Earthquake and aftershocks shake California

California shakes with another earthquake. Authorities confirm the magnitude of the earthquake in California and in which locations it wa...

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  • California shakes with another earthquake.
  • Authorities confirm the magnitude of the earthquake in California and in which locations it was felt.
  • They ask to be prepared for possible aftershocks.

A new earthquake shook an area of ​​California and woke up some inhabitants shortly before the dawn of this Saturday began.

The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 4.5 and shook southern California almost at midnight on Friday, when it shook the area near south of El Monte and was felt in a wide swath of the region, it reported. ABC 7 this Saturday.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) indicated that the earthquake occurred less than two miles west-southwest of South El Monte at 11:38 p.m. Friday, with a depth of approximately 10 miles. .

Seismologist Dr Lucy Jones told Eyewitness News that the quake was similar in type and location to the deadly 1987 Whittier-Narrows earthquake that had a magnitude of 5.9. But this one was much smaller in power.

“Here in Pasadena I felt it. It woke me up, ”Jones said, according to the ABC7 review.

The specialist pointed out that, after the earthquake in that area of ​​California, there were at least two aftershocks, 2.1 and 1.6., And mentioned that there is a 5% chance that it is a harbinger of a larger earthquake.

He commented that there is also about a 50% chance of additional small aftershocks occurring in the next 24 hours.

The California earthquake was initially estimated at magnitude 4.8, but then dropped to 4.6 and then to 4.5, the aforementioned media said.

The USGS showed on an earthquake map that this quake was felt south of San Diego, north of Santa Barbara, and as far east as the Inland Empire and the Mojave Desert, as well as off the coast of the Catalina and Santa Islands. Cross.

As of ABC7’s release this morning, there were no immediate reports of significant damage or injuries from the recent California quake, but local police and fire departments said they were on the alert and surveying their communities for damage.

Los Angeles International Airport also reported that it found no damage due to earthquakes.

For its part, CBS LA It also reported that the earthquake was felt in the Los Angeles area, and that there were reports of tremors in La Habra, Long Beach, Oxnard, Ontario, Pasadena, near the Beverly Hills area and other regions of Los Angeles County.

Some residents, CBS LA noted, said they felt jolts ranging from about three seconds to possibly a minute in duration.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, this was one of the largest earthquakes in the Los Angeles basin in a few years.

After 3:00 am this Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Department posted on Twitter that “fortunately there were no significant incidents to report” related to the earthquake, but urged residents to “be prepared” in case of aftershocks occur.

Earthquake in Chiapas, Mexico

On the other hand, an earthquake also shook Chiapas, in Mexico, this Saturday.

The newspaper The Herald He outlined that the National Seismological Service reported early this Saturday an earthquake of preliminary magnitude of 5.2 with an epicenter in the municipality of Huixtla, Chiapas.

The National Seismological Service published in Twitter that the earthquake was registered at 1.03 in the morning, and shortly after, it updated the magnitude to set it at 4.6 with a new epicenter in Tapachula, Chiapas.

Mexican authorities immediately carried out inspections at the place where the earthquake occurred, and as of 2:00 this morning, no damage had been reported.

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