Excelsa’s twin? Raúl de Molina’s daughter appears dressed in a teddy coat in the style of the Peluche Family

Do you copy the style of the Peluche Family? The young woman wears a large teddy coat in networks She and Raúl de Molina have a very good...

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Do you copy the style of the Peluche Family?
  • The young woman wears a large teddy coat in networks
  • She and Raúl de Molina have a very good family relationship

Mía de Molina, the daughter of Raúl de Molina, host of El Gordo and La Flaca, impressed her fans with a photo where she appears with an extravagant blue teddy coat, very much in the style of the characters of Excelsa Pluche or Federica P. Luche , from the Eugenio Derbez series La Familia P. Luche.

After the daughter of Raúl de Molina, Mía was attacked forever posing in the photos with a somewhat serious face on social networks, which caused the driver of The fat and the skinny defend her.

Yesterday, the young woman decided to surprise her more than 17 thousand followers by posing with a tender smile and big glasses.

PHOTO: Instagram. Mía de Molina

In this snapshot, which already has more than 2,000 likes, Raúl de Molina’s daughter appeared with a large navy blue coat, while in the neck you could see what appeared to be feathers and stuffed animals, giving a more unique touch to her outfit.

Mía, decided to accompany this outfit with large yellow aviator lenses, while smiling a small smile in front of the camera.

At the bottom of the picture, Raúl de Molina’s daughter implied that she did too much cold And that is why she was wearing this extravagant outfit.

Quickly various comments began to arrive, where her loyal followers fell in love with her beauty and her unique outfit:

PHOTO: Instagram. Mía de Molina

“Very pretty”, “I want those glasses”, “Beautiful”, “Ayy, I can’t with this girl, she is so beautiful and has a unique style”, “Always beautiful and beautiful as always”, “Blessings”, “How beautifulaaa ”.

They call Mía de Molina “bitter” for what “El Gordo de Molina” did to her father

Before Mía de Molina surprised with her teddy coat, Raúl de Molina’s daughter was fiercely criticized on social networks for not smiling in a photograph next to her father.

Raúl de Molina shared a photograph with his daughter Mía de Molina and caused great stir, but before the accusations of his followers, the presenter did not hesitate to defend his daughter.

In the image, Raúl de Molina brings a gray jacket and a sky blue dress shirt while he is extremely happy to share with his daughter, and the smile on his face evidenced this.

But to the surprise of many, Mía de Molina looked very serious, without a trace of smiles and only recharging her face with her father’s, something very different from when she showed off her teddy coat.

PHOTO: Instagram. Mía de Molina

Given this, the driver’s followers did not take long to be present: “She looks bitter, I hope she never misses those moments with her parents proud of her and she is all bored,” said a follower.

Given this, the presenter was not silent and revealed the reason for Mía de Molina’s gesture.

“Mia is not sad, but she likes to pose like this. He says he doesn’t have to be laughing so hard at all and to look at how the models pose ”. This detail was not mostly commented on by users, but they did praise the good coexistence and the time that Raúl de Molina dedicates to his family.

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