This is how Emma Coronel went from being a beauty queen to a ‘narco princess’

A journey through the life of the young wife of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Emma Coronel. She had barely come of age when she married t...

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  • A journey through the life of the young wife of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Emma Coronel.
  • She had barely come of age when she married the Mexican capo.
  • The life of luxury that Coronel lived ended abruptly when ‘El Chapo’ was captured.

A LIFE WITHOUT ‘SACRIFICE? Emma Coronel went from being a young beauty pageant contestant to becoming one of the most recognized ‘narco princesses’ worldwide. The young woman was only 17 years old when she met Joaquin Guzmán Loera and began a relationship with the man who was 34 years older.

In various interviews, the 31-year-old woman has confirmed how her love affair with the most recognized drug trafficker in Mexico began. But, after being arrested in the United States, the true role that ‘El Chapo’s wife‘ played in the Sinaloa Cartel and her participation with his escape from prison in Mexico have been made public.


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The media began to focus on Emma Coronel when her controversial marriage to Joaquín Guzmán Loera became known to the public. Colonel participated in the Coffee and Guava Festival in Mexico. She was only a 17-year old young woman, when she met ‘El Chapo’ and fell in love with the man, who was 51 years old at the time.

Sources say that Guzmán Loera noticed young beauty pageant contestant right away and negotiated with the judges so that the young woman won first place. From there, they began to be ‘friends’ and later they started a romantic relationship that ended in marriage. Although it’s a normal story, the strange thing was that it happened in less than a year.

Emma Coronel’s Luxurious Life: Did He Win Her Heart?

Emma Coronel Luxurious Life: Did You Conquer Her?
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In one of the interviews that attracted the most attention, the young woman stated that at first she was just Joaquín’s friend. Anyone would think that no one would believe that, but in an interview with the LA Times, ‘El Chapo’s wife stated that it all began in an “innocent” way and that no one had any problems with the marked difference in age.

“I would say that what convinced me was the way he spoke, how he treated me, the way we started to get along, first as friends and everything else came from there,” the woman said at the time. Emma Coronel never imagined that she would end up asking for clemency before a court in the United States to be able to see her daughters again. Filed Under: Emma Coronel Luxurious Life

Emma Coronel’s luxurious life: THE FUTURE QUEEN OF THE CARTEL?

Emma Coronel luxurious life: THE FUTURE QUEEN OF THE CARTEL?
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After marrying the Mexican capo in Durango, the young beauty queen’s life took a 180-degree turn and she had to adapt to her new life as “the princess of the cartel” as some called her. She was no longer just another girlfriend on the head of the Sinaloa Cartel’s list. Now she was intermingled in family businesses and ultimately became a fundamental part of it.

Emma Coronel, at 18, was already living in a world of luxury and wealth like no other, but she also faced the possibility of being murdered or arrested for maintaining such a close bond with one of the most wanted men in Mexico, and in the entire world. There Colonel’s real life would begin. Filed Under: Emma Coronel Luxurious Life

Emma Coronel’s luxurious life: Did she grow up in the drug world?

Emma Coronel luxurious life: Did you grow up in the drug world?
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One of the rumors that has drawn the most attention to the story of Emma Coronel is that the young woman came from a family where drug trafficking was normal. Some in the media have even claimed that her father, a farmer in the area, was dedicated to growing marijuana and opium poppies, while her uncle was drug trafficker Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, one of El Chapo’s most trusted men, according to The Sun.

Although it has never been confirmed, several sources have stated that Joaquín Guzmán Loera knew Emma Coronel from an earlier age and only waited for the right moment to approach the young woman when she was 17. The history of Coronel and ‘El Chapo’ is full of ups and downs and mysteries, which even time has shed more light on. Filed Under: Emma Coronel Luxurious Life

Emma Coronel’s luxurious life

Emma Coronel luxurious life: Coronel's luxuries?
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Shortly after the controversial marriage, controversial because of the great age difference and also because of the man she had married, Coronel garnered attention in 2011 when it was revealed that she had crossed the border to give birth to twins, Emaly Guadalupe and María Joaquina, in a US hospital.

