Erica Hernández’s car is found submerged in a pond (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

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Erica Hernández’s car is found submerged in a pond (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)
  • Erica Hernández’s case, her car was found in a pond
  • There was a body inside the vehicle, but it hasn’t been identified yet
  • Police officer sends his condolences to the family

Authorities found the car of the missing Hispanic mother, Erica Hernández, in a pond in Houston, Texas with a corpse inside, according to information published on the news portal of Univision.

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The news spread like wildfire after it was discovered that the vehicle found belonged to the missing woman, however, so far the identity of the corpse has not been officially confirmed, but a police officer has already sent his condolences to the family.


Erica Hernández's car
Photo Twitter Univision

It was in the Pearland pond that the authorities found the unit of the woman, who was 40 years old, and who had not known her whereabouts for more than 20 days, so now everything is in the hands of forensic experts.

After her disappearance, a search was activated that concluded this Tuesday, after the vehicle was found, however, authorities were waiting to confirm that it corresponded to her, a situation that happened almost immediately.

Erica Hernández’s car found in pond

Erica Hernandez self pond
Photo Twitter Univision

Likewise, one of the victim’s cousins ​​manifested in a resigned way before the evidence and said in a verbatim way: “His soul is resting. I am very sorry for his mother because it is the day after Mother’s Day. ”

More members of the family confirmed through the Facebook page “Let’s Find Erica Hernández” that there was a body inside the vehicle, however, they said that their identity had not been confirmed and that they were waiting for it.


Erica Hernández's car
Photo Twitter Univision

After the report of the discovery of a vehicle, dozens of policemen, lifeguards and divers moved to the place, the latter had to be fully employed for more than 3 hours to be able to remove the car from the pond due to the difficult maneuvers.

Therefore, upon learning that there was a body within the unit, the family launched the following petition through social networks: “Pray for our family.” Thus, it only remains to wait for the authorities’ response after carrying out the autopsy. Filed Under: Erica Hernandez Self Pond

Erica Hernández’s car found in pond: IT WAS A TRUCK

Erica Hernández's car

According to the first reports, the recovered unit is a black GMC with a license plate similar to that of Erica, who was last seen on April 17 in southeast Houston, and was found between the intersection of Reflection Bay and N. Clear Lake.

The authorities have not said anything more about it, but in an interview on Univision, Elvia, a relative of the victim, confirmed that it is Erica Hernández’s truck, but that they are waiting for an autopsy to be carried out, to find out her identity.

Erica Hernández car pond: IT WAS A HIT

Erica Hernández's car

Elvia, Erica Hernández’s sister-in-law, revealed that the authorities have told them that the truck shows a blow, and that perhaps it was due to a blow that the unit struck on a sidewalk, however, they did not give more details about it.

However, he commented that it could be that it was an accident, but that they are investigating to see if it was not something else, but so far they have not ruled out any possibility or there is a more violent line on the case of the Hispanic woman.


Photo Twitter Univision

Regarding what they have said to the three children of Erica Hernández, the woman commented that the two oldest already know of the possibility that their mother will not return home, however, the youngest, 3 years old, they only say that will come soon.

With a broken voice, Elvia tried to remain calm and gave all the details until now known, adding that the authorities promised that as soon as they know the identity of the body, they will call the Hispanic mother’s mother. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Erica Hernandez Self Pond


Since his search became known, Khou 11 reported that the FBI joined. Erica Hernandez, 40, a mother of three, was last seen leaving a friend’s home in southwest Houston in the early hours of the morning on April 18. He was wearing a teal shirt and jean and was driving a 2020 GMC Acadia pickup, black, with Texas license plates, officials and his family told ABC News.

A sister-in-law identified as Eldia Hernández told Erica that she arrived at her house on the night of April 17 to leave food while her three children, ages 3, 15 and 19, waited in the vehicle. Later, Erica Hernández took her children home before going to a friend’s house later that night. She left the friend’s house the next morning and has not been seen or heard from since then, the family said. Filed Under: Erica Hernandez Self Pond


“She was ok. I mean, I was happy, ”recalled sister-in-law Eldia Hernández in an interview with Houston’s ABC station KTRK. “I was a bit tired, but that was all,” added the close friend in her statement.

The sister-in-law also shared the images from the camera installed in her home that show Erica Hernández returning to her vehicle and driving. He assured that it is not regular that Erica Hernández has simply disappeared. Filed Under: Erica Hernandez Self Pond

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