Flag Fire: Arizona wildfire is “out of control,” evacuations ordered

A wildfire called the Flag Fire is “out of control” in Arizona. Authorities have ordered evacuations for residents of the are...

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  • A wildfire called the Flag Fire is “out of control” in Arizona.
  • Authorities have ordered evacuations for residents of the areas surrounding the Flag Fire.
  • The Flag Fire is approximately 600 acres in size.

A forest fire called the Flag Fire is “out of control” in Arizona, so authorities have ordered the evacuation of residents near the area as a preventive measure.

The wildfire is “out of control” in the Hualapai Mountains, near Pine Lake, Arizona, according to authorities cited by CNN in an update of the report this Monday morning.

Evacuations by the Flag Fire

The fire, called the Flag Fire, is about 600 acres in size, Mohave County Communications Director Roger Galloway said in a news release issued Sunday night, according to the aforementioned television network.

Due to the magnitude of the wildfire and the risk it poses, county officials issued evacuation orders for residents of Pine Lake, about two hours north of Phoenix.

Various fires

Photo by Randy Tucker (@ tuck187 on Twitter)

In the press release quoted by CNN, Roger Galloway detailed Sunday that “there are several fire units at the scene and evacuation has been ordered for the residents of Pine Lake.”

There are about 200 houses in the evacuation area, Roger Galloway said. And the evacuation order includes Hualapai Mountain Resort and Hualapai Mountain Park, which were closed, he added.

Heavy smoke from the Flag Fire

Flag Fire

According to the CNN report, the director of communications for Mohave County mentioned that “a twin-engine plane could not get close enough due to the dense smoke and could not monitor the size.”

The Red Cross has established a shelter for evacuated residents at Palo Christy Elementary School, the press release noted, and people with concerns about livestock were urged to call the Mohave County Communications Center at 928- 753-0753.

The Flag Fire breaks out

Flag fire

On Sunday night, the local newspaper AZ Family he reported that evacuations were underway after the new Flag Fire erupted near Kingman around 2:00 p.m. Then, at 5:30 p.m., the fire had grown to a size of 600 acres.

AZ Family also reported that the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office issued evacuation orders for the Pine Lake, Hualapai Mountain Park and Hualapai Mountain Lodge communities. Additionally, the Atherton Acres and Pinion Pine communities were preparing for evacuations. Evacuation orders were imminent for that area and residents were told to begin preparing to leave.

Where did the Flag Fire come from?

AZ Family reported that the fire originated between Flag Mine and Wild Cow Campground, in the Hualapai Mountains, south of Kingman, Arizona. Authorities said the burning area is adjacent to the area burned by the 2020 Ridge Fire.

The aforementioned newspaper also emphasized the important shelter created by the Red Cross at the Palo Christi School, located at 500 Maple St. in Kingman, for residents who have had to evacuate.

Concerned firefighters

Flag Fire

Firefighters are concerned about high winds and low humidity. The climatic conditions of the fire classified as “Red Flag” were present in the area of ​​the fire on Sunday night. Weeds, grass, and ponderosa pines are said to be feeding the flames.

According to AZ Family, firefighters said they hope cooler temperatures overnight will help slow the spread of the fire. “We’re going to know a lot more in the morning (today) than we do now,” said Roger Galloway. “What happens during the night in these next few hours is a cause for great concern regarding the seriousness of the situation,” he said.

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