Dragon’s Breath: How to Fix Your Halitosis or Bad Breath Problem

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Dragon’s Breath: How to Fix Your Halitosis or Bad Breath Problem
  • Do you suffer from bad breath? You may have Halitosis
  • Know everything about this condition and what are its causes
  • Say goodbye to dragon breath! We show you different ways to solve this problem

Halitosis, according to the American Dental AssociationIt is chronic bad breath that neither mints, toothbrushes nor mouthwashes seem to be able to control, the well-known “dragon’s breath”

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Unlike bad breath produced by eating a strong-smelling food, such as garlic, halitosis occurs when bad breath persists for a long period of time, and specialists recommend monitoring it as it could be an indicator that a more pre-existing condition serious than halitosis.

The causes of halitosis, according to information provided by the American Dental Association, can be the following:

Denture problems: specifically cavities, since they favor bacteria to lodge in cavities where it is difficult to find and eliminate them when brushing your teeth or going to the dentist.

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Problems in the respiratory system: If you have problems in the ears, nose and throat, it is possible that the runny nose can cause bad breath due to the bacteria that hide in the phlegm.

Habits: If a person maintains habits such as smoking, they are more likely to suffer from halitosis, since the chemical substances contained in tobacco are harmful to oral health, in addition to causing dry mouth, which ultimately presents a greater risk to cause bad breath.

On the other hand, people who struggle with halitosis should take into account that among the pre-existing conditions that can give rise to the presence of bad breath are: the consumption of medications, gastric ulcers, tonsillitis, etc; On the other hand, diet largely influences halitosis, since if you consume certain foods in excess or if you follow a very strict diet, you could be at risk of suffering from it.

The good news is that there are natural remedies and medications that can help you lessen the effects of halitosis and thus improve your quality of life.

The most basic habits you can acquire to improve your breath are: brushing your teeth daily, at least twice a day; gargle water with baking soda; Finally, try to clean your tongue every time you carry out these actions, as it contains the bacteria and natural compounds that cause bad breath.

Among the natural remedies that exist to reduce halitosis or bad breath we can find:

Teas: The specialist Daniel Bonet He advises consuming medicinal plants such as mint, eucalyptus and rosemary in infusions, as well as making mouthwashes with them.

Improving diet: The specialist recommends chewing cardamom seeds after each meal, as they help fight bad breath. In addition, a greater consumption of salads, berries, probiotics, prebiotics and essential oils is promoted.

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It is necessary to acquire new and better habits, such as a greater consumption of fruits and avoid sausage or sugary foods that can adhere to the mouth walls and harbor bacteria that can cause bad breath and other more serious ailments.

Among the foods that are recommended to be included in the daily diet are citrus fruits, parsley, seeds and carrots; In addition, it is important to increase water consumption during the day, as it favors the production of saliva, thus eliminating the risk of suffering from the dreaded bad breath.

Bad breath: remedies to fix it

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