Fires leave at least 30 children dead (PHOTOS)

Two separate fires left at least 30 children dead. A school in Niger caught fire, leaving 26 children dead and dozens injured. In India, ...

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  • Two separate fires left at least 30 children dead.
  • A school in Niger caught fire, leaving 26 children dead and dozens injured.
  • In India, a fire in a hospital claimed the lives of at least 4 children.

More than 20 children were killed, and dozens injured, in a fire that swept through a school in Niger’s second-largest city, Maradi. “At this time, we have 26 dead and 13 injured, four of them seriously,” said Chaibou Aboubacar, mayor of the city of Maradi, to Khaleej Times.

Three classrooms constructed from straw were consumed by the flames in the AFN preschool and primary school. Children between the ages of three and eight were killed in the incident, the government said Monday night. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire and where it started, the Regional Directorate of National Education said, as reported by The Associated Press.

What caused the fire at the school?

Fires leave at least 30 children dead (PHOTOS)
Photo: Twitter

Often, overcrowded schools in Niger use straw huts as temporary rooms. Twenty children died in April when a fire fanned by high winds burned down an elementary school on the outskirts of Niger’s capital, Niamey. Professors and teachers pointed out that the event highlighted the danger of temporary classrooms.

“Our hearts go out to the children and families affected. Our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and their communities,” UNICEF Representative in Niger Stefao Savi said in a statement. “No child should ever be in danger while learning in school,” he said. “UNICEF will continue to work with national authorities and partners across the country to ensure that children can attend school and learn in a safe environment.”

4 babies died in another hospital fire

Fires leave at least 30 children dead (PHOTOS)
Photo: AP

The tragedy spread to India. Four babies died in central India in a fire in a neonatal unit, according to authorities. An investigation was ordered into the Monday night fire at Bhopal’s Kamla Nehru Children’s Hospital, said Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Madhya Pradesh’s chief minister of state.

There were 40 children in the unit, 36 of whom were rescued, according to the Minister of Medical Education, Vishwas Sarang. The minister said that he had arrived at the hospital 10 minutes after the incident and that everything was under control. “The premature death of children is an excruciating pain,” Chauhan said on Twitter, offering his condolences to the affected families. Filed Under: children die in fire.


Fires leave at least 30 children dead (PHOTOS)
Photo: Twitter

Although the investigation was still open, authorities told the Press Trust of India news agency that a short circuit could have caused the fire, according to The Associated Press.

Deadly building fires are not uncommon in India, where poor maintenance and a lack of proper fire fighting equipment often result in fatalities. Filed Under: children die in fire.

Building fire in Taiwan kills at least 46 people

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On the other hand, the death toll in a fire that swept through a building in southern Taiwan overnight on Sunday, October 10, rose to 46 people, authorities said. At least 41 other people were wounded, reported Newsbreak and the AP.

The fire in the 13-story building started at around 3 a.m. on Sunday, October 10, according to fire officials in the city of Kaohsiung. The fire was “extremely aggressive” and it destroyed several floors of the building, official sources added. Filed Under: children die in fire.


Taiwan fire dead
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Emergency services brought 32 bodies directly to the morgue from the scene of the incident, according to authorities. They added that a total of 55 people were taken to the hospital, including 14 without vital signs. In Taiwan only deaths in hospitals are certified.

Images aired on Taiwanese television showed orange flames and smoke billowing from the lower floors of the building as firefighters sprayed water from the street. After sunrise, firefighters were seen on elevated platforms, spraying water on the middle floors of the still-smoking building. Filed Under: children die in fire.


Photo Getty Images

Firefighters were unsure of the source of the fire, although they noted that the flames had burned more intensely at a point where there were many objects piled up. Firefighters were scheduled to conduct another round of searches of the building before dark.

Witnesses told local media that they had heard an explosion at around 3 a.m. The building was about 40 years old, according to an official statement. It had shops on the lower floors and houses upstairs. Filed Under: children die in fire.

Taiwan fire: INTENSE WORK

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Investigations into this incident will continue for the rest of the day. Dozens of fire trucks and forensic units were stationed around the building to carry out the work corresponding to each entity, while investigators gathered evidence that could be used to determine the cause.

The event became more disturbing when it was revealed that it happened while people were sleeping, so it’s possible the chances of escaping were significantly reduced. It is believed that they could find more victims in the next round of searches that the firefighters will perform in the next few hours. Filed Under: children die in fire.

Who died?

Taiwan fire dead
Photo Getty Images

The images circulating on television and on social media are shocking. They show dozens of burned corpses being taken out in white bags to be sent to the coroner to determine their age, sex and identity so the bodies can be turned over to their families.

So far it is unknown how many of the victims are men, women or even children. It will take hours for forensic analysts to perform DNA tests and identify the victims so that an official report can be made to the public. Filed Under: children die in fire.

7 people die in hospital

AP Photo

Recently another fire caused a lot of commotion, as it devastated several rooms of a hospital, leaving at least seven people dead. This happened in early October in the Romanian coastal city of Constance, all the victims were COVID-19 patients, authorities reported.

All the victims were in the intensive care unit of the Constanta Infectious Diseases Hospital, said Constantin Amarandei, head of the city’s emergency inspectorate. Interior Minister Lucian Bode said on Friday that the initial official death toll of nine was published “incorrectly”. Filed Under: children die in fire.

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