Facebook charges Biden more than Trump for campaign advertising

Donald Trump’s campaign to remain in the presidency of the United States for four more years presents one of his final ‘scand...

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Donald Trump’s campaign to remain in the presidency of the United States for four more years presents one of his final ‘scandals’.

And it is that everything seems to indicate that the Republican candidate has been favored, at least with regard to the dissemination of political ads on Facebook Ads.

Facebook charges Donald Trum a lower price for his advertisements: Joe Biden paid $ 8 million more than the Republican candidate

  • Just a few days before the elections, it has been reported that Facebook made a distinction in the collection of ads between one candidate and another
  • Joe Biden paid a higher price for his Facebook ads: more than six times what Donald Trump paid on the same tool
  • In total, Joe Biden has paid more than $ 8 million extra in ads on Facebook

In recent days, it was revealed that one of President Donald Trump’s political ads on Facebook had a budget of $ 14 USD for every thousand times the ad appeared on users’ walls.

The announcement in question was an attempt to attract older voters in the state of Arizona last August.

The message shared was “The extreme left has taken over Joe Biden and the Democratic Party”; In it, there were photos of Bernie Sanders, and of Congressmen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

This ad was successfully played on Facebook; However, the big surprise would come a few months later, when it was announced that, with just a few days apart, Joe Biden’s ads would cost six times more than those of his Republican rival.

Biden chose the same demographic as Donald Trump to deliver a message regarding a possible reduction in drug prices and medical services through Medicare.

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To the surprise of the Democratic party, and especially for those involved in the Biden campaign, Facebook charged the latter an approximate $ 91 USD for every thousand times the ad appeared on users’ walls.

The differences in the prices of both candidates has been a constant throughout the electoral process.

Of all the ads posted on Facebook by both candidates between July 1 and October 13, 2020, it was found that the platform displayed a different price range for each of the candidates.

In practice, Joe Biden has paid $ 2.5 USD more than Trump for every thousand impressions of the same ad.

According to the portal The Next Web, it is explained that, on average, Joe Biden allocated an average of $ 34 USD for every thousand impressions of his ads within Facebook, more than double that of Donald Trump.

It was until mid-October that this difference in prices presented a significant improvement; In this period, they estimate, the Democratic candidate began to pay a little less than Trump for his advertisements on the platform.

Joe Biden pays $ 8 million more than Trump on Facebook ads

It has been a tough presidential campaign for both candidates, so they have allocated a large amount of money to create media campaigns on Facebook; however, this difference in charges has been favorable to Trump.

Expert analysis indicates that if he had paid the same price as Trump for his Facebook Ads, Joe Biden would have saved around $ 8 million.

Unlike what would happen in conventional media, Facebook has been able to get rid of any legal measure against it due to this abysmal price difference between the two candidates.

Federal law in the United States requires television stations to charge the same amount of money for political advertisements, while some states prohibit newspapers from charging one candidate more than another for the same type of advertisements.

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Is it an arbitrary and premeditated measure?

Some digital strategists agree that the arbitrary manner in which Facebook has charged each candidate could have a hidden and ‘dark’ motive.

For Regan Opel, a former Republican political consultant, “Its platform allows political campaigns to reach demographics such as those of the elderly and women of the suburbs who are highly valued audiences in 2020” and, put on the table “the ability to create lists of control that give us the precision we need to reach communities that, historically, have not been fully represented in politics. “

The difference in prices in the candidates’ ads has caused surprise, but it is not the first time that a similar situation has occurred.

Already in 2016, when Donald Trump won the presidential election, the political campaign managers of both parties expressed that Trump paid lower prices for ads on Facebook, which was denied by the platform.

For example, Joe Biden paid $ 150 USD for every thousand impressions of a video ad, in which he stated “Your recipes should not empty your wallet”, which was directed to older adults in Florida, thus becoming one of the most of his entire presidential campaign, which will come to an end on November 3.

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