Esteban Loaiza is afraid of the coronavirus (PHOTO)

Esteban Loaiza’s friend says that former LMB player is afraid of coronavirus Ensures that Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband is concer...

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  • Esteban Loaiza’s friend says that former LMB player is afraid of coronavirus
  • Ensures that Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband is concerned about his health since he suffers from diabetes
  • Apparently a prisoner tested positive for Covid-19 and was not isolated as the protocol indicates

After several days in the confinement, Esteban Loaiza does not have a good time, and it is that a friend Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, said that the former LMB player has fear because a cellmate has tested positive for coronavirus, according to information from Chicapicosa2.

It was through the Instagram account that the woman identified in the @delma_rox account broke the silence about what the former major league player feels when he is unable to be isolated.

In addition, she took the opportunity to ensure that she takes care that the ex-husband of the Diva de la Banda receives all the greetings that his fans send him.

Image taken from Insatgram @ chicapicosa2

He says that he maintains daily contact with him, either by email or by phone call, and that is how he realized the fear that Esteban Loaiza has when he learns that an inmate close to him has coronavirus.

The woman told fans that she was able to investigate the situation that prevails in prison, so she gave more details about this.

In the letter, the friend of Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband shared that since July 29, one of the prisoners close to him has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Due to this situation, the prison authorities authorized a 90-day isolation outside the prison, however this situation was not fulfilled.

This action caused the fear of the former LMB player, Esteban Loaiza, since he currently suffers from diabetes and makes him one of the groups vulnerable to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Apparently the inmate continued direct contact with him and with the other prisoners, despite the authorization already given for isolation.

Although Estaban Loaiza is afraid of the coronavirus, her friend commented that he is well so far.

He also pointed out that Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband is in a very good mood and with the joy that has always characterized him.

However, he also asked all those who esteem him and want him to keep him in their prayers.

He also commented that the former LMB player is afraid that he is already a carrier of the disease and that he will be denied isolation.

Esteban Loaiza’s friend said that she will continue to work to ensure her health and that she will soon be in a better situation.

This publication had some reactions of likes, until September 18 it had 166 and almost 10 comments from people and what next we will show you.

“Well, but it is assumed that the coronavirus takes a maximum of 15 days to incubate, I say, if it was since July he would have already had symptoms,” said one person.

Someone else commented: “That woman always in the midst of Loaiza’s things, let’s see if when she gets out of there she’ll fight the poor woman who has always been seen as urged by men. First Lupillo and now Esteban. And with none is done to the poor chavarruca ”.

Image taken from Instagram @jennirivera

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On August 28, it was reported that they claimed that former baseball player Esteban Loaiza, who was married to singer Jenni Rivera, would be out of jail despite not fully serving his three-year sentence for possession of 20 kilograms of cocaine with the intention of distributing it. However this is not confirmed and could be rumors.

It was on Chamonic’s Instagram account that this information was released: “Esteban Loaiza has already been released from prison, he has been free since yesterday.”

On the other hand, it was said that Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband was currently in Tijuana, Baja California, in Mexico at that time, since “upon serving his sentence, he would be deported,” although Esteban Loaiza was a US resident.

Among the theories that were handled of his possible release from prison, one of them is for good behavior, while it is also stated that sometimes a day is counted as day and night, so he would have already served his sentence.

Jenni Rivera

Image taken from Twitter @purobeisbolfb

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Some people reacted to this news in different ways: “Wow, that’s good, I’m glad”, “that’s good”, “they are just 80 percent of their sentence… or maybe he cooperated”, “great, I’m happy for him , we all deserve a second chance ”,“ and having so many opportunities, they miss it because of their bad decisions ”.

On the other hand, one person expressed himself like this about the former baseball player: “So many years here in the United States and he could not become a citizen”, to which someone else replied: “I think he already had a history that probably did not allow him citizenship” .

But there is another version that indicates that Esteban Loaiza, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, would just request his first permit to leave prison, although it would be until next year. We invite you to continue reading

Through the Instagram account of the Suelta la sopa program, a video was shown in which it is reported that the former baseball player Esteban Loaiza, who was married to Jenni Rivera, “prepares his release from prison, he could request his first permit in 2021” .

Juan Manuel Cortés, host of Suelta la sopa, commented that Esteban Loaiza was expected to serve his three-year sentence in a prison in San Diego, California, but it was learned that he was transferred to a prison in Seattle, Washington.

Esteban Loaiza

Image taken from Twitter @lopezdoriga

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