After their birth, she lived like a billionaire. Year after year, she threw increasingly lavish birthday parties. One of the most recognized was the Barbie-themed party that cost half a million Mexican pesos, whose luxury was shared on social media. Filed Under: Emma Coronel Luxurious Life

Emma Coronel’s Lavish Life: Did She Become The Center Of Attention?

Emma Coronel Lavish Life: Did You Become The Center Of Attention?
Photo: Instagram

Luck would not always be on ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s side. His ‘hell’ begain in 2019, he was extradited to the United States and locked in a high security prison. After several arrest attempts and several escapes, there was no longer any way that he could evade the authorities and he finally had to pay for the crimes he had committed. Although it seemed to be the end of Guzmán, it was the beginning of a life where the cameras focused only on Emma Coronel.

Every week, Emma appeared before news cameras looking flawless. She did not mind all of the attention, rather she enjoyed it and allowed herself to be interviewed by various programs. She stated that she felt calm in the face of the questions and did not doubt her husband. She didn’t mind hearing the testimony of ‘El Chapo’s former partners and was proud to be his wife. And without anyone noticing, she took the reins of the narco kingdom. Filed Under: Emma Coronel Luxurious Life

From television figure to prison

From television figure to prison
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It was in that same year, when Emma Coronel attracted more media attention. She had agreed to participate in a VH1 reality show called “Cartel Crew”, where she filmed a scene with the son of a Colombian drug trafficker on a yacht. A year later, she would run fashion campaigns and become an well-known model.

It seemed that life was smiling on her until she was arrested for transporting drugs to American territory. She was detained in February at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, The Sun reported. Since that time, it has been a long few months where she has pleaded guilty to the charges and faced trial.

Did she ask for forgiveness?

Did you ask for forgiveness?
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After a couple of delays by the court, Emma Coronel’s sentence was finally announced. The 32-year-old woman became known after marrying Joaquín Guzmán Loera when she was 18. From that relationship, she gave birth to twins Emaly and Maria Joaquina. And it was for her daughters, that she apologized for the mistakes she made in the past and asked for mercy to not have to spend her whole life in prison.

The woman cooperated with the court and offered information about the criminal activities she committed while she was in constant contact with her husband and helped him to escape. Emma Coronel apologized for the illegal activities she had undertaken.

Did the judge give her a special message?

Did the judge give you a special message?
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After announcing the sentence that would condemn her to three years in prison, the judge talked with Emma Coronel for a few minutes and asked her not to involve her daughters in the same world of drug trafficking that she had grown up in. He wished her good luck and said goodbye to Coronel, spending time in prison and being separated from her twins would teach her a valuable lesson, according to The Associated Press.

“I wish you good luck,” Judge Contreras told the wife of “El Chapo” after pronouncing the sentence. “I hope you can raise your twins in a different environment. Good luck,” concluded the judge in front the jury and the media that were present. She only nodded, agreeing with the words that Judge Contreras dedicated to her.

What did Emma Coronel tell the judge?

Emma Coronel judge message: What did Emma Coronel say to the judge?
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According to Milenio Noticias, Emma Coronel dedicated a few words to the judge who was ruling on the case against her. The woman asked for forgiveness and for help to not leave her daughters without another parent. Furthermore, she asked not to be judged for being married to Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as ‘El Chapo’, but above all, she apologized for the damage she did to her family.

“With all due respect I address you, I want to express my sincere regret for the damage I may have caused. I apologize to the people of this country and since I am also an American, I feel even more ashamed. I know that it can be difficult for you to understand the fact that I am Joaquín Guzmán’s wife, and that’s why you feel like you have to be a little harder on me, but please don’t,” said the woman according to Milenio Noticias.

She apologized to her family

He apologized to his family
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In the middle of sentencing, Colonel apologized to her family and said that she was deeply ashamed of the actions she had taken that caused them pain. She said that her parents had taught her to take responsibility for her actions and therefore, she was apologizing for her illegal activities that included transporting drugs and helping her husband.

The suffering that I have caused my family due to this situation hurts a lot. My parents taught me gratitude and honesty, respect, but also to see my mistakes and take responsibility for them,” said Emma Coronel as reported by Milenio Noticias. After those statements, she begged for mercy for herself and her daughters.

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