Eric Trump to testify before election in fraud investigation

Son of President Donald Trump, will have to testify before New York prosecutors for fraud Eric Trump must appear before the Prosecutor...

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  • Son of President Donald Trump, will have to testify before New York prosecutors for fraud
  • Eric Trump must appear before the Prosecutor’s Office no later than October 7
  • Letitia James, celebrated that the magistrate is not going to allow Trump to delay until after the elections

According to a report from the EFE Agency this Wednesday a judge decided that Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, will have to testify before New York prosecutors before the elections next November for a fraud investigation around the family’s real estate business.

The attorney general of the state of New York, Letitia James, who is in charge of the case, is pleased that the magistrate will not allow Trump to delay until after the elections an “interview under oath” requested by his office.

According to the judge’s decision, the son of Donald Trump must appear at the latest on October 7 before the Prosecutor’s Office.

Despite his attempts to postpone the summons at least until after the November 3 elections.

The attorney general has a civil case open to investigate whether the Trump Organization, the president’s company, improperly inflated the value of its assets in documents, with the aim of securing loans and obtaining economic and tax benefits.

The investigation began in 2019, after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified before the United States Congress that “assets were inflated to obtain favorable terms for loans and insurance coverage, while also deflating the value of other assets. to reduce real estate taxes ”.

Last month, James had accused the company of trying to hinder the process and, in particular, had denounced that Eric Trump fraud, executive vice president of the firm, was refusing to be interviewed despite having previously agreed.

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Eric Trump fraud. That was when the prosecutor went to the judge to request that the requested witnesses be compelled to appear and to force the company to provide documents on specific properties and transactions.

This is not the only open process surrounding Trump and his businesses, as Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is also studying other possible crimes in New York, including bank and insurance fraud, as recently suggested in court documents. .

Vance and Trump are locked in a long legal battle over access to the president’s tax returns, which he has not made public and which the prosecutor claims as part of a case in which he investigates whether the secret money payments of the campaign of the now president to the porn actress Stormy Daniels violated the law of the state of New York.

Supposedly, with that money they sought to pay the silence of the actress about an alleged sexual relationship that she had years ago with Trump, something that he has always denied, according to a report published by the EFE Agency.

Eric Trump is expected to testify in a New York investigation into the family’s businesses before the presidential election scheduled for November, a judge ruled Wednesday, rejecting attorneys’ allegations that Trump’s “tight travel schedule” in the electoral campaign it justified a postponement, according to the data published on its website from The Associated Press.

State Judge Arthur Engoron said President Donald Trump’s son must comply with a subpoena for testimony no later than October 7, adding that the investigation and the court are not “subject to national election deadlines.”

Prosecutor Letitia James went to court to enforce the subpoena after Eric Trump’s lawyers abruptly canceled an interrogation with investigators scheduled in July as part of an inquiry into whether the family’s company, the Trump Organization, lied. on the value of your assets to obtain loans and tax benefits.

Eric Trump, the company’s executive vice president of development and acquisitions, received the subpoena for the first time in May. James, a Democrat, said after the ruling that “justice and the rule of law prevail today.”

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“To be clear, no entity or individual is allowed to dictate how or when our investigation will proceed or to set the parameters of a legal investigation,” said James. “Today’s court order makes it clear that no one is above the law, not even an organization or individual by the name of Trump.”

In a document delivered to the court last week, his lawyers said he was willing to comply with the subpoena, but only after the November 3 election.

In addition to the problems in his calendar to schedule the appearance for events related to his father’s reelection campaign, the lawyers indicated that they wanted to “avoid the use of his attendance at the appearance for political purposes.”

During Wednesday’s hearing, the attorney for the president’s son, Alan Futerfas, said they were “delighted that he sat down and testified,” but needed more time to go through thousands of pages of documents that James’ office had with him. presented as part of the civil investigation.

“As everyone knows, there is an election that will be held in four weeks in this country, maybe five weeks,” Futerfas alleged. “Eric Trump is a fundamental part of that, and he travels almost seven days a week.”

Futerfas could not be reached after the ruling for his opinion, according to a report by The Associated Press.

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President Trump’s sister calls Ivanka Trump a “mini-Donald” and Eric Trump an idiot.

New secret tapes came to light where Maryanne Trump Barry, sister of President Donald Trump, is heard calling her niece Ivanka Trump a “mini-Donald” as reported by Business Insider.

According to the report, in the material you can also see how Trump Barry says that Eric, Trump’s third son, is “an idiot.”

In these tapes, which were released by Mary Trump, niece of the President of the United States, Trump Barry is heard criticizing Ivanka for posting an Instagram photo of her and one of her children on the same day that he reportedly the Trump administration separated migrant children from their families in 2018.

Likewise, Barry says that Trump’s son Eric has become “the idiot publicly.”

In a recording before this one, Barry described his brother Trump as a liar and as someone who overly reveres himself.

However, Mary Trump, who is the daughter of the president’s older brother, Fred Trump Jr., appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” to discuss the latest revelations made by her aunt.

President Trump’s niece Mary Trump released a new series of secret recordings with the president’s sister on Friday, saying that Ivanka Trump is a “mini-Donald” and Eric Trump is “an idiot.”

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