Facebook, Instagram and Messenger crash again on Friday; Latinos affected

A few days after the great Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp outage, this Friday did it happen again? Mark Zuckerberg’s a...

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  • A few days after the great Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp outage, this Friday did it happen again?
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s apps crash again mostly for Latino users.
  • Several users from various countries report crashes and failures on social networks.

Four days after the great outage of Mark Zuckerberg’s social networks, once again Facebook, Instagram and Messenger crash in the middle of Friday, in several countries, mostly Latino, as reported by the Daily Mail website, which reported what users are reporting.

Twice in a week. Facebook, Instagram and Messenger have crashed and given headaches to Mark Zuckerberg who has already lost up to 7 billion dollars after the October 4 ‘blackout’ that left users of these social networks without access for 6 hours.

Daily Mail reported crash and glitches on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger drop
Twitter: Daily Mail

Daily Mail reports that according to the ‘Down Detector’ account that is dedicated to reporting when an application or social network presents failures or crashes, it assured that around 30 thousand users detected failures or ‘abnormal’ operation of Instagram after 2 in the afternoon .

Another number of people reported something similar with Facebook, with problems updating the news feed, or even for publications within the platform. Although this was extended to Facebook Messenger, as 800 users wrote that they had flaws.

Problems accessing Mark Zuckerberg’s networks? Facebook, Messenger and Instagram fail again

Drop on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger
Daily Mail

The administrators of Daily Mail They tried to locate Facebook and Instagram staff to clarify the current situation of social networks, since these failures occur four days after Mark Zuckerberg’s platforms experienced the largest drop in their history, for a space of 6 hours.

And is that the maintenance error of Monday, October 4 caused the fall of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and What’s App for six hours worldwide, so that Zuckerberg’s shares on the stock market fell dramatically and made him lose up to $ 7 billion.

Lack of control on Facebook, Instagram and Messeger? Again with flaws

They report failures in social networks
RT Spanish

In his blog that he used to apologize, Santosh Janardhan, Vice President of Engineering and Infrastructure at Facebook said that the collapse of October 4 also impacted many internal tools and systems of the company that they used for day-to-day operations, which did more difficult to solve the problem.

“Our engineering teams have discovered that changing configurations in the routers that coordinate the traffic of our social networks and our data warehouse caused the errors that interrupted the communication of the same,” wrote the manager.

Users made their comments on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Failures Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

Before the Daily Mail report on the failures of the applications, the comments of the people on Twitter did not wait: “Hopefully and this time they stay down like that, if not, the third time is the charm?”, “Time to go then to post to TikTok ”,“ Relax, they will be back ”,“ My Facebook and Instagram are fine ”.

But others used the space to make fun of what happened: “What a shame!”, “This should be the last thing for Zuckerberg”, “It is too obvious that they are destroying evidence of what they are accusing”, “Now close them of a good time ”,“ It’s a blessing ”,“ That’s good news ”.

Criticism flaws for Zuckerberg’s social media?

Messenger, Instagram, social networks failures

WHO IS GUILTY? Facebook finally says why its platform went down on October 4, causing millions of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger users around the world to be left without social networks for hours.

This Monday, at 11:40 in the morning, a massive interruption of the service surprised Internet users. It was not something unknown. On other occasions Facebook had ‘crashed’, but soon it was working again. The difference is that this time it took the company more than six hours to repair the fault. What happened?

Facebook finally says the reason for the fall of its platform on October 4

Facebook finally says why its platform went down on October 4

The prolonged slump in social media may have cost Facebook up to $ 100 million in revenue. So flat out, the company’s engineers set about finding and fixing the problem.

Turns out there is no culprit to point to. It was an “engineering error of our own making,” Facebook said Tuesday. Santosh Janardhan, the company’s vice president of infrastructure, explained that the massive disruption to its platforms occurred when Facebook engineers performed “routine maintenance” work.

No Facebook globally

Facebook finally says why its platform went down on October 4
PHOTO Shutterstock

What began as a test turned into a series of unfortunate events. Initially, the engineers were “intended to assess the availability of global backbone capacity, which inadvertently cut off all connections on our backbone, effectively disconnecting Facebook’s data centers globally,” Janardhan explained.

Then a system tool used to detect the error before generating interrupts did not work due to another error. “This change caused a complete disconnection of our server connections between our data centers and the Internet. And that total loss of connection caused a second problem that made things worse, “he said.

One problem after another

Facebook finally says why its platform went down on October 4

As soon as the first error was registered, there were problems with Facebook’s DNS, which allows connecting domain names with the correct IP addresses so that people can navigate the pages they are looking for. NY Post.

After a similar problem earlier in the year, “the end result was that our DNS servers became unreachable even though they were still operational. This made it impossible for the rest of the Internet to find our servers, ”wrote Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure in the Company blog. “All of this happened very quickly.”

No access to Facebook

Facebook finally says why its platform went down on October 4
PHOTO Twitter

The bug also affected Facebook’s security systems, making it difficult for engineers to respond quickly. Even some employees in important areas were blocked.

Janardhan explained: “It was not possible to access our data centers through our normal means because their networks were down and secondly, the total loss of DNS broke many of the internal tools that we would normally use to investigate and resolve outages such as is”.

It took time to resume the service: More than 6 hours!

PHOTO Twitter

Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure acknowledged that it took them longer than expected to resume service. “So it took longer to activate the secure access protocols necessary for people to be on site and able to work on the servers,” he said.

“Only then could we confirm the problem and get our spine working again,” he explained. After solving the problem, the company took the foresight to progressively reactivate the systems to prevent them from failing again.

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