Dulce María Alavez has been missing for almost two years and no one has solved the mystery yet

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  • Next week will mark two years since the little Dulce María Alavez disappeared.
  • Authorities believe the girl may still be alive.
  • With the presence of her relatives, there will be a silent walk in homage to Dulce María Alavez.

The sad puzzle remains unsolved. Next week will mark two long years since the Hispanic girl Dulce María Alavez was kidnapped and no one has yet managed to solve the mystery of her disappearance in New Jersey.





A group of walkers will meet on Thursday afternoon, September 16, in Bridgeton City Park to remind everyone of the mystery that remains unsolved after two years since the Hispanic Dulce María Alavez disppeared, NJ.com reported on Saturday.

Another year without Dulce María Alavez returning home

Sweet Maria Alavez

Dulce María Alavez was 5 years old when she disappeared in a park while playing with her younger brother on September 16, 2019. Her disappearance sparked a massive search in the park and surrounding communities, and news of the case spread internationally when the photo of the little Hispanic girl appeared on television shows, flyers and billboards. So far, a reward that has not been claimed remains at $ 75,000, recalled the aforementioned newspaper.

A candlelight vigil was held in the park where the girl disappeared on September 16 last year. Now, a group of volunteers who have worked to spread the word and search for clues to the disappearance will seek to test a new approach.

They will make a silent walk for Dulce María Alavez

Sweet Maria Alavez

“We wanted to do something different,” explained one of the organizers of the walk, Anna Donnelly, to NJ.com. “We just wanted to go for a walk. We wanted to light the way to bring Dulce home ”back to her family, she added.

The event, which Anna Donnelly said will include the family of Dulce María Alavez, will begin with the lighting of candles on the tree dedicated to the girl in Bridgeton City Park. Walkers will head to the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office and Bridgeton Police Station during the walk, while lighting additional battery-powered candles along the way.

The walk will be at the place and time the girl disappeared

Sweet Maria Alavez

Instead of chanting slogans, they will march in silence, Anna Donnelly pointed out. “We choose to be silent because we all have our differences. So, for this day, we decided to keep silent to bring peace, unity and justice to Dulce, ”he said.

The walk is called “Celebrating a Life That Still Shines,” according to an event flyer. Attendees are asked to wear yellow (since Dulce María Alavez was wearing a yellow shirt when she disappeared) and to meet in the park at 4:00 in the afternoon, which was the time the little girl was last seen. once that sad September afternoon.

The mystery of the case of Dulce María Alavez

Sweet Maria Alavez
Screenshot of video posted by NBC10 Philadelphia on YouTube

The girl’s mother, Noema Alavez Pérez, had taken her children to the park after stopping for ice cream. The mother stayed in the car with her younger sister while Dulce María Alavez and her 3-year-old brother, Manuel, ran to a playground about 30 meters away. When the mother noticed that she could not see the two children, she went to look for them, but found Manuel crying and the girl was gone, NJ.com recalled.

Manuel’s ice cream had fallen to the ground and, when asked about his sister, he pointed to a nearby place where he last saw Dulce María Alavez that tragic afternoon on September 16, 2019. Since then, there has been no trace of her.

Researchers believe she is still alive

Sweet Maria Alavez
Photo: Facebook

News about the case has been limited. Investigators say they believe the girl Dulce María Alavez is still alive, as they indicate they have not found any evidence pointing to her death, according to the NJ.com report.

An FBI agent involved in the case said last year that the little girl was probably kidnapped by a stranger in the park in what he called a crime of opportunity, although local investigators say that all possible theories are still under consideration, the report said. daily referral.

The case remains a top priority

Sweet Maria Alavez

In April, when Dulce María Alavez turned 7, her father posted a video on the Internet in which he said that he had nothing to do with her disappearance. And despite the time that has elapsed, the case remains a top priority, Bridgeton Police Chief Michael Gaimari said Thursday.

“The guys are working on it every day,” he said, adding that researchers have “developed good information” in recent months. In turn, Police Chief Gaimari explained that his department, the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, the New Jersey State Police and the FBI still have agents dedicated to that investigation.

“We want you to come home”

Sweet Maria Alavez
Photo: Justice for Dulce Maria Alavez Facebook

The goal of the walk on Thursday, September 16, as has happened with previous awareness events in that New Jersey town, is to remind people that a girl is still missing, according to organizers cited by NJ.com.

“I just want to keep his name alive. I want people to keep taking care of her. Wherever he is, we want him to come home, ”said Anna Donnelly. If you want more information about the silent walk, you can visit the group of Facebook called Justice for Dulce María Alavez. And anyone with information about the girl should contact authorities through one of these options: Bridgeton Police (856-451-0033), Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office (856-453-0486), State Police of New Jersey (609-882-2000, ext. 2554), FBI (1-800-CALL-FBI, option 4 then option 8), or you can send anonymous tips to Bridgeton police at bpdops.com/tips or the prosecutor’s office at njccpo.org/tips.

Joseph Ángel Álvarez killed a woman and injured her husband because they voted for Biden

Joseph Angel Alvarez

A Texas man identified by authorities as Joseph Ángel Álvarez, apparently unhinged, shot and killed a woman and wounded her husband just because they voted for Joe Biden in the elections for the US presidency.

Joseph Ángel Álvarez, 38, who spoke vigorously about satanic rituals and abortion in emails, claimed that he targeted the couple Georgette and Daniel Kauffman because they had a Biden flag in their yard and a Trump ”hanging there, according to the local television station KDBC, quoted by the newspaper New York Post Saturday.

They accuse Joseph Ángel Álvarez of killing a woman and wounding her husband

They accuse Joseph Ángel Álvarez of killing a woman and wounding her husband

The body of Georgette Kauffman, 50, was found inside the garage of his home, revealed a criminal complaint in which it was also mentioned that the husband Daniel Kauffman was shot five times, but crawled out of his house and asked for help to a neighbor.

Joseph Ángel Álvarez was the one who allegedly shot the couple on November 14, 2020, at their home on the 3000 block of Copper in downtown El Paso, Texas, shortly after the US presidential election. And he was arrested on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, almost a year later, he said. KWTX on Friday.

Joseph Ángel Álvarez first shot the woman and then looked for her husband

Joseph Angel Alvarez
Detained Joseph Ángel Álvarez. Photo: El Paso Police

The middle CBS 4 Local He also noted that, according to the arrest affidavit, the alleged murderer Joseph Ángel Álvarez carried out the crime because he did not agree with the beliefs or political points of view of the two victims.

Citing the arrest affidavit, CBS 4 Local detailed that police officers found Georgette Kauffman’s body in the home’s garage, with the vehicle’s engine running and the driver’s side door ajar.

Joseph Ángel Álvarez first shot the woman and then looked for her husband

Joseph Ángel Álvarez first shot the woman and then looked for her husband
Georgette Kauffman was murdered in the garage. Photo: Facebook

The police document described that after Joseph Ángel Álvarez shot Georgette, he made his way through the separate garage door and entered the backyard of the couple’s residence in that Texas town.

Then Josep Ángel Álvarez climbed a flight of stairs to the terrace of an outdoor patio. He tried to enter the residence, checked the door, but noticed that it was made of wrought iron and was closed, detailed the document cited by various media. For more details read this note.

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