Central America and some countries in South America, according to Wipipedia.

The artist surprises with a tremendous figure when posing in a sexy bikini at 70 years old

Image taken from Instagram @sueltalasopatv

Recently Chilindrina surprised everyone by putting aside her glasses, freckles and her girl’s dress, to pose with a sexy bikini at her 70 years of age. It was through a photograph that began to circulate on social networks in which the famous artist is seen, with that daring outfit that left more than one with their mouths open.

The publication was made by the Suelta la Sopa program page on Instagram and as of the morning of January 18 it had more than 9,800 reactions of likes and more than 439 comments. The comments immediately began and most were to flatter her figure, since at her age she sports a great body that many younger women would like to have. And the thing is that Marie Antoinette de las Nieves “La Chilindrina” has rarely been seen, in a bikini or showing extra skin on her postcards.

Dozens of compliments and criticisms for the artist

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Immediately the compliments for the artist began: “For being that age she looks very good”, “she looks beautiful, I wish I had that silhouette”, “she is much better than any young girl”, “omg, better than those of 20 (years)”. The women were the ones who commented the most and reacted to the great figure that La Chilindrina boasted when posing in a sexy bikini.

“She looks very good for being 70 years old, God bless her”, “how beautiful she is, wow, 70 years old and she does not presume it like many, I am speechless”, “she is very young for her age”, “she is well maintained “,” Which is beautiful at her natural age. ” But the compliments did not stop: “Olé and Olé, very pretty and wearing a bathing suit very well at 70 years old”, “it is a privilege that woman at 70 looks splendid and young”, “it is more like Susana González”, ” the lady looks beautiful ”.

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