After rumors of infidelity, Edwin Luna ‘enters’ la Casa de los Famosos (VIDEO)

Tired of being called a ‘cuckold’? Edwin Luna ‘enters’ La Casa de los Famosos. Will he mark his territory over hi...

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  • Tired of being called a ‘cuckold’?
  • Edwin Luna ‘enters’ La Casa de los Famosos.
  • Will he mark his territory over his wife Kimberly Flores?

One week after the eyes of the world fell on Kimberly Flores, Edwin Luna’s wife, for flirting with an actor in La Casa de los Famosos, a Telemundo reality show, now the vocalist of ‘la Trakalosa’, who has been called a ‘cuckold’, reacts and is he going to defend what’s his?

Through scenes from the reality show La Casa de los Famosos, Kimberly Flores, Edwin Luna’s wife, with whom he has several children, seemed to be very close to an actor who kissed her on the cheek and with whom she played and laughed a lot, which made her be heavily criticized for her behavior.

Edwin Luna, is he going to go to La Casa de los Famosos to defend his love for Kimberly Flores?

Kimberly Flores The House of the Famous
Instagram: Edwin Luna

After these moments, social networks ignited the controversy because Edwin Luna was ‘staying as a cuckold’ in his life while taking care of his children and Kimberly Flores was in the House of the Famous with his ‘alleged infidelity’, but could it be that the singer got tired and decided to enter to mark territory?

Through his Instagram account, Edwin Luna published a video where he makes the description quite clear: “I went to go to the house of the famous hehehe”, accompanied by some emojis and an ‘I love you’ for Kimberly Flores, with whom clearly not annoyed by her behavior.

Kimberly Flores revealed something about her husband Edwin Luna

Edwin Luna The House of the Famous

However, Edwin Luna will not leave his children to enter La Casa de los Famosos, since he only ‘made an appearance’ through his wife Kimberly Flores and a revealing conversation with one of his companions to whom he showed them a garment special.

“We loaded these in Dubai, they sent us to make a lot of clothes like this, a designer who is our godmother to carry them on the road, that is, on the trip … look at this”, was what Kimberly Flores said and then showed a species of blanket with a very hugged photo of Edwin Luna.

Edwin Luna made an ‘appearance’ at La Casa de los Famosos

Kimberly flowers

At the moment when Kimberly Flores showed the ‘special’ blanket she had ordered, the word LOVE can be read in a photo where she hugs Edwin Luna and one of the companions tells her that she already thinks she recognizes her partner without knowing still his name, but he claims to ‘locate’ him.

“Look at this go … oh how beautiful … oh I know who he is … my husband … do you know who he is? Well, yes, I didn’t know the name, but I did locate it… ”, the talk is heard between Kimberly and two of the roommates who are excited when they meet Edwin Luna; Then he adds: “But I say, if I keep it, won’t they scold me? Because you can’t have photos… what do I do? Boss, can I keep it? Boss, can I keep this sheet? ”Asks the brunette.

“Can I stay with my husband?” Says Kimberly Flores

Edwin Luna to The House of the Famous

And Kimberly Flores was insistent: “Boss, can I stay with my husband? Let me know, I’m going to leave it here while you think about it… ”, he ended by showing the camera his sheet .. but in the video uploaded by Edwin Luna, the people were not very friendly and the critics again appeared and mockingly commented:

“Love my king a little bit”, “Cuernudo”, “They see you even in Cancun”, “Go at last your husband comes out well”, “He doesn’t even know how to remedy the evil that and so but anyway”, “Until Now the fox remembered … she has a husband … but when she was looking at Roberto’s chili nor the blanket she remembered “,” What can be expected if where do I get it from hahaha badly grateful “, they commented.

