Florida eliminates coronavirus restrictions ‘all at once’

Florida halts all coronavirus restrictions Governor Ron DeSantis issued a decree this Monday In addition, new measures cannot be decreed ...

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  • Florida halts all coronavirus restrictions
  • Governor Ron DeSantis issued a decree this Monday
  • In addition, new measures cannot be decreed

Florida eliminates coronavirus restrictions ‘all at once’. The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, eliminated on Monday all emergency restrictions dictated by local authorities to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, reveals Efe.

In addition, he announced that he signed a decree that will prevent new measures against the coronavirus that could lead to the closure of businesses and restrictions of movement from appearing in Florida. The revoked restrictions in Florida were “extraordinary,” said Ron DeSantis.

Florida governor removes coronavirus measures ‘in one fell swoop’

Florida coronavirus measures, restrictions Ron DeSantis
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In the opinion of the Governor of Florida, restrictions against the coronavirus are no longer justified because there is “a wide availability of vaccines and that vaccines are effective,” and said that everyone has the responsibility to seek protection against COVID- 19 through immunization, according to Efe.

Ron DeSantis, is a Republican governor and a faithful ‘follower’ of former President Donald Trump who could even be considering for the White House. DeSantis said that all of this does not mean that the coronavirus is over.

Announce when the measures against the coronavirus in Florida will be eliminated

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That decree will take effect on July 1, he said at a press conference in St. Petersburg (Florida’s west coast), where he asserted that these decisions are based on “evidence.” He was also confident that Florida will “get back to normal.”

To this day, Florida remains the third state in the United States with the most cases of COVId-19 (2.24 million) and the fourth with the most deaths (35,600) since the pandemic began, according to Johns Hopkins University cited by Efe .

Florida and its measures to combat the coronavirus

Florida coronavirus measures, restrictions Ron DeSantis
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In recent weeks, new cases were around 6,000 a day, with some days more than 7,000, while daily deaths remained on average below one hundred, Efe said. Florida’s surge in visitors made headlines recently.

The presence of visitors from other states and other countries, in this case many from Latin America and attracted by the opening of vaccination to people of all ages and even foreigners, is notorious in places like Miami.

Governor had refused from the start

Florida coronavirus measures, restrictions Ron DeSantis
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The measures announced today differ from the fact that on April 27, Governor Ron DeSantis extended the state of emergency declared at the state level for 60 days. Donald Trump has suggested that DeSantis could be his running mate if he decides to run in the 2024 presidential election.

The Republican had refused to impose measures for the pandemic from the beginning. He never made the use of masks mandatory at the state level, he reopened everything as soon as he could and bet everything on vaccination, says Efe.

Controversial laws in Florida

Florida coronavirus measures, restrictions Ron DeSantis
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With both houses of the Florida Congress in the hands of the Republicans, according to Efe, DeSantis has managed to carry out measures such as an “anti-protest” law that his critics have renamed as “anti-freedom of expression” law and another that imposes without difficulty. restrictions on voting by mail in Florida.

The current legislature has also passed a controversial law that prevents transgender girls from participating in women’s sports activities. For its part, air travel in the United States is at its highest point since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

They hold first concert after the pandemic in Los Angeles

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Thousands of people vaccinated against the coronavirus in Los Angeles (California) have gathered in a great concert that will be broadcast next Saturday on televisions and the internet and in which President Joe Biden, Prince Henry and Pope Francis intervened, reveals Efe .

Called “Vax Live”, convened by the Global Citizen charity and held this Sunday, it was the first major musical event held in the US since the start of the pandemic with performances by Jennifer López, J Balvin, Foo Fighters, HER and Eddie Vedder.

They send a message of solidarity from the concert

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“The vaccine must be delivered to everyone and everywhere. We cannot rest until it reaches all the corners, ”Prince Henry assured on stage. The organization did not confirm the total number of attendees present at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Los Angeles County.

Although the current regulation of capacity for vaccinated people would have allowed access to 40,000 people, according to Efe. The event raised $ 53 million, mostly donated by companies, to extend the vaccination campaign in underprivileged countries.

Pope Francis sends message in the first concert after the pandemic

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Although its organizers assured that during this week more aid will continue to arrive. “Receive a visit from this old man who neither dances nor sings,” Pope Francis greeted with a video message in which he asked “to temporarily end property rights.”

The above, to expand the manufacture of vaccines and promote a “fairer” economic system. Among Latinos, Jennifer López and J Balvin starred in the two central performances of the night, with which they launched a message so that the Latino community has confidence in the vaccines available in the United States.

JLo sends an emotional message in concert

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“I could not spend Christmas with my mother for the first time in my life, today she is here with me,” Lopez said before taking her mother on stage. The singer Selena Gómez served as the presenter of the concert, which she promoted herself, according to Efe.

The concert was aimed at several world leaders to ask for an equitable distribution of the vaccines against COVID-19. For this reason, the presidents of France and Spain, Emmanuel Macron and Pedro Sánchez, also participated in video.

Will it return to normal?

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In addition to the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who joined messages from Hollywood stars such as Ben Affleck and Sean Penn. Organizers demanded that the public, mostly made up of essential workers, present proof of vaccination.

Global Citizen It already organized in 2020 the solidarity virtual macroconcert “One World: Everyone at Home”, together with the World Health Organization, which raised $ 127 million for the coronavirus crisis, Efe recalls. These events show a ‘different’ picture one more year after the start of the pandemic.

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