Fauci anticipates there will be coronavirus vaccines for everyone in the United States

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  • Anthony Fauci predicts that there will be “vaccines for all” against coronavirus in April in the United States
  • Epidemiologist and scientific advisor to President Joe Biden says vaccination will accelerate in these months
  • There is likely approval of a third vaccine and other government measures to increase capacity

The doctor Anthony Fauci predicts that there will be “vaccines for everyone” against coronavirus (Covid-19) in April in the United States and most people will be able to be protected, according to information published by the AP news agency and The San Diego Union-Tribune.

In statements on NBC, the epidemiologist and advisor scientific President Joe Biden said the vaccination rate will accelerate tremendously in the coming months.

He said it is due to the deliveries of the two approved vaccines, the likely approval of a third and government measures to increase the capacity to deliver the dose.

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“When April rolls around, almost anyone and everyone in any category will be able to start getting vaccinated,” he said. He warned that it will take “several more months” to deliver the injections to all adults, but predicted that herd immunity can be achieved by the end of the summer.

After Anthony Fauci said there will be coronavirus vaccines for everyone in the United States, scientists are currently testing virus samples taken from infected people for mutations, through a process called genetic sequencing.

It is the same method that researchers have used for years to study bacteria, plants, animals and humans.

Around the world, more than 500,000 genomes of the virus that causes Covid-19 have been sequenced so far.

Viruses can mutate when they make copies of themselves after infecting a person. By sequencing different samples taken over time, scientists can look for recurring changes in the genome.

“If we don’t know these things, we move in the dark,” said Sara Vetter, assistant laboratory director for the Minnesota Department of Health, amid information that coronavirus vaccines will be for almost everyone in the United States in April.

Most mutations are of no consequence, but others can make a virus more contagious, deadly, or resistant to vaccines and treatments. Health experts are primarily concerned about three variants first detected in Great Britain, South Africa and Brazil. They seem to spread faster, and research is being done to see if they cause more serious disease.

Evidence suggests that current vaccines continue to work against the variants, though perhaps not so much against a mutated version that first appeared in South Africa.

Countries vary in their control of genetic variations. Great Britain, for example, sequence around 10% of positive coronavirus samples, compared to less than 1% in the United States.

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Coronavirus vaccines United States

For its part, the World Health Organization launched a 40 million euro ($ 48.5 million) program together with the European Union to bring coronavirus vaccines to six former Soviet nations, said the director of the United Nations agency. for Europe.

Dr. Hans Kluge, who also highlighted the recent drop in the number of infections although he warned that the number of cases remains high, explained that the new program complements the work carried out through an existing one from the EU and COVAX, which has with the backing of the WHO, which seeks to bring vaccines to all countries, rich or poor.

The new initiative will include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.

“Vaccines offer a way out of this pandemic faster. But only if we make sure that all countries, regardless of their income level, have access to them, “Kluge told reporters from Copenhagen.

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