Employees accuse Kamala Harris of mistreatment

Employees of the office of the vice president of the United States, denounce mistreatment of Kamala Harris. They claim there’s chao...

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  • Employees of the office of the vice president of the United States, denounce mistreatment of Kamala Harris.
  • They claim there’s chaos in their working place, in addition to working in a tense environment.
  • They say that “people feel treated like sh@t”.

Employees of the Office of the Vice President of the United States, denounce mistreatment of Kamala Harris and claim there’s chaos in their working place, in addition to a tense atmosphere, according to a publication of New York Post.

After the revelation of an internal report, the position of the workers close to the official was known, as well as their feelings in regards to the treatment they are given and the atmosphere they have to put up with when working there every day for the number 2 of Joe Biden’s government.


Abuse of Kamala Harris
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Some of the people considered the atmosphere in that office to be “tense and sometimes sleepy”, and even said that it is a place where “people feel treated like st”, in reference to an unflattering word.

To explain it better, a source pointed out: “People jump under the bus from the top, there are short fuses and it is an abusive environment”, and assured that employees are “treated as s-“. “It is not a healthy environment and people often feel abused.”

Kamala Harris Abuse: MORE ACCUSATIONS

Abuse of Kamala Harris
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But the report goes beyond a simple indictment, it also singles out nearly two dozen “current and former vice presidential advisers, administration officials and associates of Harris and (President) Biden.”

The source consulted pointed the finger at Harris herself for the dysfunction, as well as at Tina Flournoy, a long-time Democratic agent who works as chief of staff and concierge for the vice president of the United States.

Kamala Harris Abuse: PREVENT CONTACT

Abuse of Kamala Harris
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According to Politico, Flournoy has gone out of his way to protect Harris from ‘anti-aircraft’ fire, to such a degree that he dismisses or ignores the ideas of the staff, also has not wanted to delegate responsibilities, lengthens decisions without having to and blames those who are under your control for the results.

To give an example, the source points out that a person tried to contact her for a meeting, but had to wait weeks before being told that she was too busy, this is attributed to Flournoy seeing and hearing everything that is said in the office.

Kamala Harris Abuse: LABOR IS QUESTIONED

United States Vice President Office
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The person who came looking for the official was one of her friends, but when she saw the treatment they gave her, she began to question: “Is this someone who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, even, for his boss? And did you just blow them? ”Harris’s friend asked Politico.

And he added about the painful situation in the office of the vice president of the United States: “The next time Kamala wants you for something, it’s like: ‘Hey, I couldn’t even get a callback from your chief of staff! ‘”

Kamala Harris Abuse: BACKGROUND

Joe biden
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The report recalls when Kamala Harris was campaigning in 2020 with statements from the campaign’s director of state operations saying: “This is my third presidential campaign and I have never seen an organization treat its staff so badly.”

“We are not making rainbows and bunnies all day. What I hear is that people have difficult jobs and I’m like, ‘Welcome to the club,’ ”Sanders told the outlet. “We have created a culture in which people, if there is something that someone would like to raise, there are ways for them to do it. Whoever has something that they would like to collect, should raise it directly, “he said.


White House
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On the other hand, another report indicates that 44% of the employees in the White House belong to minorities and 60% of the total are women, reported this Thursday the presidential residence, which boasted of having almost completely cut the gender pay gap among your staff.

The White House published the salaries of all its employees and provided data on their composition in an annual report that must be submitted by law to Congress to promote transparency in its activities. Filed Under: Abuse of Kamala Harris


Abuse of Kamala Harris
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According to an analysis of that report that the White House shared with Efe, approximately 44% of those hired in the offices of the US President, Joe Biden, or the Vice President, Kamala Harris, “are part of racially or ethnically diverse communities.” like blacks or Latinos.

That proportion “exceeds” the percentage of workers belonging to minorities at the national level, which is 38.4% according to data from the US government, the analysis points out. Filed Under: Abuse of Kamala Harris


White House
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White House sources did not specify how many of their employees are Latino, although there are some in senior positions, such as the director of political strategy, Emmy Ruiz, or the deputy director of communication, Pili Tobar.

This is a much higher percentage than that of former President Barack Obama’s White House (2009-2017); in which first year only 21% of the workers belonged to minorities; and much more than that of Donald Trump (2017-2021), who barely had Latino or black advisers.



As for women, they make up 60% of the total of those hired in the White House, and 56% of those who occupy high positions in the environment of Biden or Harris, a group in which 36% belong to racial minorities or ethnic.

Female representation among the senior staff of the White House is much higher than that of Donald Trump – in 2017, only 17% of the members of that group were women – and Barack Obama, in which case the percentage was 34% in 2009, according to an analysis by the Brookings think tank.


Abuse of Kamala Harris
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The Biden White House also boasted that it had reduced to just 1% the wage gap between its female employees, who earn an average of $ 93,752 a year; and men, whose average annual salary is 94,639.

Meanwhile, in the Trump White House, women earned 37% less than men, and in Obama’s, they earned between 11 and 18% less, according to a 2017 analysis by the conservative think tank American Enterprise. Institute.

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