Eduardo Palomo’s son stuns everyone with his uncanny resemblance to his father (VIDEO)

Eduardo Palomo’s son stuns everyone. Has the actor been reincarnated in his son Luca? The young man is already 22 years old and is ...

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  • Eduardo Palomo’s son stuns everyone.
  • Has the actor been reincarnated in his son Luca?
  • The young man is already 22 years old and is now dedicated to a music career.

In a video shared by Univision’s Instagram, you can see how the son of Eduardo Palomo has changed. The legendary actor was known for roles on soap operas such as Corazón Salvaje, Alcanzar Una Estrella II and Ramona. Sadly, Palomo’s career came to an end with his unexpected death in 2003.

And it seems that Eduardo Palomo, who died of cardiac arrest at the height of his career, has been reincarnated in his son Luca, due to the incredible physical resemblance that the 22-year-old bears with his father who marked an entire era in Mexican soap operas.

Eduardo Palomo’s son reappears and he looks spectacular

Eduardo Palomo son
Instagram: Univision Famous

Juan del Diablo, the role that made him world famous, helped Eduardo Palomo win over everyone with his good looks and characteristic long hair, not to mention his manly figure and his gorgeous eyes. Now his son Luca, who is trying to make a name for himself in the world of music, is getting the same reaction.

In a compilation video on the Univisión Famosos page, you can see how Luca Palomo Ricco looks exactly like his father with that pronounced nose and even the late actor’s long hair, which has amazed viewers.

Eduardo Palomo’s son wants to be a singer

Identical Luca

Eduardo Palomo died in 2003 when his children Luca and Fiona were five and three years old respectively. This devastated Carina Ricco, his widow, who is also an actress and singer who gathered the necessary strength to recover from the devastating blow and managed to raise her children on her own.

Luca Palomo Ricco has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and, in addition to posting photos in which he looks identical to his father Eduardo Palomo, he shares his songs, as he embarks on a musical career that is taking off little by little based on his talent and effort.

What do people think about Luca Palomo?

Luca son of Eduardo Palomo

Does he look like him or not? The comments about Eduardo Palomo’s son poured in and many people think that Luca doesn’t resemble the actor that much, but rather he looks like his mother Carina Ricco: “Oh please! That boy doesn’t look like his dad at all.” “He looks more like his mother.” “He doesn’t look like him at all.” “He looks like his mom.” “He is the same as his mom.”

“Wow, his clone.” “He doesn’t look alike, you don’t have to say he looks like him when it’s not true, he doesn’t need to look like his dad to be successful, he will do it for himself, my best wishes!!” “He has a resemblance to his father and also to his mother,” people commented.

The night of Eduardo Palomo’s death

Family of the late actor

The fateful night that Eduardo Palomo died was November 6, 2003 when the actor was having dinner with film director Sergio Arau, actor Edward James Olmos, as well as with Yareli Arismendi after seeing a movie at the Latin American Film Festival, never imagining that those would be his last moments.

During the evening, someone made a joke and everyone began to laugh, but suddenly Eduardo Palomo passed out. However, he had actually suffered a cardiac arrest. When they couldn’t revive him, they called the paramedics and he woke up, but he was gasping for air because he could not breathe… he suffered from heart disease that ended up taking his life 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

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