Floods in India leave at least 48 dead and houses collapsed (VIDEO)

At least 48 people have died after heavy rains hit India. More than 9,000 people have been evacuated and the government set up more than ...

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  • At least 48 people have died after heavy rains hit India.
  • More than 9,000 people have been evacuated and the government set up more than 200 aid centers for those affected throughout the region.
  • Authorities warned more heavy downpours might fall in the northeast and southern regions of the country.

At least 48 people have died and several are missing after floods caused by heavy rains hit the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, according to The Times of India.

Rescue teams worked overnight to retrieve bodies trapped in the rubble and evacuate those in vulnerable areas, said SA Murugeshan, the state’s disaster management secretary. On Tuesday, authorities said 22 people were killed by the rains.

Floods in India kill at least 48

Indian floods
Photo: AP

The mountainous state has seen incessant rains for the past three days, flooding roads, destroying bridges and causing landslides in which several houses were washed away.

The situation has attracted the help of more than 2,000 members of the civilian and paramilitary police, authorities said Wednesday. India’s Meteorological Department said rains are likely to recede in Uttarakhand on Wednesday, but warned of more heavy downpours in the northeast and southern regions of the country.

Collapsed houses and buildings

Indian floods
Photo: Twitter

Most of the deaths in Uttarakhand were reported in the picturesque town of Nainital, where 28 people died on Tuesday, Murugeshan said. Most of the deaths were caused by houses and buildings that collapsed in the torrential rains, he added.

A video circulating on social networks shows how a house was literally “swallowed” by the strong currents of water resulting from the floods in India. To see the impressive video click HERE.

Rivers overflowing in India

rivers overflowing
Photo: Twitter

In Mukteshwar, a popular hill station in the state, five workers were killed when a wall collapsed in their shack. In another mountainous town, Ramgarh, nine members of a family died when the rains washed away their home, the official said.

Videos shared on social media showed the Ganges River overflowing its banks in Rishikesh and the picturesque Nainital Lake overflowing with flooding. Filed Under: Indian Floods Kill Dozens.

Magnitude of rainfall has been amazing

Photo: Twitter

Experts say the magnitude of the rains has been staggering. Uttarakhand saw 17.8 centimeters (7 inches) of rain in the first weeks of this month, but recorded almost 58 centimeters (22.8 inches) in just 22 hours on Tuesday, said Bikram Singh, director of the Meteorological Center in Dehradun, the state capital.

He said that climate change has not only increased the frequency of rains, but also their intensity. India has seen worrying rains in several regions this week. Floods and landslides caused by downpours during the week have killed at least 39 people in the southern state of Kerala, which is on high alert for more rain in the coming days.

Ground slides

Photo: AP

Landslides and floods are common in the northern Himalayas of India. Scientists say they are becoming more prevalent as global warming contributes to the melting of glaciers there.

In February, flash floods killed nearly 200 people and washed away houses in Uttarakhand. In 2013, thousands of people died in the floods there. Filed Under: Indian Floods Kill Dozens.

At least 12 dead after bus accident in India

Photo: AP

Furthermore, at least twelve people died in northern India on Thursday, October 7, after the bus they were traveling in ran off the road and collided with a trucksaid the police during that day in the morning.

The bus driver veered off the road to avoid hitting stray cattle on the road, authorities said. The accident occurred in the Barabanki district, 40 kilometers (37 miles) southwest of the city of Lucknow. Another 32 were injured out of the total of 60 passengers on board.

Indian bus accident kills 12

Photo: AP

It is feared that the death toll could rise as several passengers received critical injuries, Senior Police Officer Yamuna Prasad said. They were being treated at a hospital, the news agency reported The Associated Press.

More than 110,000 people die each year in traffic accidents in India, according to police authorities. Most accidents are attributed to reckless driving, rough roads, and aging vehicles.

Four migrants die burned after severe car accident in Mexico

Migrants die burned accident: Foreigners injured

On the other hand, a great tragedy occurred in Mexico when four migrants lost their lives after a severe car accident in which there were both deaths and several injuries. Several migrants were transported in the car, apparently only passing through to reach the United States.

According to the Efe Agency A total of 4 migrants were burned to death in the accident registered in the state of Veracruz. Another 16 people were injured in eastern Mexico, the vehicle was completely set on fire due to the rollover.

4 migrants die in accident in Mexico

Migrants die burned accident

Police investigations indicated that the truck that was transporting the migrants who wanted to fulfill the American dream overturned on its way down the road to later catch fire on the night of this Tuesday, October 5, in a region of forced passage for thousands of undocumented immigrants who They seek to reach the United States.

The road accident occurred in the Nuevo Teapa-Cosoleacaque section, near the Chapopotla community in the municipality of Moloacán. The van overturned with the passengers inside and caught fire, causing 4 migrants, who according to the survivors would be Central Americans, were burned to death.

Injured foreigners

Migrants die burned accident: Foreigners injured

Another 16 people who were traveling in the van were injured, all were foreigners from different countries such as Hondurans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans. Members of the National Guard, the Mexican Army and civil authorities attended the area, who attended to the wounded.

The state of Veracruz has become a mandatory passage for migrants, due to its geographical location, to reach the United States. It is worth mentioning that in recent months the number of Haitians who also seek to reach the border to fulfill their dream has increased.

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