Earthquake ‘shakes’ Nicaragua after an earthquake in Australia

Strong earthquake shakes Nicaragua. USGS reports a 6.5 magnitude quake. They report tremor during the early hours of this Wednesday. The ...

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  • Strong earthquake shakes Nicaragua.
  • USGS reports a 6.5 magnitude quake.
  • They report tremor during the early hours of this Wednesday.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported on Wednesday a 6.5 magnitude  earthquake in the Pacific Ocean near the coast of Nicaragua, according to information published by the AP news agency and Infobae.





The earthquake, at a depth of 30 kilometers (20 miles), occurred at 4:57 in the morning (09:57 GMT), about 78.2 kilometers (48.5 miles) away from the Jiquilillo resort coast, although it was initially measured at 6.7, the USGS later rectified the information.


Earthquake in Nicaragua
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The preliminary report indicated that until this morning of September 22, 2021, a tsunami alert was not issued and there were no immediate records of damage or deaths, however the authorities remained aware of a review in the affected area, the data they were also published by the USGS.

This earthquake occurs this same Wednesday that another earthquake shook the city of Melbourne, Australia, with a magnitude of 5.9 and that left some considerable damage to buildings. It was one of the strongest on record in more than two decades, Newsweek noted.

Earthquake in Nicaragua: “THERE IS NO THREAT”

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In turn, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that “according to all available data, there is no threat of a tsunami from this earthquake.” Furthermore, in its first analysis, the USGS explained the following verbatim: “There is a low probability of victims and damages.”

This earthquake in Nicaragua occurs during a month in which these natural phenomena have ‘hit’ hard in different parts of the world such as Mexico, Australia, the United States, Chile and other parts of the world that suffer from the fear that it causes in people before a possible tragedy of great magnitude.


Pacific Ocean
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However, due to the magnitude, the tremor could be felt in other nearby countries such as El Salvador and Honduras, according to the official Twitter page of Sky Alert, the application through which an alert is sent to users to get to safety.

In addition, the following was reported verbatim in the same account: “Strong perceptions in the epicenter area; possible minor damages ”. The authorities were vigilant and activated the necessary reaction protocols to act if necessary. Filed Under: Nicaragua Earthquake


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Later a second earthquake was reported hours later with less intensity. Given this, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Nicaragua, reported on its Twitter account of another earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7, off the coast, 124 km south of Playa Las Tunas, at 04:42 hours.

But that was not all, since a third earthquake of magnitude 4.1 degrees was also reported, 111 km south of Isla de Meanguera at 05:04, so people began to fear that something would happen. more worrisome for so much trembling. Filed Under: Nicaragua Earthquake


Earthquake in Nicaragua
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On the Sky Alert Twitter account, some users began to comment on the natural phenomenon: “Wow”, “first my country Chile, then Australia and now Nicaragua”, “and in Mexico there are many 4-4.5, and not to forget the 6.1 of September 7 of this year, the whole belt of fire is on ”.

Other people added their opinions about the USGS information but on the Sky Alert account: “I think perceived is better than felt. Thanks for the info”. Other users were nervous at the news, however, it seems that everything was completely calm in the Central American country. Filed Under: Nicaragua Earthquake

Earthquake in Nicaragua: ALSO SHAKES IN AUSTRALIA

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This tremor occurs the same day that another shook the city in Melbourne, Australia and that there did leave immediate damage, which occurred about 130 kilometers (80 miles) northeast of the second most populous city in that country, near the town. from Mansfield, at a depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles), according to the official body Geoscience Australia, cited by AP

Mansfield Mayor Mark Holcombe said he had no information about damage to the city. But the media showed images of damage to some walls on Chapel Street, in the South Yarra suburb, the aforementioned news agency detailed.

Earthquake in Nicaragua: NO SERIOUS INJURIES

Pacific Ocean
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Prime Minister Scott Morrison reported that there are no reports of serious injuries. The AP noted that the earthquake has been the strongest to shake Australia since a magnitude 6.6 earthquake with an epicenter 210 kilometers (130 miles) from the northwestern coastal city of Broome in 2019. However, Newsweek reported that it has been the most powerful in 24 years.

In its report, Newsweek said that a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit Australia’s southeastern coast, mentioned that its magnitude was originally set at 6.0, but later degraded, and noted that the country had not been affected by a larger earthquake. to 5.8 in 24 years.

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