What a scam! Young man receives a fake 50-peso bill with Juan Gabriel’s face on it (VIDEO)

A TikTok video has shocked everyone. Juan Gabriel was used in a scam. The late singer appeared in the least expected place. A TikTok vide...

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  • A TikTok video has shocked everyone.
  • Juan Gabriel was used in a scam.
  • The late singer appeared in the least expected place.

A TikTok video has gone viral around the world thanks to the young man who recorded it. It turns out that Juan Gabriel’s face ‘came from beyond’ to scare a young man from Mexico City who was the victim of a scam involving a 50-peso bill.

Scams are a constant threat in Mexico, whether with service providers, clothing or other items. However, lately there have been reports of citizens who fall victim to counterfeit bills, as happened to a TikTok user whose video already has a million and a half likes.

Juan Gabriel is used for a scam

Juan Gabriel counterfeit bill

He came back from the dead! Several years after his death, Juan Gabriel, the singer known as ‘El Divo de Juárez’, is still more alive than ever and not only because of his music. Now he has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a user who showed a counterfeit bill he received.

The legendary 50-peso bill that comes with the face of José María Morelos y Pavón, was analyzed because it is being misused and instead of the emblematic character, the face of Juan Gabriel was put on it — as incredible as it may seem.

He was given a counterfeit bill


It was not a ghost and it’s not that Juan Gabriel ‘appeared’ out of nowhere, because his face was distorted to put it on a 50-peso bill to try make it appear legit and scam people, as shown by a boy on TikTok named Alan Vargas, who was shocked to see the money.

“Gee, guys, I was just given a fake bill, all for not checking it at the moment,” are the words of the young man whose voice sounds disappointed and shocked at the same time as he shows the 50-peso bill with an axolotl on one side. Then he turns it around and show’s Juan Gabriel’s face.

Fooled with the face of Juan Gabriel on a bill

Counterfeit bill of Juan Gabriel

The news site Sopitas realized what happened with the young man from TikTok, whose video has more than one million likes and countless amused and astonished comments from people who assured that these types of scams are an everyday thing in Mexico.

“Right now I check it, its little windows, its butterflies, and when I turn it over: ‘What the… this guy is Juan Gabriel’,” the young man is heard saying in the short video that lasts for a few seconds. He shared it to alert the pubic to double check money they receive.

Comments from people shocked by the scam

tiktok fake money

You can read the messages of incredulous people on the TikTok video: “I’ll give you a 300 bill for it.” “Prize or punishment.” “It is for exclusive use in Noa Noa.” “I’ll give you 100 for it.” “Valid only in Juarez.” “The ajolote what? I want my juanga bill.”

“They are juangapesos valid in all the participating juangatiendas.” “when you want to spend it, it will sing to you: pero qué necesidad” “Well, if it has Juan Gabriel, it is worth more.” “Hahahahaha I’ll buy it from you.” “Hahaha how much do you sell it for.” “that’s not a fake bill, it’s THE fake bill” “He came looking for copper and found gold,” commented more people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE UNEXPECTED VIDEO OF JUAN GABRIEL Some images of this note come from this video.

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