Adult film star Aubrey Gold is convicted of aiding and abetting murder

Aubrey Gold is convicted of complicity in murder case. Now the porn actress will have to spend 10 years in prison. The victim was a 51-ye...

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  • Aubrey Gold is convicted of complicity in murder case.
  • Now the porn actress will have to spend 10 years in prison.
  • The victim was a 51-year-old man.

Actress and porn star Aubrey Gold receives a sentence after being found guilty of complicity in the case of a murder, for which she will now have to spend 10 years in prison, according to information published on the news site People en Español and Daily Mail.

Information shared by the 14th Circuit State Attorney’s Office indicates that the popular adult films actress was charged with complicity in the second degree murder of a man which was found in a “makeshift grave” in Florida.


Aubrey Gold condemns murder
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The victim was 51 years old and her body was found almost two weeks after the crime, this led to the beginning of the investigation that concluded that the actress was one of the people involved in the crime, next to her now ex-boyfriend, William Parker and Jeremie Peters.

The official police report indicates that the man was shot dead and Aubrey Gold (whose real name is Laren Wambles) is one of the three people who participated in the murder of Raúl Ambriz Guillén, who died in July 2020, according to the records.

Aubrey Gold Condemns Murder: WITNESSES MANIPULATED

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Investigations indicate that Parker allegedly shot Ambriz Guillén and is still awaiting trial. For his part, Peters has already faced a jury and in addition to being found guilty of being an accessory to the crime, he received a 20-year prison sentence for conspiring to manipulate a witness.

Reports indicate that, Wambles appeared in 31 adult films from 2015 to 2018, and from there his career began to take off in adult film-making, a market that has always had a large audience, but has now been clouded by it. case.


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The investigation into Guillen’s death began after a woman told the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office that she had been raped by Parker in May. Months later, he told them that he believed his roommate, Guillén, had been murdered, but could not confirm it, WDHN reported.

His daughter Rosa Ambriz, who lives in the state of Texas, reported him to the authorities as missing three weeks before the alleged rape victim notified the police that he was killed, according to Law & Crime.


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But this has not been the only crime case in which a porn actress has been involved, in 2019, the porn actress Sabrina Sabrok revealed that Chapo’s children have been among her list of distinguished clients.

The controversial porn actress, best known for her exuberant breasts, said in an interview with the news site Infobae that she has performed for Chapo’s children on numerous occasions, without specifying their names and that they have confessed that they are her fans. Filed Under: Aubrey Gold Condemns Murder


Aubrey Gold condemns murder
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Sabrina Sabrok recalled that on one occasion she appeared in Sinaloa and on her show she ran into one of the sons of the famous Mexican drug trafficker, and there she had her first contact with them.

“I took photos and I was living with him. But obviously the people he hired were also from the Cartel (from Sinaloa). All the people who hired me in that area, which is where I did the most shows in Mexico, they always hired me, ”the controversial woman revealed to the outlet. Filed Under: Aubrey Gold Condemns Murder


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The porn actress recalled another moment when she came face to face with another of Joaquín Guzmán Loera’s children, better known as El Chapo, who is currently in a New York jail.

“In 2012, also at a table dance, another of Chapo’s sons fell to the scene. I’m not scared because in that sense, I talked to them, they told me they were my fans, that they liked my sadomasochistic show because of my way of being, and it didn’t scare me, more than anything because I didn’t know what the wave was like ” , He told Infobae. Filed Under: Aubrey Gold Condemns Murder

Aubrey Gold Condemns Murder: WILL TELL MORE OF HIS STORY

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Sabrina plans to tell more about her encounters with Chapo’s children and other drug traffickers in a book, which she is already preparing together with the communicator Fernanda Tapia .. But for now, about Chapo’s children she announced that they are “very respectful people, I don’t I knew and they treated me well ”.

Sabrina Sabrok revealed that she has also performed for another Mexican criminal group: “I have been to Los Zetas parties and I always wore my rock band, we were going to play, but they always wanted my sadomasochistic show.” In her book, the porn actress will also tell about her encounters with businessmen and other world public figures.

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