Daniel Sarcos’s father dies and former teammates of A New Day send him condolences (PHOTOS)

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  • Enrique Yguaran, father of television host, Daniel Sarcos, dies
  • Former companions of Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día program send condolences
  • Several celebrities join the pain of the Venezuelan presenter

Enrique Yguaran, father of the driver television, Daniel Sarcos and his former colleagues from Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día program send him condolences for being mourning.

The tragic news was given by the same presenter through his bill of Insatgram with a photograph and a meaningful message that caused sadness in the artistic environment.

The Venezuelan driver explained in the message how he feels about the death of his father, who was 87 years old, and immediately his former colleagues from the program and his fans, sent him messages to try to comfort him.

Image taken from Instagram @dsarcos

The long message begins like this: “Dr. Sarcos Yguaran died, my father has died. At dawn on Saturday September 5, my father’s heart stopped, the mestizo who managed to be recognized on the radio as an elegant announcer died.

Then he explained: “The guagiro who would become a lawyer, the litigant who, regardless of his professional achievements, never separated himself from his people and his roots, the brother who never hesitated to help all his younger brothers to become professionals.”

He continued: “My father who taught me to walk hand in hand through the great cities of the world without ever losing the north and at the same time with his example he spoke to me about the equality of all human beings, no matter in what small town in the geography we will meet ”.

“He told me ‘that’s how the contrasts of life are, two days ago we were in Rio de Janeiro and today we are in this town without streets, or electricity, but with the flia, you have to know how to function with equal comfort in any situation.’

On the next page we will leave you the continuation of the message that Daniel Sarcos gave, who just lost his father.

In addition, the messages of unity that some of the celebrities sent him to try to comfort him in these difficult times.

Here we leave you the rest of the letter that the driver left about his dad.

“The husband eternally in love with mother (although in the end his mental health betrayed him, in his work to make her feel loved), he was a strange combination between a lawyer difficult to defeat, a bohemian in love with reading and the pleasures of life , a bullfighter who liked good music (although I never heard him sing) ”.

Then he commented: “I remember those bohemian afternoons with friends in his favorite restaurant El Alazán, where politicians, lawyers, artists, announcers, journalists and bullfighters met, while I played in the gardens and fountains full of fish that adorned the restaurant. always waiting for the moment when he called and said ‘panielita, look for the cape so that you can fight your uncles’ and there I would come out converted into the fly swatter bullfighter, as they had baptized me. Thanks a lot. I know you finally rest.

And he said goodbye as follows: “I inform family, friends and close friends that we have decided to spend all this painful process in the strictest privacy of the family, we will wait for the right moment to take his remains to our beloved land” .

Image taken from Instagram @dsarcos

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On this page we will leave you the messages of encouragement that they gave Daniel Sarcos before the news that his father died.

Here some of his former colleagues from Un Nuevo Día, from Telemundo, wrote the following to him. The first of them was the host Adamari López, who told him: “I’m very sorry, my Dani. Strength for the whole family ”.

Another of her former colleagues who has just been fired, Rashel Díaz wrote: “@dsarcos as I told you today there are no words of encouragement at times like this! But we send you a very strong hug and we are with you! We love you”.

Likewise, the renowned journalist Sofía Lachapelle had an approach through social networks and commented: “@dsarcos Daniel, God is our comforter, I send you a hug of those that unite hearts. Blessings to you and the family. Squeeze #Churri very hard ”.

A new day

Image taken from Instagram @dsarcos

Likewise, several followers had some words for Daniel Sarcos who announced that his father Enrique Yguaran died.

“What a beautiful story Daniel, that is what makes our loved ones continue to be present in our lives, a big hug from Cali-Colombia, I admire you a lot, strength for you and your family, God will strengthen their hearts to bear the pain of their departure. Blessings, ”a follower told him.

Someone else commented: “God gave them the most beautiful memories to always carry in their hearts. May the gift of God remain in their hearts at this time and ease the absence of your father. Blessings”.

Also the television presenter Viviana Gibelli wrote to him: “Daniel, how sorry I am. A great man your father. I hug you tight in this hard time. Much light for his soul ”.

Another follower commented: “May God have it in his bosom, Daniel, we are with you from Venezuela, we love you very much, God bless you.”

“Condolences and much strength for the whole family to rest in peace”, “God give you the strength you need to deal with such strong pain” and “Condolences @dsarcos, may God give you the strength to cope with this so irreparable loss to you and your family ”, were other words of encouragement that the driver received.

Dad Daniel Sarcos dies

Image taken from Instagram @dsarcos

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