Fabiola Martínez receives harsh sentence for robbing and attacking an old woman

Fabiola Martínez was sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbing and injuring a 71-year-old woman in Texas Martinez’s family cleane...

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FOTO Oficina del Fiscal del Condado de Kendall
  • Fabiola Martínez was sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbing and injuring a 71-year-old woman in Texas
  • Martinez’s family cleaned the old woman’s house and that’s how she found out that she lived alone
  • The old woman had valuable belongings but also a gun and defended herself

Fabiola Martínez condemns. The Hispanic Fabiola Martínez was sentenced to 20 years in jail in Texas, for the robbery and injuries with a knife against a 71-year-old woman.

Martínez, 31, was convicted on Friday, February 26, 2021 by a judge of the Kendall County, northwest of the San Antonio metropolitan area, in Texas.

The sentence against Fabiola Martínez is one of the harshest in Texas for a case of violent robbery, but the judge valued in his sentence the vulnerability of the old woman and the injuries she suffered with the knife.

Fabiola Martínez did not choose the old woman’s house at random, since some women in her family worked for her victim, going to clean the house once a week.

Thanks to that, the attacker knew that the old woman lived alone and that she had valuable belongings. What Martinez did not know was that the old woman also had a gun and that detail put a dramatic turn on the robbery.

Until the moment of writing this story, Fabiola Martínez was still in the county jail waiting to be transferred to a prison in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

The judge noted in his sentence that Martínez cannot receive the right to early release for good conduct, until at least ten years have passed since his stay in prison.

According to the documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico, all began on the hot night of Wednesday, June 5, 2019 in the peaceful city of Boerne, Texas.

Fabiola Martínez, 31, said she planned the robbery of the old woman with her husband but authorities found nothing that could link her husband to the crime. (Photo: Kendall County Attorney’s Office)

That night, Fabiola Martínez called an Uber and asked it to take her to a house marked 608 on Kendall Parkway, in a hilly area southeast of Boerne.

Fabiola Martínez carried a tool such as a screwdriver and a pry bar with her, among other things, which she bought so she could enter the old woman’s house through a window.

The woman knew from her relatives who cleaned the house that the old woman went to bed early, so she calculated that when she arrived at the place the victim would already be asleep.

In the videos of the security cameras of a tool store, presented at his trial by the Kendall County Attorney’s Office, Fabiola Martínez is seen buying the tools and, in addition, a knife.

In addition, the security cameras of the victim’s house also recorded when Martínez arrived at the home and went to the back, to begin to dismantle a window until he managed to sneak inside.

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However, Fabiola Martínez miscalculated her plan, as upon entering the house she found herself face to face with the old woman who had been woken up by the noise. Suddenly another old woman, who was visiting, came out of a room to help her friend.

Martínez confronted her victim with the knife, but the old woman got on top of the intruder and they began to struggle in a fight 40 years apart between the two women.

During the struggle, Martínez managed to inflict several wounds on the arm and hand of the old woman who, despite her injuries, had the strength to remove a pistol from a drawer and shot the intruder and almost tore her right ear off with a bullet.

When she felt hurt, the woman threw the knife and left the house jumping through the same window through which she had entered and was lost running through the thick of the night.

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Then, the elderly woman who owned the house called the emergency number of the Boerne Police Department (BPD, for its acronym in English) to report the theft and also that she was injured in the hand and arm.

The first BPD patrolmen who arrived to attend to the old woman, with the light already on, saw the chaos caused by the fight and found the remains of blood and ordered that the old woman be transferred to a hospital.

Other patrols organized to tour the area and search for the woman who had entered the house. Shortly after, a patrolman saw a woman running in the middle of the night through Fair Oaks Ranch, a nearby golf course.

The BPD officer pushed his patrol onto the golf course and caught up with the running woman who had a head wound at the level of the ear. The agent knew then that he had arrested the old woman’s thief.

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When she was transferred to the BPD headquarters as a detainee, Fabiola Martínez declared that she had planned the robbery of the house in complicity with her husband, but that the man had escaped when she heard the shots.

The Kendall County Prosecutor’s Office investigated that version, but it was never proven that Martinez’s husband had participated as an accessory in the robbery. In addition, in the videos, he is seen walking home.

Upon investigating her phone, the prosecution discovered that the woman had taken an Uber through the Boerne metropolitan area to buy the tools and the knife, before committing the failed robbery at the old woman’s house.

Nick Socias, the Kendall County Attorney for Special Victims, said in a statement that “thank goodness one of the victims had a gun, otherwise this could have ended a lot worse for them.”

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