Drug traffickers dismembered a woman for allegedly belonging to the rival group

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Drug traffickers dismembered a woman for allegedly belonging to the rival group
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  • Members of the CJNG group dismember a woman alive
  • Because he supposedly belonged to the rival group
  • These events occurred in the state of Zacatecas in Mexico

CJNG dismembers woman. A group of drug traffickers Better known as the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), they dismembered a woman alive for allegedly belonging to the rival group, according to a report from the portal The opinion.

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These terrible events occurred in the state of Zacatecas, and it is still unknown if the victim was part of a rival group of the CJNG since in the video they only tell him that this happens because he is filthy, this referring to the fact that he belonged to another group.

This terrible fact was disseminated through social networks, and it can be seen that first the drug traffickers cut off the woman’s arms, then they cut her neck to finally cut off the missing limbs.

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The drug traffickers did not have the slightest compassion despite the pleas and cries of the woman, who could not do anything about it since they had her hands tied while they did the terrible deed.

So far the dismembered woman has not been identified, nor has it been confirmed whether the state authorities have found the remains.

The Government of Mexico has confirmed that the state of Zacatecas is one of the entities with the highest number of high-impact crimes such as homicides in the last year.

Different users commented on the video: “What the hell… but that’s how the one who kills iron dies also will end, and hopefully the young people understand that this is not the way, it leaves nothing good”, “Those are all cannon fodder Both the executed and those who are fighting do not live long, so they send them to the front, they do not know how to work as they should “,” She was nothing of what they say, she was an Escort and they killed her for being independent and refusing to work several times for them, that is the fear of all of us ”, commented some Internet users.



CJNG dismembers woman. This group is not the first time that they go viral for a murder since previously I circulated a video in which it is seen how some subjects burn alive an alleged hitman member of the United Cartel, it is said that its executors are part of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) and threaten Familia Michoacana, according to what was reported by the La Verdad portal.

The video was filtered by the Twitter account @ guerrerolibre12 in which it is seen how they set fire to him while still alive, it is established in the text that the man was arrested after a confrontation that took place in an area of ​​the state of Guerrero, which for For years it has suffered a wave of violence by criminal groups that operate there.

Unofficially, the media indicates that the alleged victim is singled out because he had already murdered more than 50 people in Coyuca. After the execution, the alleged murderers sent a threatening message to members of La Familia Michoacana.

In the video it can be seen that the murder is committed at night, it is seen that they are in a remote place, with a black background and in the middle surrounded by flames the man who screams desperately, while his executors record it to send an intimidating message to his enemies.

In material it lasts approximately 36 seconds and in it you can clearly see the figure of the man who remains standing, he takes his face with both hands, then one of his executioners shoots him with a firearm and the victim falls to the ground slowly while receiving insults from the murderers.

“Leave him, leave him, the gu … is still alive,” says one of the hit men, while the man lies on the floor, apparently already dying, in the middle of firewood or mesquite that they put on him to set him on fire.

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CJNG dismembers woman. In the supposed message that members of the CJNG send to their rivals, it indicates that La Familia Michoacana receives protection or help from the authorities, but they warn them to heed the threat.

But the violence does not stop in Mexico and three days ago it was reported that a family made up of five members, including two children, were shot dead inside their home in the north of Veracruz.

The events occurred on the afternoon of April 3 in the municipal seat of Papantla, where hitmen entered a house and killed five people. At the scene of the murder, a narco message was left.

According to police sources, a call was received from the emergency services reporting firearm shots inside a home.

The elements of the State Police went to the place and in one of the rooms they located three bodies of women and below them two minors, all with gunshot wounds.

Of the five victims, four are women (including a girl) and a boy (a boy). Four people have been identified as of tonight: Míriam N, 39, Tania N, 25, Fani N, 4 and Miguel Ángel N. 5 years. The State Attorney General’s Office began investigations of the events.

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