For positive changes, Mhoni Vidente warns about earthquakes and volcanoes that will erupt (VIDEO)

The psychic Mhoni Seer warns that there will be strong earthquakes I talk about the eruption of the Iceland volcano The clairvoyant predi...

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  • The psychic Mhoni Seer warns that there will be strong earthquakes
  • I talk about the eruption of the Iceland volcano
  • The clairvoyant predicts that there will be positive changes in all humanity

Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes. The clairvoyant Most famous in the country of Mexico and the United States, Mhoni Vidente, has become one of the astrologers who has had the most fulfilled predictions throughout her career, every week she surprises viewers with her predictions that paralyze the world.

Like every week, the psychic, left her predictions said, through a channel of Youtube, of the program Here With You of the Heraldo de México, Mhoni Vidente surprised again with his predictions, where this time he warns that there will be more earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

Mhoni Vidente warns of earthquakes and volcanoes

Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes

The host of the program of the question on What is happening with the earthquakes in Mexico and Japan, the meteorite that fell in Cuba and on the volcano that erupted in Iceland after a thousand years ?, to which the astrologer replied:

“I see that there are still going to be very strong earthquakes in Asia, near Iceland, because of the volcano that was erupting,” then she emphasizes that she had already mentioned that the most important day of the year would be March 21, and it was that day when the volcano woke up after a thousand years. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Positive changes in humanity, Mhoni Seer

Mhoni Seer earthquakes volcanoes 2

After these natural phenomena occurred, the clairvoyant said that this happened, since there will be a positive change in all humanity, and in one of those changes that she said, it was the one that we are finally going to be able to bring down the coronavirus pandemic.

“On March 21 that day, the meteorite falls, the earthquakes begin, and that gives me the signal that there will be positive changes in all of humanity, and democracy will begin to grow more, more stability, we will be able to completely knock down that virus, so they envision more volcanoes erupting, ”Mhoni said.

The year of the earthquake and the volcanoes

Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes 3

Previously, he had already mentioned that this year there would be several tremors in different parts of the world, a prediction that up to now is being fulfilled, but he also takes the opportunity to warn the users of the volcanoes near his community, they may wake up.

“I had already told you that this year will be the earthquake and the volcanoes, and there is the proof, you have to take all precautions in Guatemala, in the volcano that you see that will soon erupt, or in Ecuador. , and logically it will continue to tremble but nothing serious will be only the scare, “said the psychic.

One more fulfilled prediction from Mhoni Seer, now twice

Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes 4
Photo: Instagram Mhoni Vidente

In case there was any doubt about his divinatory powers, the earthquake and meteorite prediction of the Cuban psychic and clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente is fulfilled and many are already waiting for the change that he predicted and that will occur from this month.

In the first place, the Cuban psychic and clairvoyant shared the exact moment, within the program Here with you on El Heraldo TV, in which she assured that something very important would happen, but for this, there would have to be a tremor, which finally happened in the Guerrero state, Mexico.

Mhoni Seer visualized a meteorite

Mhoni Seer earthquakes volcanoes 5
Mhoni Seer

Later, Mhoni Vidente presented a video of the occasion in which he expressed himself in the following way: “I visualize a meteorite, the fall of a meteorite for the middle of the month in a region near Cuba, so you have to be very prepared for this. situation”.

Although she predicted the fall of a meteorite, the seer assured that it would not be anything serious, it would simply be a scare for the inhabitants of that region or that they would see a flash in the sky, which happened yesterday in Cuba according to the Moa Seismological Station. Filed under Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes

Mhoni Vidente predicts a strong earthquake that will drive away bad energies

Photo YouTube Mhoni Seer

Previously through his YouTube channel, the psychic Very faithful to his style, he affirms that the movement will remove the energies not only of our Mexican country, but also of other countries as well as the United States, Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, among others.

The clairvoyant affirmed that after the earthquake it will be a good opportunity to connect with superior beings since this phenomenon will move negative energy to begin to advance in the different aspects of life. He confessed that he may be registered in Mexico or very close, so he asked his thousands of followers to be alert. Filed under Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes

March the cabalistic month


“The most kabbalistic month of 2021, the most important, the one that will give you the beginning and the end of everything you can imagine, the kabbalistic month means God, son and holy spirit, in a single person,” said the clairvoyant in his video on the March predictions.

“Between the days of Lent, the presence of Luzbel will be surrounding the human being throughout the month of March, but we also have the divine light number 3, that is why it is very important to take into account all the signs that are going to be given in heaven and earth, ”said Mhoni. Filed under Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes

The most important day; March 21st

Mhoni Seer

The letter of the sun appeared to Moni Vidente where a few weeks ago where it indicates that March will be a cabalistic month, and that the 21st will be the strongest, death will dominate that day, with a Holy War, and after the 21st the energies will move, the death card will knock down leaders and people of power, even airplanes falling from the sky, and the powerful will dominate the weak.

“It is visualized after March 21, the hatred of the human being against the human being will come out,” said Mhoni, who asks that this energy be stopped so that it does not unleash the wrath of Luzbel, where he sees many coups in Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, Cuba and Mexico. Filed under Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes

Mhoni visualizes the worst in this month of March

Mhoni Seer

The sun chart has risen and where the astrologer says that apart from the coming droughts, the Holy War will also be present, which several countries will be fighting, including the United States, in this month of March, which for her is the most cabalistic.

Now, this same letter, together with the Death letter, points out that in March a “Holy War” is visualized with the presence of countries such as Syria, Russia, China, Iran and the United States, as well as the two Koreas, said Mhoni Seer. Filed under Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes

March will be a good month for Mexico

Photo YouTube Mhoni Seer

The letter from the World tells Mhoni Vidente that a very important political figure in Mexico will be imprisoned, but in the United States, be it a ruler or someone of high level, who will be linked to the mafia.

“Better economy, people will start to come out more, we will start to control the pandemic. The Magician’s letter will be dominating the Mexican people to begin to overcome all those negative things that we were dragging along for a year ”. Filed under Mhoni Vidente earthquakes volcanoes



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