El Brujo Mayor reveals the truth about Enrique Guzmán

El Brujo Mayor spoke about the controversial Guzmán family. He claims that Enrique Guzmán “acted with a dirty mind”. His card...

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  • El Brujo Mayor spoke about the controversial Guzmán family.
  • He claims that Enrique Guzmán “acted with a dirty mind”.
  • His cards announced that other women will come out to accuse the singer.

The controversy in the Guzmán family is still a hot topic, since the explosive accusations that Frida Sofía launched against her grandfather Enrique Guzmán, whom she accused of groping her when she was just 5 years old, continue to give place to strong revelations.

And now in the El Gordo y La Flaca show, El Brujo Mayor read his cards and spoke about Frida Sofía, Alejandra and Enrique Guzmán, making shocking revelations about the latter, as he said that the Mexican singer “acted with a dirty mind.”

Enrique Guzmán letters: There will be more accusations

El Brujo Mayor reveals the truth about Enrique Guzmán letters
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In the video that the entertainment program uploaded to his official Instagram account, El Brujo Mayor released the following confessions: “I feel that he did act with respect, with a filthy mind, with an ugly mind, and we are going to find that other women come out. that say exactly the same thing ”. WATCH VIDEO HERE

“I believe that he has sinned from machismo, I believe that all men are male by birth, but I believe that this has passed his hand in the last year, his hands are tied by a snake, the snake always represents evil, he’s finished, he doesn’t know what to do ”, narrated El Brujo Mayor.

Enrique Guzmán letters: “She is a totally unbalanced woman”

El Brujo Mayor reveals the truth about Enrique Guzmán letters
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Through his letters, El Brujo Mayor was able to see how the singer is currently after the legal and family situation that he is experiencing due to the statements of his granddaughter Frida Sofía. “(Enrique Guzmán) … I would like to go back in time, and tell people I didn’t go.”

About his daughter, the rocker Alejandra Guzmán, El Brujo Mayor also spoke: “She is a totally unbalanced woman, a woman totally without correct thinking, a woman who does not know where she is going or what she wants, she has to continue in the artistic environment because she is the only thing he knows how to do… ”.

Enrique Guzmán letters: Unreliable

El Brujo Mayor reveals the truth about Enrique Guzmán letters
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But the letters also spoke of another member of the controversial Guzmán family, the woman who sparked all the controversy, Frida Sofía, of whom El Brujo Mayor said: to 10 years, he is not responsible for what they do to him… ”.

However, as reported by El Gordo and La Flaca, we should not rely much on the statements of Enrique, Alejandra and Frida Sofía, since “they are very complex personalities and not completely trustworthy”, so the authorities will be in charge of giving the final verdict on the controversial case.

Enrique Guzmán letters: He assures that Frida is very hurt with Alejandra

El Brujo Mayor reveals the truth about Enrique Guzmán letters
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To close the subject, El Brujo Mayor assured that, according to the letters, it is not very clear whether there will be reconciliation between Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía. “No, maybe one day they will meet there, at a party or a meeting or with their grandmother, but they do not return, Frida is very hurt because she also lived with Alejandra many things“.

But while everything comes to an end, the one who seems to be willing to reach the last legal consequences is Enrique Guzmán, who has publicly declared: “I’m just going to tell you one thing: I’m going with everything, whoever falls, that girl doesn’t know gets away with it ”.

Enrique Guzmán letters: “I have a lot of courage with many people …”

El Brujo Mayor reveals the truth about Enrique Guzmán letters
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The singer confessed that he is very angry with many people who “lie to him” because they think he is “a pig”: “There are many people who annoy me a lot by telling me nonsense when this has never happened,” said Enrique Guzmán referring to the accusations of Frida Sofía. (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

After she gave an interview to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, where she revealed the bad moments that happened in her childhood because of her grandfather Enrique Guzmán, Frida Sofía has been involved in an exchange of accusations with the singer.

“He will end up in jail”

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When the singer Enrique Guzmán went to court, he attended the media and assured them that every day he speaks with his daughter Alejandra Guzmán, he also expressed that all this has been “inventions” on the part of his granddaughter, in addition to ratifying the complaint against him for moral damage: “He will end up in jail,” he emphasized.

The interpreter of “La Plaga” also sued the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, to whom Frida Sofía granted the interview where she revealed the alleged abuse of her grandfather, and according to the communicator, the complaint that the singer put in his against was inadmissible for lack of evidence.

Guzmán says his daughter does not want to know anything about Frida

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On the other hand, in an interview that he gave to the journalist Aurora Valle, and that is available on the official YouTube channel of the Hoy program, the singer Enrique Guzmán assured that his daughter Alejandra Guzmán no longer wants to know anything about Frida Sofía.

In addition, he shared that on one occasion he called his granddaughter and told her that all his cousins ​​were around to greet them, but that “no one talks to anyone anymore.” He asked him if Alejandra Guzmán had done something to him and he replied that she “was no longer his mother.”

He claimed that his granddaughter threatened them

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“It is Alejandra Guzmán that I am going to sink and you too,” said Enrique Guzmán, who his granddaughter told him on that occasion, which took him by surprise, since he was a mediator in the bad relationship that existed since then between Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía.

And about his decision to take this case to court, the singer assured that his daughter claimed him for not having done it before: “So I said ok, then I go with everything and I went and drew a record against her (Frida Sofía), against Gustavo Adolfo Infante (who interviewed the young woman) and against those who are responsible ”.

“Dad, do whatever”

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“I don’t put the brakes on anymore because Alejandra gave me permission and Alejandra told me: ‘do it, dad, because I couldn’t do it alone.’ He does not have any more daughters, he does not want to know more, but he does not want to declare because she is his mother ”, expressed Enrique Guzmán.

“He no longer wants to know anything about the girl, so he told me: ‘Dad, do whatever it takes, defend yourself as you can, I don’t want to know anything more about that girl.’ Luis Enrique (his son) is the most angry of all, that is why I did not name him as a witness in what is going to be investigated in court ”.

He will find a way to show that Frida Sofía is a “motherfucker …”

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Almost to end this interview, the rocker assured that he no longer loves his granddaughter, and that today, as he can, he will find a way to show that he is a “daughter of a whore …”: “Look how difficult it is to tell him that She is a daughter of a whore… my daughter’s daughter ”.

When asked if Frida Sofía is lying, the singer was blunt in answering that “totally”: “I have had my brain sick and I cannot imagine it. They all say that we must defend the poor girl, some do not, I have received very encouraging messages from many people and one or another very well placed mention ”.

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