ECLAC asks Latin America to unite for vaccines against rich countries

ECLAC asks Latin America to unite for vaccines to help those countries that don’t have access to vaccines against COVID. Unicef ​​m...

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  • ECLAC asks Latin America to unite for vaccines to help those countries that don’t have access to vaccines against COVID.
  • Unicef ​​members ask countries that have access to the vaccine to donate to those that don’t.
  • COVID is attacking New York again.

Mexico City, Jul 25 (EFE News).- Alicia Bárcena, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), asked the region this Sunday to unite for access to COVID-19 vaccines with a common goal against rich countries. “We live in a very divided world with respect to developed and developing countries, so we have to unite to seek joint positions in vaccines, medicines, without a doubt, in the manufacture and production of these products in the region”, she said.

Bárcena made these statements in a video shared by the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) of Mexico, which on Saturday chaired a face-to-face summit with representatives from 32 countries of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. The countries agreed to fight for access to vaccines for the region, one of the most affected by covid-19, with more than 40 million cases and close to 1.35 million deaths.

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Vaccine for coronavirus

In contrast, only slightly more than one in 10 Latin Americans is fully vaccinated, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). “I believe that a much more unified response from our region (is necessary) at a time as difficult as the pandemic we are facing, there are more and more delicate global asymmetries,” said the head of ECLAC. Bárcena, of Mexican origin, described as “successful” and “spectacular” the pro tempore presidency of Mexico in Celac, which had lost momentum due to the ideological differences of the continent, as reflected by the departure of the largest country in the region, Brazil. in 2020.

For this reason, he highlighted the progress of regional integration and of “concrete things” such as aerospace cooperation and a common fund for natural disasters. Even so, he urged to carry out more joint projects, such as the manufacture of medical supplies against covid-19 and the development of own vaccines “based on regional value chains.” “And of course having a common voice on climate change, on financing for development, most of our countries are middle-income and do not have access to concessional funds,” he urged. The Celac meeting took place in the Chapultepec Castle with the aim of managing more drugs for the region and arriving with a common position at the G20 meeting, which will be in October. EFE News

Thirty UNICEF ambassadors ask the G7 to donate covid vaccines


New York, Jun 8 (EFE News) .- Some thirty UNICEF goodwill ambassadors, including pilot Fernando Alonso, former soccer player David Beckam or singer Billie Eilish, asked the leaders of the G7 countries that donate coronavirus vaccines to the poorest countries. “The world has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for a year and a half, but the virus it is still spreading in many countries and producing new variants with the potential that we all return to the starting point ”, says a letter signed by 28 personalities from different artistic and sports disciplines.

For the UNICEF ambassadors “this means more school closings, more interruptions in medical care and greater economic consequences, which threatens the future of families and children everywhere.” The signatories are Ramla Ali, Fernando Alonso, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, José Manuel Calderón, Sofia Carson, Gemma Chan, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Olivia Colman, Billie Eilish, Pau Gasol, Whoopi Goldberg, David Harewood, Chris Hoy, Angelique Kidjo, Téa Leoni, Lucy Liu and Juan Manuel López Iturriaga.

You need to be united to defeat the coronavirus

United we can stop the coronavirus

Also signed were Ewan McGregor, Alyssa Milano, Andy Murray, Liam Neeson, Liam Payne, Katy Perry, Sergio Ramos, Claudia Schiffer, Teresa Viejo and Pink. All of them urge the heads of state of the G7 countries, who will meet between June 11 and 13 in Cornwall (United Kingdom), to guarantee a “fair and equitable supply” of vaccines to income countries low and medium. The G7 meeting will bring together the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan, and will facilitate bilateral meetings such as the one scheduled between French President Emmanuel Macron and his American counterpart, Joe Biden.

“The pandemic will not end anywhere until it has ended everywhere, and that means getting vaccines to all countries, as quickly and equitably as possible. This weekend’s G7 Summit is a vital opportunity for you to agree on actions that will take vaccines where they are most needed and quickly, ”the document reads. Unicef ​​estimates that the G7 countries will soon have enough doses to donate 20% of their vaccines between June and August, which would represent a total of 150 million doses, without this translating into a “significant delay” in their plans for vaccination. vaccination of its adult population. “We ask that you make these urgent donations before August and establish a roadmap to increase donations as supplies increase,” underscore the signatories, who conclude the note with a shout: “DONATE 20% OF VACCINES AVAILABLE. PROTECT US ALL. DONATE DOSE NOW ”. EFE News

Covid-19 cases rise in New York, which seeks to speed up vaccination


New York, Jul 14 (EFE News) .- Although they remain at relatively low levels, the cases of covid-19 have begun to rise again in New York with the advance of the delta variant, while the authorities locals try to get more people to get vaccinated. In recent days, the Big Apple registered several days with more than 400 cases, well above the around 200 that were being seen recently.

The positive test rate, meanwhile, has gone from approximately 0.5% to around 1.3%, leaving the average for the last month at 0.9%. The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, assured this Wednesday that these figures are being monitored, but for the moment ruled out the reimposition of restrictions, noting that hospitalizations and deaths remain at minimum levels.

New York reports increases in covid

A coronavirus test

In the last 7 days, the average number of daily hospitalizations is 17 and the number of deaths is 3. The priority right now, De Blasio insisted at a press conference, is to keep the vaccination campaign moving forward as quickly as possible, given that people who have not been immunized are by far the most at risk.

In that sense, the New York Health Commissioner, Dave Chokshi, assured this Wednesday that if you can talk about an outbreak, it is currently an outbreak among unvaccinated people. Thus, he highlighted that during the last months more than 98% of the cases, hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 in the city have been of people who had not completed the vaccination.

Deaths averted


The New York authorities put on the table this Wednesday a new study prepared by Yale University that, using a projection system, estimates that the vaccination campaign has saved more than 8,300 lives in the Big Apple during the last 6 months. According to that analysis, the injections have also prevented more than 44,000 hospitalizations and a quarter of a million cases in a city of about 8.5 million people.

So far, more than 9.6 million doses have been administered in New York, which has allowed almost 64% of the adult population to have completed the vaccination schedule, according to official data. The percentage, which drops to 52% if minors are also taken into account, varies significantly from one area of ​​the city to another, which has recently led the authorities to reinforce their efforts in districts such as Staten Island, which they are well below the average and where more infections are being registered.

The delta variant


Today, municipal representatives assured that they plan to reinforce the incentives offered to residents to get vaccinated and awareness campaigns. In this sense, Chokshi insisted that, even with the new variants, a person who has completed the vaccination has a very high level of protection against the disease and, above all, against serious cases that require hospitalization.

Cases among those vaccinated, he stressed, are somewhat more numerous with the delta variant, but they are still very rare and, when they occur, generally lead to mild symptoms. New York was one of the great global epicenters of covid-19 in the early stages of the pandemic and between late 2020 and early 2021 it suffered a significant second wave of infections. In total, the disease has killed more than 33,000 people in the city, according to official data. EFE News

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