Florida: Counties to Receive Second Round of Coronavirus Aid

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced new coronavirus relief for 55 counties. More than $ 500 million will go to Florida counties in ne...

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  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced new coronavirus relief for 55 counties.
  • More than $ 500 million will go to Florida counties in new coronavirus aid.
  • Florida counties that will receive the second round of coronavirus assistance must meet certain requirements, officials said.

New help in times of crisis. The Florida governor announced a second round of economic relief from coronavirus for certain counties.

Wesh 2 reported Friday that Governor Ron DeSantis announced a second round of coronavirus relief for Florida.

The financing money, he said, will go to counties with populations of less than 500,000 inhabitants.

According to the aforementioned media, the second round will bring an additional 255 million dollars to 55 counties. The first round awarded to counties amounted to $ 318.8 million.

Wesh 2 explained that for the county to receive the aid, it will have to meet several requirements.

Florida counties help coronavirus

Those interested in more financial relief should offer documentation on how the funds were used during the first round and provide the spending plan for the additional funds, the newspaper said.

According to Wesh 2, the statement also indicated that because the state of Florida is responsible for reimbursing the federal government for funds used by counties on ineligible expenses, “additional disbursements beyond this second round of funding will be handled by way of reimbursement ”.

For its part, ABC 27 He also reported on the governor’s announcement to deliver a second round of coronavirus aid to 55 counties that will distribute the total amount of $ 574 million.

For more information on the CARES Act, including guidance and frequently asked questions from the United States Department of the Treasury, you can review this page.

New York: IRS to send letters for thousands to claim check for coronavirus

In the state of New York, the IRS will send letters so that thousands of people can claim the coronavirus check that corresponds to them as stipulated by the Cares Act.

The schedule of scheduled shipments of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has already ended, however, the agency revealed that there are still millions of people who have not claimed their economic stimulus payment and the agency is doing everything possible to contact them.

This Thursday they announced that as of September 24 they would be sending explanatory letters (or notice 1444-A) to those Americans who would be potentially eligible, but who have not offered the necessary information for their money to be sent to them.

Among the states with the most people not yet receiving a stimulus check is New York. It ranks fourth with a total of 537,726 people the IRS will send the letter to so you can claim federal aid. The IRS thinks that the majority of these are low-income individuals who are not required to file taxes and for this reason the agency does not have information about them.

Just as the IRS will send the document to 537,726 New York residents, it will do so in other states. These are the states where there are more people who have not yet received a stimulus check:

1st place: In California, the IRS estimates 1,186,896 people would be absent for claiming the economic stimulus check.

2nd place: In Texas, 796,525 beneficiaries of the coronavirus check could be missing.

3rd place: In Florida, the IRS expects that some 567,425 people have not applied for their financial aid payment.

Beginning September 24, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin sending letters to nine million people in the United States who have been unable to receive their coronavirus checks due to not filing taxes.

Despite the fact that these nine million people did not file their taxes, they are eligible for the benefit approved by Congress and the Trump administration last March.

So the IRS will start sending you letters to let you know that you are eligible to receive your coronavirus check for $ 1,200, or $ 2,400 for couples, plus an additional $ 500 for each minor dependent.

The IRS on Friday released updated status figures of the roughly 9 million people who will receive a special letter in the mail this month, encouraging them to see if they are eligible to claim an economic impact payment, the agency reported in a statement.

The IRS will mail the letters to people who are not normally required to file federal tax returns, but who may qualify for an economic impact payment.

The letter urges recipients to visit the special tool Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here on IRS.gov, before the October 15 due date to sign up for an economic impact payment.

“The IRS continues to work hard to communicate to eligible individuals regarding these payments,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in the statement.

“These mailed letters are the IRS ‘latest step in communicating with as many people as possible about these important payments,” Rettig added.

“We publish this information state-by-state so that state and local leaders, as well as organizations can better understand the size of this population in their communities and help them claim these important payments,” explained the commissioner.

“The due date to claim a payment is approaching,” he said.

These letters from the IRS are part of a final stage in the broad outreach and public awareness campaign on Economic Impact Payments that began in March.

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