Edna Schmidt’s video in which she recognizes everything she lost due to an addiction resurfaces (VIDEO)

Video of the day in which journalist Edna Schmidt admits that she lost her career because of alcoholism resurfaces. After the news of her...

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  • Video of the day in which journalist Edna Schmidt admits that she lost her career because of alcoholism resurfaces.
  • After the news of her death, users criticize companies where she worked for not helping her.
  • She acknowledged that she went to work drunk and that is why she lost her career.

Video of the day when Edna Schmidt, a Univision journalist, admitted that she lost her career because of alcoholism resurfaces, showing an interview she gave to that channel and that was posted on the Youtube platform.

The talented Hispanic journalist worked for networks such as Univisión and Telemundo and after the news of her death, users of social networks criticize the companies for not helping her when she needed it most.


Edna schmidt
Youtube Photo

In the interview for that television station, the communicator Edna Schmidt begins to talk about alcoholism in her personal and professional life, with a regret on her face, which was evident and caused a commotion among all the viewers who witnessed it.

Today, after her death, this video continues to ‘set’ fire to the wood, since many people consider that she could get ahead if she had had the support of more people and the company itself, so here is the material.


The journalist begins by explaining that “I am going to the city of Miami at the beginning of 2002 and the following month my boyfriend followed me at that time, promised. I left for Puerto Rico on January 1 with the intention of returning on January 4 ”.

And he added: “On January 3 his mother called me who was visiting Miami, but she didn’t want to tell me by phone what had happened, but I already knew, I was crying like hysterical, because she told me something has happened, there has been an accident”.


Edna schmidt
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Then the mother told him: “There is an emergency with David, I need you to come back, and well what happened was that he passed away on January 3 and that affected me in many ways, I did not take antidepressants, but I took refuge in alcohol.”

Then he explained: “There are really hard days that one comes home, uff, the first thing I want is to take off my shoes and make-up, my favorite substance was always white wine and I would come and sit down to watch television and drink easily one or two bottles of wine ”. To see the video click here.


Youtube Photo

In her statements Edna Schmidt confessed everything she did for alcoholism: “It kept climbing until sometimes I would drink three bottles of wine alone. I thought he was hiding it very well, but that is silly because the alcoholic thinks that he is hiding it very well, but the people around him realize it ”.

Here when he confesses everything he lost because of alcohol, including his commitment: “It’s over and you know why? Because of the alcohol, because he couldn’t take it anymore, because he did try to help me. We went to see a specialist in Miami who does nothing else. ”


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She confessed that when she went for help: “At that time I was still not ready to solve my addiction, that is, I did not recognize it, I was in denial. When they diagnosed me as an alcoholic, after my first treatment, and they left me in a hospital in South Miami to detoxify, I didn’t want to stay ”.

“It was the worst four days of my life, I was so depressed, by that point I was ruining my career. I started drinking, I had to get up very early to go to ground zero in New York and it was obvious that I had drunk ”.


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After seeing the video, people began to comment, send condolences, acknowledge her career and even some took the opportunity to criticize that they did not support her to get ahead of her addiction to alcoholism, which made her lose many things.

“A very good journalist in Chicago, very loved and admired by the Puerto Rican and Mexican community, is something very unexpected. Rest in Peace the great Edna, applause to heaven ”,“ I miss her voice on Univision, a very good host ”. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt


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Then some people admired her strength: “This woman was very beautiful and has a beautiful voice”, “Rest Edna, you are with God. My favorite journalist, “Rest in peace, beautiful, very good presenter, pretty.”

“Poor! I hardly heard of his death. He was very young! 51 years old! A whole life ahead, but God called her into his presence. Rest in Peace ”,“ waoo how he aged was one of my favorites, I hope he returns soon and leaves his addictions, more people said. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt


Edna schmidt
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At Univisión Edna Schmidt was recognized when she was presenter of the segment “Noticias al minute”. Throughout her career she was involved in several controversial situations, Schmidt was a renowned reporter who some years ago denounced that she received bad treatment for several years.

The above, while she was working and when she was fired by the Univision network. Hence, user reviews have not been long in coming. “When someone dies they all say it was good, but let’s see if they helped her when she needed it … so don’t be hypocrites,” commented an Instagram user. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt


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Some even ‘blamed’ the Hispanic news network for the death of the renowned journalist. “She did not withdraw, they took her out and from there came her depressions”, “it is sad that according to many now they say they are sad about her departure but how many of them at the time were with her accompanying her oh helping her like that it has been 5 minutes I do not think that there have been many ”, they commented.

Edna Schmidt began her career as a journalist in her native country, Puerto Rico, when she was still very young, then she decided to move to the United States, to continue her profession, and she did it in a great way working for the two most popular networks for Hispanics in the country. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt


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One of the celebrities who seems to have suffered the most this terrible loss is the journalist María Elena Salinas, who was a great friend of Schmidt, and who on her Instagram profile shared an image where she appears with the deceased giving the last goodbye to her friend.

However, it was not spared from criticism. “Now they all claim to be her friends but in reality they cared to ask her, how was she doing, how did she feel? Many people claim to be her friends when things like this happen. . Remember people that a friend is in good times and in bad times ”,“ she also dies of a broken heart, may she rest in peace ”, they commented. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt

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