Eliezer Job Mendoza is accused of sexually abusing children from his own family

Eliezer Job Mendoza is accused of sexually abusing children from his own family Riverside, California man faces 20 sexual assault charges...

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  • Eliezer Job Mendoza is accused of sexually abusing children from his own family
  • Riverside, California man faces 20 sexual assault charges
  • The Hispanic man was apprehended thanks to the complaint of one of his victims

Eliezer Job Mendoza is accused of sexually abusing children from his own family, the man from Riverside, California faces at least 20 criminal charges. The Hispanic man was apprehended thanks to the complaint of one of his victims

Eliezer Job Mendoza is accused of alleged sexual abuse of minors under the age of 10, over the course of 12 years, as was revealed by the Riverside Police Department in an official statement distributed on Facebook last Friday and shared by The opinion.

Eliezer Job Mendoza arrested for child abuse

Eliezer Job Mendoza, sexual assaults
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Mendoza, 45, was “located and arrested in the 7400 block of Mt. Vernon Street in Riverside. Later he was admitted to the Robert Presley Detention Center, where he is currently being held on a bond of 3 million dollars, ”the publication said.

The authorities also detailed that this investigation “began earlier this month when a female victim came forward to report that she had been sexually assaulted by Mr. Mendoza since 2010,” however, case it would include more victims.

Find more victims of Eliezer Job Mendoza

Eliezer Job Mendoza, sexual assaults
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“Detectives learned of the existence of four other female victims who were also attacked by Mr. Mendoza when they were minors,” says the Riverside Police Department’s Facebook post, after which the authorities continued with the investigation.

In addition, “they developed probable cause to arrest Mr. Mendoza,” the Riverside Police Department noted. Eliezer Job Mendoza’s arrest was recorded on April 16, 201 with the support of the West Post-Liberation Accountability and Compliance Team (PACT).

They detail when the alleged sexual assaults occurred

Eliezer Job Mendoza, sexual assaults
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Following the arrest, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office “has filed 20 charges of lewd acts against a minor under 10 against Mr. Mendoza,” according to the statement. The authorities also indicated when these alleged abuses occurred.

“The alleged sexual assaults against these minors occurred between 2004 and 2016 in the houses where Mr. Mendoza lived in the 5300 block of El Molino Avenue and the 5600 block of Arlington Avenue,” the authorities’ announcement highlights.

Victims include family and friends of Eliezer Job Mendoza

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Authorities also revealed that Eliezer Job Mendoza’s victims also included members of his own family and young family friends. These victims lived in nearby areas, according to the statement.

However, that is not all, as the Riverside Police Department believes there may be additional victims who have not yet filed a complaint. The authorities also requested the support of anyone with additional information.

They fear there will be more victims

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To release any information on this case, the Riverside Police Department asked to contact Christi Arnold at (951) 353-7945 or CArnold@RiversideCA.gov, according to the publication in Facebook. The Eliezer Job Mendoza case has shocked the Hispanic community.

Unfortunately, it is not the only case of a Hispanic accused of multiple sexual assaults. Recently, North Carolina authorities confirmed that they had filed more than 50 charges against, Oscar Vera Jimenez a Hispanic pastor.

Hispanic pastor charged with sexual assault

Eliezer Job Mendoza, sexual assaults

The subject known as Óscar Vera Jiménez, 53, was detained since last weekend after being accused of abusing a minor, but several other children gave their testimony against him, also for alleged sexual abuse said Siler City Police Chief Mike Wagner.

“There are several victims and Jiménez faces between 50 and 60 charges” for child abuse, kidnapping and assault, among others, said Chief Wagner, who indicated that the ‘pastor’, whose congregation was not disclosed, took advantage of his position to be able to touching minors.

More than 50 charges fall for sexual assault


At this time the alleged pastor, Óscar Vera Jiménez, is being held in the Chatham County detention center, where he was presented with more than 50 charges against him and with a bail of half a million dollars, according to the police chief.

According to versions of the Siler City authorities, the first case of rape on the part of the alleged father, occurred about 50 miles west of Raleigh, where a minor who was the first victim, for which he is accused, was sexually abused repeatedly over the course of a month.

Victims of your own congregation


The local media Chatham News Record reported that, according to the North Carolina Secretary of State, Jiménez registered the Holy Spirit Pentecostal Church of Siler City in April 2016. Since then the terrible acts that this subject carried out to the kids.

The Hispanic ‘pastor’ is also accused of sexually assaulting at least two minors from his own congregation, and now faces more than 50 charges against him. This is one of several cases for which he is currently being detained, according to the Police Department.

Alleged sexual assaults included minors


The detained subject, 53, was arrested since last weekend, his abuses were carried out in a period of a month, initially he was accused of 10 counts of kidnapping in the first degree, another 10 of indecent liberties with a child, also He had nine charges of sexual assault and five of legal sexual crime with a minor, according to the news portal.

The first charges stemmed from an investigation that began April 10 after a minor was reportedly sexually assaulted. Siler City Police Department Detective Jonathan Murray said it was a woman who contacted the police who was concerned about her daughter, as she was a member of the Holy Spirit Pentecost Church.

Hispanic pastor arrested

After several investigations, they concluded that the pastor of that church sexually assaulted the little girl on several occasions. Siler City Police Department spokesman Lt. Jason Boyd said all the allegations were made since December 2020.

On April 15, the police authorities discovered a second minor victim. The Hispanic pastor was also charged with one count of armed robbery, but is also charged with kidnapping in the first degree for which he was awarded another 20 counts, and 24 of indecent liberties with a minor, along with 24 other counts of sexual assault.

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