EXCLUSIVELY: Alejandro Nones stars in the Netflix series Who Killed Sara?



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  • EXCLUSIVELY: Alejandro Nones stars in the Netflix series Who Killed Sara?
  • The Hispanic actor ‘opens up’ to MundoHispánico and tells us about his new project
  • The Created of successful projects such as “Amor a domicile” and “Marparaiso”.

EXCLUSIVELY: Hispanic Alejandro Nones stars in the Netflix series Who Killed Sara? The Venezuelan actor, model and producer ‘opens up’ to MundoHispánico and tells us about his new project, the first Latin American Netflix series that has been dubbed in 8 languages.

“It fills me with emotion to be part of such a project,” said actor Alejandro Nones, who was extremely excited to reach more than 190 countries with the Netflix series “Who Killed Sara?” “It’s a difficult thing for me to mention,” he said about it.

New format of the series Who Killed Sara? represented a challenge

Alejandro Nones, Who Killed Sara ?, Look Who Dances, Crown of Tears
PHOTO MundoHispánico

Nones assured that it was a real change to star in the series of the digital platform. “I had never worked on a 10-chapter format,” said the Hispanic, who later assured that this production focuses more on details and time.

The Venezuelan model said he was grateful for being able to participate in this new series. “As an actor, the opportunity to explore different places is always appreciated and feels very good,” he said in an exclusive interview for MundoHispánico.

Alejandro Nones plays a character “dead inside”

Alejandro Nones, Who Killed Sara ?, Look Who Dances, Crown of Tears
PHOTO Instagram Alejandro Nones

The Hispanic assured that his character is really complex and that “it required a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of work.” He also said that his character makes him “come out” of his comfort and that makes him “go to another place acting”

Nones described his new character from “Who Killed Sara?” like a man “so dead inside, so neutral all the time, so tense.” The series is a mystery and drama thriller directed by Bernardo de la Rosa and David Ruiz, written by José Ignacio Valenzuela and produced by Juan Uruchurtu for Perro Azul.

The Hispanic actor reveals what it was like working with the cast of Who Killed Sara?

Alejandro Nones, Who Killed Sara ?, Look Who Dances, Crown of Tears
PHOTO Instagram Alejandro Nones

“Good companionship always makes a difference because the energy is there, because the nobility of the actors are there at the disposal of the partner … that is what I found in this project .. I met generous actors, present and willing to make each scene special, “said the semifinalist of Mira Quien Baila, Alejandro Nones.

Who Killed Sara? It is a series starring Manolo Cardona (Alex), Carolina Miranda (Elisa), Ginés García Millán (César), Claudia Ramírez (Mariana), Alejandro Nones (Rodolfo) and Eugenio Siller (José María), with the performances of Ximena Lamadrid, Leo Deluglio, Andres Baida, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Polo Morín, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Fátima Molina, Héctor Jiménez, Iñaki Godoy, Juan Carlos Remolina and Ela Velden, among others.

Alejandro Nones premieres the series of mourning for death dear friend

PHOTO Instagram Alejandro Nones

“Definitely I have mixed feelings for the moment I am living and for the news of the death of Beto (Alberto Ciurana),” said the moved Hispanic actor, and it is that just on Wednesday he communicated by Instagram, the loss of his close friend.

“Alberto was a guy that I really love a lot, who was always a good friend, he was always very close and during an important part of my career he was always a guide, he was always there to listen to me,” revealed Alejandro Nones. “I will always carry it in my heart,” said the protagonist of “Corona de Lágrimas.”

Reveal what the pandemic taught you

Alejandro Nones, Who Killed Sara ?, Look Who Dances, Crown of Tears
PHOTO MundoHispánico

“Life is a little while,” said Alejandro Nones, reflecting on death. “If there is something this pandemic reaffirmed me, it is that one has to try to live more endearing moments with the people that one loves, because those are what really nourish life,” he added.

Later, he invited his followers to generate and value more moments with the people they love, since they are “the ones who make everything worthwhile.” Then I affirm that “we think that the wonderful moments with the people that one loves are always going to be given, but one has to generate more because that is what life is about.”

The model and actor reveals if he is single or not

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When talking about the love life of the attractive Hispanic actor and semi-finalist of Mira Quien Baila, he revealed that he has had around six romantic relationships and that he is now “single.” Of Venezuelan origin and Mexican at heart, he has stood out in Mexico for his talent, which has led him to be part of soap operas, series, movies and theater.

After obtaining the leading role in the film “Así del precipicio”, she entered the Televisa Art Education Center, which opened the doors for her to play important roles within the company in soap operas such as “Teresa”, “Corona de Lágrimas”, “Passion and Power”, “La Pilota” and “Amar a Muerte”.

Alejandro Nones talks about what it’s like to be Hispanic in the United States

PHOTO MundoHispánico

Asked about his experience being a Venezuelan immigrant in the United States and revealed that he did not suffer any discrimination due to his origin first hand, but said he was impressed by many issues, especially “putting a label on yourself.”

“When you filled out a form for something, I had to put what you were … I don’t know, it was weird, I felt that everything had to have a label,” said Alejandro Nones. “You are not white, but you are not of color either, but you are Latino but it seems that you are not Latino … they conflicted much more than me,” said Nones and said that this encouraged many people to classify themselves.

Would you go back to the reality show “Mira Quien Baila”?

PHOTO Instagram Alejandro Nones

“I really enjoyed“ Mira Quien Baila ”, I like to dance, I especially liked connecting in a different way with people, the affection that the Latin community gave me in the United States, the fact that they knew a different part of me, that was not just the character, “he said.

Nones described what his participation in the ‘reality show’ meant: “That they could see a more human essence, of a type that is committed, responsible, that is intense when it comes to fighting for the things that he wants … to me that It seemed important to me, I do not regret it at all “, however, he was not very sure of participating in another show, but he did not rule it out, stating that he would do it only if it were something that” he likes a lot “like” Master Chef ” .

Will you meet again with the cast of “Corona de Lágrimas”?

PHOTO Instagram Alejandro Nones

The Hispanic actor said he had the best memories of his participation in the Mexican telenovela “Corona de Lágrimas” and gave some clues about a possible ‘reunion’ with the cast of the acclaimed Televisa production, where he participated with actresses such as Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guard.

“He is a very important character in my career (Patricio in“ Corona de Lágrimas ”), and Victoria (Ruffo) is family to me, we always talk, we are always in contact, Mane (Mane de la Parra) and Chema (José María Torre) They are my brothers in life … and the gossip out there says that we are going to get back together soon, hopefully and it is true, “said Nones.

Reveal more details about his life

PHOTO Instagram Alejandro Nones

The actor who migrated to the United States for six years, where he decided to reinforce his acting studies in New York and Los Angeles, was able to enrich his career in roles in short films and feature films such as “En la Oscuridad”, “Add me” and “Lo que could ser ”, Revealed that he is living in Mexico, but that he hopes to return to Los Angeles.

With an extensive family, which includes 10 siblings “scattered around the world,” Alejandro Nones is recognized for his intensity and drama in acting. Nones was also part of the Univisión program “Mira Quien Baila”, remaining among the semifinalists.

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