Edgardo del Villar’s wife appears very happy and well accompanied weeks after the death of the driver (PHOTOS)

FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Edgardo del Villar’s wife appears smiling in a photograph after weeks of his death
  • Followers affirm that women deserve to be happy after so much sadness
  • Carolina Novoa tells how the last moments of the driver were

Edgardo del Villar’s wife, Carolina Novoa, smiles again in photography after a few weeks ago, unfortunately, her husband, the driver of Telemundo because of brain cancer.

It was last December when the chain Telemundo and the universe of the show was dyed black when it was learned that unfortunately the driver from the United States, Edgardo del Villar, died after several weeks of fighting a cancer located in his brain.

After this, many personalities from the middle of the show in general joined in prayers to the conductor and of course for his family, who had participated in various productions such as: Al Rojo Vivo and a new day.

wife Edgardo smile photography

PHOTO: Instagram. Carolina novoa

After several months of sadness and regret, his wife Carolina Novoa, who accompanied him in his last days, smiled again and through some photos shared on social networks, the woman thanked her friends for the moments of happiness.

The wife of the driver Edgardo del Villar, surprised his more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram by sharing some photographs where the woman finally smiles at life again after the death from her husband.

In the snapshot, two photographs can be seen, where Carolina Novoa appears next to her friends Lina Polania and Fiorella Solines Zea, while they were visiting the streets and New York bridges, we also see how Carolina seemed to smile after several months of mourning the death of her great love, the driver Edgardo del Villar.

Edgardo del Villar

PHOTO: Instagram. Carolina novoa

At the bottom of the images, Edgardo’s wife thanked her friends for these beautiful moments, which made her smile in the photographs: “What I value the most in this life is that they make me laugh, precious thanks for these beautiful moments @ linapolania @ fiorellasolines.

You can see the photograph of Edgardo del Villar’s wife smiling again after weeks of the driver’s death here.

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