Preliminary magnitude 3.3 earthquake shakes South Carolina

A relatively rare earthquake of magnitude 3.3 hit northeast of Columbia, South Carolina. A large number of residents woke up after feelin...

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  • A relatively rare earthquake of magnitude 3.3 hit northeast of Columbia, South Carolina.
  • A large number of residents woke up after feeling the tremor.
  • So far no damage or injuries have been reported.

Earthquake on the East Coast. A relatively rare earthquake on the East Coast centered just northeast of South Carolina’s capital city woke up a large number of residents on Monday morning. The earthquake that shook the southern state was measured at a preliminary 3.3 magnitude, officials said.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The pre-dawn tremor lasted only a few seconds, but several people used social media to describe how they woke up when the quake struck shortly after 1:30 a.m., according to The Associated Press.

Earthquake shakes South Carolina

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A seismic analyst monitored the quake for the USGS Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center in Colorado and called it the latest in a series of tremors in recent months but stronger than usual.

“There has definitely been a ‘swarm’ here in the last couple of months. It’s not like “too many” like after a big seismic event, but we’ve had several in the last few months,” geophysicist Amy Vaughan of the 24-hour monitoring service told The Associated Press by phone.

“The earth shook for several seconds”

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Vaughan said the magnitude of 3.3 is a preliminary assessment and could change, adding that the quake occurred about 1.9 miles below the Earth’s surface near the community of Elgin. The epicenter was located about 21 miles northeast of downtown Columbia, the capital city.

Those who woke up reported feeling the ground shake for several seconds and some even described what sounded like a heavy truck moving nearby. Vaughan said that just an hour later she received reports reaching the earthquake monitoring center.

More than a thousand reports after the earthquake

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“So far I haven’t heard of any reports of damage, but I’ve had over a thousand… reports,” she said. “If people were sleeping, they obviously woken up and things might have been shaking off shelves or countertops, but not the kind of jolt or intensity to cause significant damage.”

Still, she called it “alarming for sure” and said some minor aftershocks were possible in the coming days or weeks. She pointed out that there were preliminary earthquakes of 2.0 or more in April and March, others that go back a little more than four months in the region, and a 3.3 earthquake last December. She said the quake was quite shallow, quite close to the surface, which made it felt, adding that the area has been experiencing other tremors recently.

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