Douglas Tapia: Misses’ fashion design also reinvents itself in the coronavirus crisis

Douglas Tapia: Misses’ fashion design also reinvents itself in the coronavirus crisis Ensures has been able to face COVID-19 respon...

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Foto: Cortesía Douglas Tapia / Video: MH
  • Douglas Tapia: Misses’ fashion design also reinvents itself in the coronavirus crisis
  • Ensures has been able to face COVID-19 responsibly and generating new ideas
  • For the designer, the important thing is to make beauty through actions

After an extensive international tour, the renowned Venezuelan designer Douglas Tapia prepared a special collection for the participants of the famous Miss Venezuela 2020 beauty pageant, inspired by Old Hollywood.

He assures that he has reinvented himself and shows it in his art.

Tapia has always lived in a total reinvention and in an interview with Hispanic World He said “being creative allows you to quickly adapt to any process. Living in Venezuela, believe me, is about reinventing yourself to jump over obstacles.

He also stressed that thanks to this he has been able to take COVID-19 responsibly, to nurture himself and generate new ideas and an impact through his work.

In 2019, the designer’s master piece was selected to be exhibited at “The Hollywood Museum” along with emblematic pieces of the seventh art, being the only designer outside the film industry to exhibit in the room of this prestigious Los Angeles museum, and without thinking that 2020 would come full of so many creative challenges.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the creator dabbled in masks, with an aesthetic concept of global acceptance. “I am making sustainable fashion with materials that were previously considered scraps to build beautiful dresses for my collections.”

This year he participated in RunwayLX in Los Angeles, California where he showed an iconic master piece inspired by pop art, based on a symbolic image of the most deeply rooted traditional ones in Venezuelan gastronomy such as PAN flour He used plastic as a sustainable fashion standard .

Given the changes in the agenda that the pandemic has brought, especially in the world of entertainment and events, when asked if he thought that this year they would suspend Miss Venezuela, Wall He assured that it was what he least thought about, that on the contrary he reflected “the important thing is to make beauty through our actions”.

On September 24, 2020, the contest was held with a new format, and where Tapia had the opportunity to be the featured designer and create a collection of ultra-chic suits for the 22 participants.

The new Miss Venezuela 2020, with whom she has worked for some years, wore a dress that once made was never tried on, “it was just right for her, a column with a long neckline, long sleeves and a Maria Stuarda neckline in crystal mesh” .

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Tapia insists that getting his job done and having the contest take place is a new challenge, well overcome and a real blessing.

Douglas Tapia: Misses' fashion design also reinvents itself in the coronavirus crisis

Douglas Tapias, already has Miss Universe, Our Latin Beauty and parades in New York, Madrid and Los Angeles on the agenda. / Photo: Courtesy Douglas Tapia

The designer of mises claims to have countless projects stopped by the pandemic. However, he assured that his agenda includes prompt participation in the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina, Miss Universe, fashion week in Madrid, New York and Los Angeles, among other projects in the world of fashion.

Douglas Tapia has dressed various personalities from the entertainment world. Among them Clarissa Molina, Angélica Vale, Ninel Conde, Migbelis Castellanos, Chiqui Delgado, Chiquibaby and more. In addition, he has designed beautiful dresses for various masses, such as Estefanía Fernández, Mis Universo 2009. His outstanding designs have been seen on the most important red carpets such as the Billboard, the Emmy and the Oscars.

22 outfits were part of her MV 2020 collection for the Miss Venezuela contest participants. / Photo: Courtesy Douglas Tapia

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Mariangel Villasmil the new Miss Venezuela 2020, dressed by Douglas Tapias. / Photo: Courtesy Douglas Tapia

In a past interview, Tapia assured Mundo Hispánico that he is always creating. “Douglas Tapia always has innovative proposals. Douglas Tapia is aimed at a very broad audience and is not restricted to just one proposal. Usually during the year I live creating different collections ”, he adds.

Last year he had an important reception in Atlanta, Georgia. Her career continues to expand and grow within the Hispanic community in the United States.

Douglas Tapias, designer of Misses, made his first show in 1998. / Photo: Courtesy Douglas Tapia

To learn more about the prominent Venezuelan designer, Douglas Tapia, you can visit his Instagram account @douglastapiaoficial. You can also follow his work through his fashion gallery on the Instagram account @galeriademodadouglastapia.

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