Kimberly Flores makes controversy in La Casa de los Famosos

Kimberly Flores Edwin Luna House of the Famous

A few days after the Telemundo reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ began, where several celebrities are giving something to talk about, Edwin Luna’s wife, the Guatemalan Kimberly Flores, is accused of infidelity with the actor Roberto Romano with Who is very ‘close’ and that is why the comments against the brunette’s husband have not been very ‘kind’, calling him a cuckold.

Now, Edwin Luna ‘reappears’ in an Instagram video where instead of answering the offenses that his wife Kimberly Flores is in infidelity, he claims to be a ‘struggling’ father taking care of his children and personal activities while his wife is locked in the reality show. (HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE MOMENT)

Edwin Luna boasts his life ‘without his wife’ Kimberly Flores

Edwin Luna wife

While in the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, Kimberly Flores, wife of Edwin Luna behaves very flirtatious and ‘close’ to the actor Roberto Romano in front of the people of thousands of people, the singer of the Trakalosa, struggles to get Advance your children with your chores, as well as working on your body and music.

Since the behavior of his wife Kimberly Flores began, Edwin Luna’s Instagram has received endless mockery and offenses questioning him about what he felt that the brunette was ‘unfaithful’, however, the singer had remained ‘silent’, but that changed with a video he shared.

Edwin Luna confesses that it has not been easy to be without his wife Kimberly Flores

Edwin Luna cuckold

Through his Instagram account, Edwin Luna uploaded a 5-minute video where you can see how his life is now that his wife Kimberly Flores is on the Telemundo reality show and he had no choice but to take over the house and his work as a dad.

“Well, today is the first day in which my wife is no longer with us at home, I have to do all the activities of the day … as I have to complement myself with my wife’s part and mine I have to be more active from earlier, but he’s cool… ”, Edwin Luna began.

Kimberly Flores in infidelity? The singer confesses what his wife told him before going to the reality show

Kimberly flowers infidelity

But as if she already ‘knew’ what was going to happen, Kimberly Flores said some things to Edwin Luna before entering ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and he confessed: “When he left, she had the doubt that if I was going to be able to do everything, I wasn’t going to get stressed and others, I hope not, today is the first day, I hope you enjoy it with me, “said the singer while you could see how he trained in the gym early.

“Already being in the gym, I realized something that my wife said ‘that I was going to miss her’ in every way and in the gym, yes, because between the two of us we complement each other, when we are tired she tells me ‘give her all your desire Come on ‘, even so we’re tired, we went to partying the day before and today being alone is a bit complicated, boring, “said the singer while the images appeared tired in the gym.

“I already felt like going home,” said Edwin Luna.

Edwin Luna wife Kimberly Flores infidelity

The singer did not have a ‘so good time’ on the first day without his wife Kimberly Flores in front of his house and confessed: “Being there (at the gym) made me want to go home” … To later tell that he had to speed up his training routine because he had to go home early with his kids …

“Today, Daniel has his first interaction with the school, today and tomorrow he has to be in school tradition, but he had to get me up before 6 o’clock to be in the gym at 6 o’clock, finish, return and be with daddy, have breakfast and after 9 o’clock, stop by my friend Rubén to go to the studio to produce a song… ”, said the singer.

He asked his followers for advice on how to make him in his ‘new life’ does the alleged infidelity of Kimberly Flores hurt him?

Edwin Luna educating his children

But Edwin Luna also questioned his followers who are parents about the behavior of their actions when they are in a situation like his, not because of the alleged infidelity of Kimberly Flores, but because they have to take care of themselves. of certain activities or of everything in the house.

“I want to know one thing, if you there at home, if on any occasion, both the woman and the man have had that kind of thing that I understand, there are many single parents but if it has touched them like me, because When one is alone, you get used to it at the beginning, but in the case of us, we are used to doing things divided, when suddenly one needs to re-accommodate ourselves, the agenda and our activities, like me, for example, they never I make breakfast and right now I have to go to make them or dress them… how do you do it? ”he assured. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT EDWIN LUNA SAID

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