Elizabeth City declares State of Emergency after policeman killed the African American Andrew Brown

Elizabeth City declares State of Emergency after a policeman killed the African American Andrew Brown Riots are expected after the releas...

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  • Elizabeth City declares State of Emergency after a policeman killed the African American Andrew Brown
  • Riots are expected after the release of body camera video
  • The case resembles those of George Floyd and Daunte Wright

Elizabeth City declares State of Emergency after a policeman killed the African American Andrew Brown. The North Carolina city is on alert this Monday as violent riots are expected after the release of the video of Andrew Brown’s death.

The video of the African American Andrew Brown’s death by police shooting last week has prompted this declaration of emergency. The mayor of this town of just over 17,000 inhabitants, Bettie Parker, offered a statement, according to Efe.

They fear violent protests over video of Andrew Brown’s death

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In the announcement, he said Elizabeth City officials anticipate “a period of civil unrest within the city following the public release of those images” regarding the shooting death of 42-year-old Andrew Brown at the hands of a police officer.

However, Elizabeth City authorities did not provide details of the shooting, but a witness said Brown was shot multiple times while trying to get away from the officers, according to local media. The officers were going to arrest him by court order when this incident occurred.

Police foresee riots after Andrew Brown’s death

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The Police, through various tweets, announced Monday the closure of the streets around the county courthouse and some major thoroughfares. Although the authorities have not given details on when the images will be published, it is expected that it will be after the relatives of the deceased see them.

Lawyer Chantel Cherry-Lassiter watched 20 seconds of the video with Andrew Brown Jr.’s family on Monday. The African-American did not appear to pose a threat to police officers when he tried to escape in his vehicle, Lassiter was quoted as saying by AP.

Video shows the death of Andrew Brown by a shot in the neck

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“In no way did he pose a threat to them,” he said at a press conference. When asked if Brown was shot from behind, attorney Harry Daniels replied, “Yes, in the back of the head.” Lassiter, watched the controversial video multiple times.

In addition, he took notes, and said that the video only shows the part of the shooting. He said he counted up to eight police officers in the video, some in tactical uniforms and others in civilian clothes. “They were shooting and saying ‘let me see your hands’ at the same time,” he commented.

They claim that the Elizabeth City police are trying to “hide something”

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Lawyers for the family also criticized local authorities for only showing 20 seconds of the video and only a body camera recording. “They’re trying to hide something,” attorney Benjamin Crump said, according to the AP.

Hours earlier, a search warrant was released that police officers obtained and brought them to the scene after investigators recorded Andrew Brown selling small amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine to an alleged informant.

They assure that they are ‘protecting’ themselves by not revealing the video

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Benjamin Crump argued that authorities were trying to spread negative information about Brown while protecting themselves by withholding the video. Andrew Brown’s death last Wednesday in Elizabeth City has sparked a series of protests.

In addition to requests that the video of the police body camera be publicly released and that civil rights defenders denounce that search warrants should not lead to deadly shootings. Radio communications and eyewitness reports had already indicated that Brown had been shot from behind while trying to escape, the AP said.

Family assures that it was an “execution”

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Authorities have released few details according to The Associated Press. The family of Andrew Brown, the African American who was killed by shots allegedly fired by several police officers in Elizabeth City in North Carolina last week, denounced this Monday that his death “was an execution.”

This was stated at a press conference by one of the family’s lawyers, Chantel Cherry-Lassiter, after Andrew Brown’s family had access to a 20-second video about his death, which has not yet been made public. .

He was killed from behind, according to relatives

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“Let’s be clear: that was an execution,” Cherry-Lassiter said on behalf of Brown’s family, who was 42 years old. According to his account, the images show how Brown was shot numerous times while sitting in his vehicle with his hands on the wheel, with no intention of “looking for or touching anything.”

After the first shots leading to the death of Andrew Brown, he reversed his car to get away from the local sheriff’s office, who fired repeatedly until the car hit a tree.

Seven officers suspended after death

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Until now, few details and no video about the incident have been published, although in an audio of moments after the shooting, employees of the emergency services can be heard saying that the man had gunshot wounds in the back, indicates Efe.

In addition, a copy of his death certificate, which was released Monday by various US media outlets, reveals that he died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head. As a result of the incident, the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office suspended seven officers implicated in Andrew Brown’s death this weekend.

Brown’s case recalls the Floyd and Adam Toledo case

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Given the possible disturbances that may occur when the video of Brown’s death is made public, the city of Elizabeth City declared a state of emergency on Monday. This situation comes less than a week after he pleaded guilty Derek Chauvin, for the death of George Floyd.

That incident, which was recorded by passersby, sparked a wave of social protests and civil unrest throughout the United States, Efe recalls. In recent weeks, several people have also died from the shooting of police officers.

Video of Andrew Brown’s death

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Brwon’s unfortunate death joins that of African Americans Daunte Wright, 20, in Brooklyn Center (Minnesota) and Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, in Ohio; and 13-year-old Hispanic Adam Toledo in Chicago, of which a controversial video.

One of Brown’s family’s lawyers, Ben Crump, lamented at a press conference that “the most dangerous person for a white police officer is an African-American man on the run. We are going to destroy this (police) system and we are going to reinvent what it should be, ”said Crump.

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