Facebook finally launches its dating platform after delaying it

The official launch of Facebook Dating in Europe was scheduled for February 2019. Nine months later, the authorities have given the green...

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The official launch of Facebook Dating in Europe was scheduled for February 2019. Nine months later, the authorities have given the green light to download the application on this continent.

Facebook is getting ready to compete formally with the most important dating applications in Europe thanks to the fact that its Facebook Dating application has already been approved for download within European territory.

This measure is presented as a surprise measure, since for nine months the authorities were deliberating about the possible risks that the launch of this tool implied for users.

Facebook Dating, the dating app that aims to compete with Tinder

  • Facebook Dating is now available in Europe, after a nine-month delay in launch
  • The reason for postponing the launch of the application in Europe was due to concerns regarding user privacy.
  • More than 50 countries are already giving Facebook Dating the green light to operate, and the list is expected to continue growing

In recent days, Facebook issued an official statement in which it communicates that, after nine months of waiting and almost a year after its launch in United States, Facebook Dating has been authorized to operate on European territory.

In a statement, Facebook announced that the main objective of Facebook Dating is to help users of the application to find a partner in a practical and simple way.

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Through a series of steps in which users must register and make a list of their tastes, interests and basic personal information, Facebook Dating aims to compete with the most important dating applications in the world, including Tinder.

The application is specifically designed for users to access reliable information on potential partners and to decide what are those shared interests that can mean a serious love potential.

For example, when registering, a user will be able to make a list of interests such as the events they attend, the groups they interact with or the pages they follow to see how much they have in common with a ‘match’.

Under the name of Facebook Dating, the application is located within Facebook, and although some users may simply choose not to use it, those who wish to access it must first register.

Once the registration is complete, the user can start uploading the content they want through the ‘stories’ option, not only within the app, but also within the main page of Facebook and Instagram.

The delay in the arrival of Facebook Dating in Europe has a lot to do with European regulations that aim to protect the private information of citizens.

With the implementation of Facebook Dating in Europe, there are now 50 countries that provide this service; among these are, in addition to the United States, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom , as reported by The Verge portal.

One of the main concerns of Facebook has been to guarantee the privacy of its users and offer a kind of security within the application.

Although Facebook Dating is within Facebook, only users who so wish will have access to this feature.

Europe has in the past been one of the continents most reluctant to any type of application that could represent a risk to the physical or moral safety of users, and the authorities have made safeguarding shared data one of their priorities by users.

For example, in Ireland, the authorities decided to postpone the launch of this application, and finally it was concluded that any company wishing to launch any type of digital service on the market had to first comply with a review of certain requirements requested within the Assessment of Data Protection Impact (DPIA).

Competition with dating apps

Other applications like Tinder have functions such as ‘Like’ or ‘Super Like’; Facebook Dating will have the option to have a ‘Secret Crush’.

With the ‘Secret Crush’ function, users can select up to nine Facebook or Instagram followers that they consider attractive.

As in Tinder, you will have to wait for the other person to also reach your profile and give it a ‘like’ to generate the ‘match’.

In addition, it is expected that in the near future the application will include the ‘video chat’ function so that users can meet in ‘person’ no matter where they are.

Maybe one of the advantages that Facebook has About other applications that have been successfully launched in the market is that Facebook Dating is free and allows you to connect with real profiles of users of the application.

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Among the main competitors of Facebook Datin are Hinge, Tinder and Bumble, applications that offer options of annual subscriptions or monthly payments that allow access to special functions that the free version does not have.

Facebook Dating is completely free, and it comes to Europe at a historical moment when mobility restrictions have given way to new ways of connecting between people.

Facebook To The Rescue Of Romance In Times Of Pandemic: Learn All About Facebook Dating

Since mid-March, the state of health emergency in most of the world’s countries has given way to a series of restrictions.

One of them is attending mass events or places that are usually crowded such as bars, restaurants or parks, which for some has made contact with potential love partners difficult.

Thus, Facebook Dating is presented as one more option to create friendships or get a partner in the middle of a period of social protection.

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