The 10 best foods for healthy hair and nails

Here is some of the best food for healthy hair and nails that you can include in your daily diet to naturally improve your hair and nails!

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To make hair and nails look spectacular, you can try different things such as creams, treatments or specialized shampoos. However, there are natural ways to avoid spending tons of money and still get long-lasting and incredible results! Here is some of the best food for healthy hair and nails that you can include in your daily diet to strengthen your body and give it the necessary nutrients to show off dreamy hair and strong nails. Discover what they are!


In addition to being inexpensive and natural, lentils are extremely rich in iron and folic acid, two nutrients that help maintain the balance of red cells and oxygenation, which in turn benefits the skin and scalp. Furthermore, folic acid has been shown to be an effective for promoting hair growth. Lentils also contain zinc, biotin, and protein, which are all ideal for strengthening hair.


The 10 best foods for healthy hair and nails

If you want to show off abundant and healthy hair, the easiest way to achieve this is by resorting to nutrients found in the foods you eat daily, such as beans and legumes. These contain protein, vitamin B and Zinc, as well as a high percentage of folic acid, which promotes cell regeneration and thus helps hair grow.

Brown rice is a must-have food for healthy hair and nails

Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates – Nutrition experts have found brown rice to be an important source of iron, zinc, manganese, potassium, and silica, a component that promotes keratin production. Keratin has the mission of helping with healthy hair growth. So next time you are offered a bowl of brown rice, don’t hesitate to accept it!


The 10 best foods for healthy hair and nails

Do you want a thick head of hair but don’t want to use chemicals on your scalp? Try almonds! This food is rich in biotin, a component associated with the generation of keratin. In addition, it has been proven that the consumption of almonds helps prevent hair loss and stimulate its growth. With this, you will not only show off abundant hair, but you will also ensure that you maintain optimal hair health.


Did you know that vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen? The nutritional components of spinach are rich in this vitamin and they also contain iron and folate, which help stimulate hair growth. Hair health will be greatly enhanced thanks to the fact that spinach is rich in iron, beta carotenes, manganese and zinc, which will help you maintain balanced health and unparalleled hair.

Sweet potato


Vegetables such as sweet potatoes and squash have abundant amounts of beta carotene, which, in turn, is converted into vitamin A, a basic nutrient for cell regeneration and hair growth. Likewise, beta carotene naturally nourishes the scalp, which will allow hair to grow in a healthy and abundant way without the need for chemicals.


A serving of avocado is one of the most delicious things you can add to your beauty routine, as it will provide your body with the natural oils it requires for hair to look healthy and strong. Consuming avocado will also allow hair to be naturally moisturized. This is because it is a food rich in vitamins A, B6 and E, nutritionists highly recommend it!

Strawberries are wonderful

Photograph of a red food

If you like strawberries, this is a perfect time to prepare your favorite recipes with them (fresh or frozen). They will have your hair looking healthy and strong in no time! Strawberries provide the body with a large amount of antioxidants that, in turn, protect hair follicles and promote collagen production, providing vitamin C.

Eggs will make your hair shine

In many cases, people with hair loss suffer from nutritional deficiencies due to a low intake of foods rich in iron, vitamin D and biotin. Fortunately, in some cases, hair loss can be prevented or reversed with a balanced diet. One of the foods that should be on your shopping list is eggs, since they provide essential nutrients to strengthen the body and ensure the growth of healthy hair.



Foods rich in Omega-3, especially salmon, are great allies in the search for optimal hair and nail health, helping hair growth and strengthening nails. Salmon, for example, provides proteins and nutrients essential for the good health of the hair follicles and the skin in general. Thus, you will find that Omega-3 will prevent follicle inflammation, responsible for most cases of hair loss.

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