Fan of Christian Nodal keeps one of his rings and followers attack her (VIDEO)

Did she steal it? A fanatic goes viral after appearing with Christian Nodal’s ring. The singer’s followers attacked her. She ...

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  • Did she steal it? A fanatic goes viral after appearing with Christian Nodal’s ring.
  • The singer’s followers attacked her.
  • She claims that she did not steal it and that she is even going to return it to him.

It is announced that during Christian Nodal’s concert, a fan revealed that she had kept the ring that the interpreter had on him, causing the girl, who is known in that city for being the carnival queen, to be harshly criticized by fans of Belinda’s fiancé.

It was last October 20 when singer Christian Nodal appeared in the city of Mazatlán Sinaloa, after this and during the interpretation of one of his greatest hits, ‘Botella tras botella’, the Mexican got off the stage to greet some of his fans and shake hands.

Was he stolen with Christian Nodal’s ring?

Was he stolen with Christian Nodal's ring?
VIDEO: Instagram

It was there where the mishap happened, since one of the spectators, who goes by the name of Libia Gavica and supposed queen of the 2020 Mazatlan International Carnival, was left with the expensive skull ring that Christian Nodal had on. Through the videos circulated on social networks, it is possible to see how the moment he greets her, his ring remains in her hands.

After this, it looks like the girl starts yelling “The ring, the ring!” after realizing that the jewel had stayed with her, shouting to Nodal’s team that she had it and presumably giving it back, however none of those present noticed this fact.

The fan who kept Christian Nodal’s ring is considered a shoplifter

The fan who kept Christian Nodal's ring is considered a shoplifter
VIDEO: Instagram

Immediately this video went viral on all social networks, causing the girl to be severely criticized for not having returned the ring to the Mexican singer, even calling her a thief and unethical, since for them she had taken the opportunity to take it off when he got down to greet the fans.

“For delicacy you have to return the ring, insurance is expensive”, “To return it, where is her integrity?” a taqueria and they are talking out of the loop ”,“ The one who stole the ring is called Libia ”,“ That has a name, she stole it ”, were one of the many comments that could be read.

The fan returned the ring to Christian Nodal’s team

The fan returned the ring to Christian Nodal's team
VIDEO: Instagram

Faced with this wave of criticism, the Carnival Queen decided to speak and through her official Instagram account published several videos, which were rescued by the @ chamonic3 account, where the girl tells how these events had occurred, reporting that at no time He stole it and was about to return it to the Chistan Nodal team:

“How they have made me laugh with all the comments about everything that happened yesterday. They are coming for the ring, they are going to come for it, here I have it, right now they are going to come for it, in fact I was not at home, I had to come to return it, ”Libia Gavica commented through her Instagram stories.

She tells how things were and affirms that she did not steal any rings

She tells how things were and affirms that she did not steal any rings
VIDEO: Instagram

After this, the girl who allegedly ‘stole’ Christian Nodal’s ring tells a little about how the events occurred, reporting that she never stole it, and that rather the ring slipped from Nodal without noticed, stating that she tried to return it to him but no one paid any attention:

“But hey, it was very funny, because pretend that I shake his hand like everyone else there, but the ring literally came off, I didn’t steal it! It literally came off and I yelled at him the ring, the ring and nobody peeled me, and well I said I am going to keep it and they contacted me and with that I am going to return it ”, specified the Queen of the Mazatlan Carnival.

Was the ring Christian Nodal was wearing Belinda’s?

Was the ring Christian Nodal was wearing Belinda's?
PHOTO: Instagram

After this clarification, the same fan reported that she would record the moment when she would return it to Christian Nodal’s team, and so it was, since in her Instagram account it is seen how Libya returned the ring to her team, and she left , proving to the fans that she did return it as much as she assured it.

On the other hand, the same Chamonic account assures that the ring was probably not from Christian Nodal but rather from his fiancée Belinda, causing more commotion among followers, since they assured that without a doubt the singer from Spain was going to be angry with him for having lost it. Could it be that Beli will get annoyed with him and that is why he did not go to pick him up himself? VIDEO OF WHEN THE GIRL WAS THE RING HERE

His concert was beneficial for the victims

His concert was beneficial for the victims
PHOTO: Instagram

Away from the drama and the ring, the Debate portal announces that this concert offered by Christian Nodal in Mazatlán is a charity event, which seeks to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Nora. The event organized by the Mazatlán city council managed to raise more than 8000 spectators at the Kraken Stadium, home of Mazatlán FC.

The portal reports that Christian Nodal appeared as part of his Ayayay Tour, where in addition to tofcar his greatest hits, he also had several duets with the group ‘Los plebes del rancho’, which are also part of the music label that manages the father of the Mexican singer. VIDEO OF THE SPRING QUEEN RETURNING THE RING TO NODAL HERE AND VIDEO OF THE GIRL EXPLAINING WHAT HAPPENED HERE

Does he dislike Belinda? Christian Nodal’s father gives his opinion on the singer’s fiancee

PHOTO: Instagram

Do you support them in this marriage? Father of singer Christian Nodal finally reveals what he thinks about the future wife of his son, the singer and actress Belinda, what will you think of the attitude of the singer? and Will you agree with your son’s marriage to the children’s soap opera star?

And it is that despite the fact that the singer’s mother, Cristy Nodal has shown that she is very excited about this new marriage bond, little is known about the opinion of her father, Mr. Jaime González, who has been seen very little giving comments to the press regarding the situation of the singer “Bottle after bottle.”

Christian Nodal’s father gives his opinion of Belinda

VIDEO: YouTube

Fortunately the reporters of the Program “Suelta la Sopa” managed to have a meeting with the parents of Christian Nodal, and without letting any more time pass, they quickly asked them what they thought about this couple, and despite the fact that Cristy did not say much, her husband this time did not want to remain silent in front of the cameras.

During this meeting, the reporters of the program asked Mr. Jaime what he thought about the relationship his son has with the singer Belinda, to which the young man’s father replied that he was very happy for his son: “I am very happy and he (Christian Nodal) is also very happy ”, with a text quoted from the portal of Telemundo.

Stands out of controversy and supports his son

VIDEO: YouTube

After this, they could not help but ask Christian Nodal’s father what he thought about his daughter-in-law Belinda, bringing out that the actress had a lot to talk about lately, before this, Mr. Jaime decided to keep his composure and say that “he did not know much about it ”, because Beli led an artist’s life:

“I do not know those things, they are artists and they live things like that, but we are all happy and they are working,” said Christian Nodal’s father when questioned about the controversies in which the singer Belinda had been lately.

What do you think about Belinda? Did he rant against her?

VIDEO: YouTube

One of the many unknowns that many had was to know what the father of Christian Nodal thought about his daughter-in-law, since although it is known that Cristy loves Belinda very much, the opinion that Mr. Jaime had regarding the interpreter of “Light without gravity”:

Faced with this questioning, the man replied that he did not have to like him but rather his son: “My son has to like him more than me. In other words, if they are happy, we support them, and we are very happy for them, “he said while speaking to reporters upon their arrival at the Mexico City airport.

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