Family of former Menudo member Ray Reyes confirms his suffering and how they found him dead



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  • The family of former Menudo member Ray Reyes confirmed the ailments that afflicted the artist.
  • They claim that a cardiac arrest ended the Puerto Rican’s life.
  • He was also dealing with depression, being overweight and had been diagnosed with cardiomegaly (enlarged heart).

The ex-Menudo Ray Reyes’s family confirmed the ailments that afflicted the artist in his last days. According to their version, a cardiac arrest ended the life of the Puerto Rican, who was also dealing with depression, being overweight and had been diagnosed with cardiomegaly (an enlarged heart).

On Friday at around 6:00 p.m., the 51-year-old singer was found dead in the kitchen of his home in Levittown, Puerto Rico, where he lived with his mother and ex-sister-in-law. “He came down from his room and went to cook, there he suffered a massive heart attack. He fell down”, said Raúl Reyes, the artist’s brother, to Reforma.

Family of ex-Menudo Ray Reyes confirms his sufferings

ExMenudo's family
Instagram: El Gordo y la Flaca

“My mom was in her room because she is sick. My ex-wife lives with them because she cares for her. She went downstairs and ran into him on the floor, called 911 and tried to help him, but he no longer had any signs of life. ” He said that his brother kept to himself the fact that his heart was growing.

“If that happens the arteries are clogged, that’s what basically happened to him,” added Raúl, Ray’s right-hand man in his artistic projects. “I know that my brother was also in depression with this situation of the pandemic that paralyzed the tour ‘Get on my Moto Tour'”. SEE VIDEO about ‘The Reunion’ by Menudo HERE.

The last messages that the singer reflect his state of mind

ExMenudo's family
Photo: Facebook

The latest messages that the singer published on Facebook confirm that he was going through difficult moments emotionally. On April 21 on his Facebook he wrote: “To everyone I love. Perhaps today you could be doing something that will be the last time you do it. Maybe today is the last time we talk to each other and we don’t know. That is why it is so important that we enjoy, that we hug, that we kiss, say thank you, sorry, I love you, I love you…. because maybe today could be the last time !! ”.

Raúl said that he always encouraged him to take care of his health, although he believes that the stress his brother was experiencing made him anxious to eat. Ray Reyes is survived by two children, Marcos, 24, and Cecilia, 16, who live in Miami and traveled to Puerto Rico for his funeral, which would be open to the public.

Family background

ExMenudo's family
Photo: Facebook

“My whole family from my father has died of massive heart attacks. My dad and an uncle of mine died of a heart attack, we have that background. I know that these days he was excited about the new projects we had and he told me ‘I need to get out of Puerto Rico, go to Miami to start my diet again and rehab’ ”.

On Tuesday, May 4, Ray’s wake will be held at the Boulevard Memorial Funeral Home in Levittown from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. René and Johnny have already confirmed that they will be present at the last goodbye to their friend and former partner of the band that catapulted them to fame.

ExMenudos mourn the departure of Ray Reyes

“All the boys are affected. Johnny, René, Miguel, Charlie, Ricky contacted me. Johnny confirmed that he is coming, René I understand that he must be here too. I spoke early (yesterday) with Miguel, but since he was attacked crying, we couldn’t talk much, I hope he comes too ”.

Ray began his career at age 13 in the most influential Spanish-speaking boy band. For years, the forerunner of the tour ‘El Reencuentro’ in 1998 with René Farrait, Ricky Meléndez, Charlie Massó, Miguel Cancel and Johnny Lozada, struggled against being overweight.

Psychologically beaten by the pandemic

According to the portal ‘El Universal’, the former member of Menudo is originally from Manhattan, USA, but he always had Puerto Rican roots and was from the beginning in the group until 1985; However, he spent three years testing on television and film projects, until in 1988 he joined the Proyecto M.

Many people have been strongly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken the lives of millions of human beings, so it could be that it has affected Ray Reyes’ mental health, given that in his last message he left words referring to the pandemic.

Facebook messages reveal their situation

Another of Ray Reyes’s messages in his last week of life was: “Almighty God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, beloved Father, the Covid-19 is coming too close to everyone’s home. With firm faith, today I prostrate myself before you to pray, asking for full recovery for those who have been infected with this virus and those who suffer because they have a loved one in the hospital fighting for their life or have already lost it ”.
And he continued: “Dear Father, I ask you to protect us and fill us with your mercy. Please with my heart I ask you: heal and give strength to our children, the elderly, the homeless, the unemployed, the sick, front-line people and caregivers who are exhausted, but who do not give up. Refresh their minds and renew their strength. Do not let go of your hand Good Father. Thank you for Your Grace, Love and Mercy. Today I reaffirm that You are the Way, the Truth and the Life; that you are My Light and My Salvation ”, he concluded.

Close losses

Another of the last messages that the singer wrote on his Facebook account was to dedicate a few words to a very dear friend or fanatic who apparently had just lost her life and in a photo of the smiling woman, the former member of Menudo put:

“Sad… very sad …… skinny and beautiful friend… .we are going to miss you sooooo… but I know we’ll see each other soon…. your light is like that of the stars, it will never go out. Thank you for youth 83 with the former Menudos … and thank you for your beautiful and sincere friendship, ”Ray wrote.

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