Fans of Adamari López confirm exercise results and highlight that she already looks thinner (PHOTO)

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  • Adamari López boasts a slim figure in the Un Nuevo Día program
  • The Telemundo host shows the effort of her exercise and diet
  • The public recognizes that she looks skinnier than ever and applauds her outfit

The effort has paid off and today the host of Un Nuevo Día, from Telemundo, Adamari López lo presumes to the four winds, while her fans recognize that she now looks thinner.

It all came from a photograph that was published in the bill of the program’s Instagram, in which he is seen figure and more response, product of intense exercise routines and a balanced diet.

The wife de Toni Costa has made it clear that if a discilpine is carried out, the objectives can be achieved and its public recognizes it.

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

One of the details that the presenter highlighted the most was her outfit, which allowed her to wear a great figure to the delight of her admirers.

The actress also wore a white blouse with a sensual neckline, but nothing vulgar, as well as navy blue pants with white dots at the ankles, a pink belt and brown shoes with transparencies.

This outfit caused the excitement of her fans who immediately let her know that she is one of the favorites of Hispanic television in the United States.

Already in previous days the short girl had appeared with a lower weight, which has impressed her followers and made a good impression.

Despite the layoffs in the program, Adamari López, who now looks thinner, does not lose the popularity or the category of one of Telemundo’s favorites.

This is due to his great charisma and his positive attitude towards great processes that he has had to face throughout his life.

People could not hide their happiness for the host of Un Nuevo Día, from Telemundo, Adamari López, who looks thinner than ever.

One of the first questions people asked was precisely about his weight: “How many (pounds) have you lost? It looks great, how cute ”.

Someone else commented on the development of the short: “How beautiful, the change shows you look very good.”

Image taken from Mezcalent

“That looks very good”, “Beautiful! You can see the results ”,“ it looks good ”,“ good job @adamarilopez, you do very well losing weight, you inspired many people. Thank you ”and“ you look very pretty ”were other compliments that Toni Costa’s wife received.

In addition, other people did not waste time to dedicate some nice words to them: “Beautiful as always, her light shines in every moment of her life. God bless her. Greetings from Machala-Ecuador ”.

“Very beautiful… It looks spectacular”, “bravo and bravo you can see your change, happy day and many blessings for you and your family”, “you are dressing better”, “I loved it, your look great”, “what a pity that here in Chile we can no longer see ”. She was told by some of her fans who were impressed with her body.

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

But the displays of affection and the amazement of the public of Adamari López, who looks thinner, did not end and they let him see it.

“Beautiful what a waist”, “how divine this look”, “how beautiful! You can see with your changes “,” how beautiful you look, your smile lights up your program, happy Friday to you from Chile “,” what a success mana, congratulations, you are beautiful, yes you can “,” wepa how beautiful

Adamari López has shown on her social networks that she has undergone an exercise process that includes intense routines to lose weight.

These videos have been motivation for many of the Internet users who thank him for the gesture and recognize him for the effort to try to lose weight.

In recent weeks people have admitted that she looks a little thinner, but many attribute her outfits to helping her, what do you think?

And it is precisely that the following comment talks about it: “Today she is beautiful, but there are days that what they give her kills sorry Ada I love you the same”.

A new day

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

But the astonishment of the people did not stop for the pleasant image of the host Adamari López who looks thinner in the program of Un Nuevo Día.

“How skinny and beautiful Ada looks”, “very pretty Ada, you still look beautiful”, “very pretty, I love her attitude, she spills happiness, God bless her”, “you are thinner than beautiful”, “how beautiful You are, follow your exercises ”,“ she is beautiful as always, have a happy Friday with your family ”, other people told her.

And other followers remembered her as when she was younger that she wore a spectacular figure: “How beautiful, you’re already getting like before.”

“Every day much more beautiful”, “so pretty and skinny, it continues like this, although you are beautiful inside and out”, “that’s how I like it today, they dressed you well, you are very beautiful, I’ve been a fan of yours since the first novels That’s why I say that you have always been very pretty, ”other Internet users told her.

Other women encouraged her not to give up the exercises and wrote the following: “Very positive results, you are beautiful and now we are going for more.”

“Bella, much skinnier! I would say to lose 15 pounds more and that’s it ”, one of her fans recommended in the publication.

Adamari López slim

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

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