Florida: Governor Announces Agreement to Detect Undocumented Persons

Governor of Florida announced an agreement to detect illegal immigrants. The agreement strengthens the union of jail agents and ICE to id...

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  • Governor of Florida announced an agreement to detect illegal immigrants.
  • The agreement strengthens the union of jail agents and ICE to identify undocumented persons in Florida.
  • The agreement will improve the “identification of criminal aliens” arriving at a correctional facility, the Florida governor said.

The governor of Florida announced an agreement between prison and immigration authorities to strengthen the detection of illegal immigrants.

As reported by the news agency Efe This Saturday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced this weekend a cooperation agreement between state prisons and federal immigration authorities to detect undocumented immigrants under the 287 (g) program, which trains and authorizes police officers to act as immigration agents.

Efe indicated that DeSantis, a Republican ally of President Donald Trump and a follower of his anti-immigrant policies, emphasized that the idea is “to participate in programs that facilitate greater cooperation in the application of immigration law with the federal government.”

“I am pleased that the implementation of this important program is moving forward,” said the Governor of Florida, a state with a fifth of its population of immigrant origin.

Florida undocumented governor

Efe reported that Thomas Kennedy, political director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), lamented that the agreement is “part of an ongoing effort to merge the mass incarceration system with the immigration detention / deportation machinery to take advantage of the suffering of our communities ”.

The FLIC also criticized the use of Florida taxpayer money for this form of “racism,” as it called the new link between corrections and ICE.

In the same sense, the organization in favor of immigrants United We Dream expressed itself, denouncing that “the attacks on immigrants are increasingly extensive and violent.”

The activists called on voters to mobilize to eliminate “anti-immigrant politicians in Florida.”

Efe recalled that DeSantis also promoted this year the implementation of the E-verify system, through a law that obliges employers to verify the immigration status of their workers through that federal platform and despite the resistance of the sectors of the agriculture and tourism, the two main engines of the economy in the “Sunshine State” and widely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Florida immigration

The DeSantis government detailed this weekend that the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) signed a memorandum of agreement to “improve public safety by identifying criminal aliens received in a correctional facility ”.

“We take our responsibility to protect our citizens, promote safe communities and defend the rule of law very seriously,” said Governor DeSantis, referring to the agreement to detect undocumented immigrants in Florida, according to Efe.

The governor explained that on August 17, the secretary of the FDC, Mark Inch, signed the memorandum and that the Northwest Florida Reception Center, in Chipley, in Washington County, will be the first to launch it.

The program establishes guidelines and conditions for ICE to collect information about an inmate’s citizenship and immigration status.

It also provides a framework for FDC staff to be selected, trained, and approved by ICE to perform certain functions as immigration officers, tasks that are typical of federal personnel.

“This association will ensure that criminal aliens are not returned to our streets, increasing public safety throughout the state,” said Michael W. Meade, director of the local ICE office in Miami.

In this way Florida joins 75 law enforcement agencies in 21 states that have a similar current agreement with ICE.

Florida: Counties to Receive Second Round of Coronavirus Aid

On the other hand, the governor of Florida announced a second round of economic relief from coronavirus for certain counties.

Wesh 2 reported Friday that Governor Ron DeSantis announced a second round of coronavirus relief for Florida.

The financing money, he said, will go to counties with populations of less than 500,000 inhabitants.

According to the aforementioned media, the second round will bring an additional 255 million dollars to 55 counties. The first round awarded to counties amounted to $ 318.8 million.

Wesh 2 explained that for the county to receive the aid, it will have to meet several requirements.

Those interested in more financial relief should offer documentation on how the funds were used during the first round and provide the spending plan for the additional funds, the newspaper said.

According to Wesh 2, the statement also indicated that because the state of Florida is responsible for reimbursing the federal government for funds used by counties on ineligible expenses, “additional disbursements beyond this second round of funding will be handled by way of reimbursement ”.

For its part, ABC 27 also reported on the governor’s announcement to deliver a second round of coronavirus aid to 55 counties that will distribute the total amount of $ 574 million.

For more information on the CARES Act, including guidance and frequently asked questions from the US Department of the Treasury, you can review this page.

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