A powerful explosion at a Memphis chemical plant

A powerful explosion is reported at Memphis chemical plant. Were there injuries? Is there danger to the environment? Authorities have rep...

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  • A powerful explosion is reported at Memphis chemical plant.
  • Were there injuries?
  • Is there danger to the environment?

Authorities have reported an explosion at a chemical plant in Memphis, Tennessee. In preliminary reports, they announced that firefighters are already inside the building trying to battle the fire that spread through the plant. Workers have been evacuated from the scene.

Also, it was revealed that the fire had been caused by a chemical explosion, so the firefighters had to assess the situation. Shortly after, it was announced that the chemicals will not cause environmental damage. So far, only one injury has been reported and the authorities are working to prevent further damage.


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A raging fire developed in a Memphis, Tennessee chemical plant. The authorities announced that firefighters were at the scene where the incident occurred and reported that they are working on putting out the fire that was spreading through the premises.

Huge fire in North Memphis at the PMC Biogenix 1231 Pope Street chemical plant, not far from the Memphis National Cemetery. There is no information on the cause or injuries,” Action News 5 anchor, Joyce Peterson said on social media when news of the fire was announced. Authorities reported that they were investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Memphis chemical plant explosion: What Happened?

Memphis Factory Explosion Reported: What Happened?
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Local media first reported that the fire occurred at the chemical plant PMC, Biogenix, near the Memphis National Cemetery. Authorities were immediately informed about what was happening at the plant. At first, it was not known who had caused the fire until it was reported that firefighters arrived at the scene and began to investigate the circumstances surrounding the fire.

So far, it has been announced that the fire started at around 4 pm local time and it was caused by a chemical explosion that occurred inside the plant. The firefighters were warned that they were dealing with chemicals and began to evaluate the situation according to the protocols. Shortly after, they reported that there was no environmental hazard, according to The Sun. Filed Under: Memphis Factory Explosion Reported

Are there injuries?

Memphis factory explosion reported: Are there injuries?
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The fire was described as heavy and hazy, so it could be seen at great distances. The Memphis Fire Department reported that they arrived at the scene as quickly as they could and began implementing protocols to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas of the plant. In addition, they confirmed that all personnel had been evacuated from the premises.

A fire official said that one person was taken to a hospital and another person was treated at the scene after the explosion, News Chanel 3 reported. At the moment, the health status of both people is unknown. The firefighter also stated that the employees were counted to ensure everyone had been safely evacuated. Filed Under: Memphis Factory Explosion Reported

Was it a Dangerous Fire?

Memphis Factory Explosion Reported: A Dangerous Fire?
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It was also reported that more than 100 firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the fire and that it took them a couple of hours to put it out completely. The Memphis Fire Department stated that it was not an extreme risk situation so they apparently were able to put it out fairly easily.

The fire department said that the product that started the fire was a type of fatty acid. They added that it was stable and there was no environmental concern, reported News Chanel 3. At the moment, the authorities have not given any more details about it but more information should be released in the next few hours. Filed Under: Memphis Factory Explosion Reported

“A giant column of smoke”

"A giant plume of smoke"
Photo: Twitter

On social media, internet users shared information about the fire and announced that the great column of smoke produced by the fire could be observed at great distances. Several began to share images of the plant and said that they were not in danger, but that the incident that was taking place in the chemical plant looked frightening.

LAST MINUTE: Large fire at a chemical plant in North Memphis (Chelsea and Warford area). The smoke is visible from several miles away in the center. Avoid the area.

A science lesson?

A science lesson?
Photo: Twitter

Trevor Birchett, the meteorologist for ABC24 Memphis, said that the column of smoke stops at a certain height, because there is more temperature inversion at a specific point and therefore, the air parcels cannot climb higher. A fact that is undoubtedly not always taken into account.

“And a science lesson, because why not. Do you see how the smoke rises to a certain point and stops? That’s because there is a temperature inversion at around 2000 feet. The temperature begins to increase with height at this point and air parcels cannot rise beyond that point.” Noted meteorologist Trevor Birchett.

Dangerous to the environment?

A problem in the environment?
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On Twitter, Memphis Weather account reported that a plume of smoke, that had originated near the chemical plant in North Memphis, had been detected that was moving northeast. The radar also indicated that no greater dangers were expected and that, as the hours passed, the smoke caused by the fire would dissipate.

“If you are on the northeast stretch of 240 or near Bartlett, you will see a southward plume of smoke coming from a fire at a chemical plant in north Memphis. The radar detects this plume of smoke. Movement is northeast, toward Bartlett. No dangers expected from this,” stated Memphis Weather on Twitter.

A good sign?

A good sign?
Photo: Twitter

On social media, Joyce Peterson stated that the white smoke that the photographs had captured was a good sign since it meant that the fire was subsiding. In addition, she confirmed that no deaths were reported and the man who was injured had been taken to the hospital. The identity of the injured person was not disclosed.

White smoke now. Good sign. No dead, just one injured and the fire out,” reported Joyce Peterson on social media. She assured the public that the fire had completely subsided. On social media, internet users confirmed this noting that the fire vents had already dropped in their entirety.

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