Donald Trump’s niece denounces him for fraud

Trump’s niece denounces him for fraud “Fraud was not only a family affair, it was their way of life” They harassed her ...

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  • Trump’s niece denounces him for fraud
  • “Fraud was not only a family affair, it was their way of life”
  • They harassed her to get her out of the family business

Trump’s niece denounces him for fraud. Mary L Trump, after the publication in July of her book: “Always too much and never enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world,” denounced the president.

This book tells the story of the president’s wealthy family Trump. The niece sued for alleged fraud committed against her a few decades ago.

A few hours ago, the story of the niece of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, Mary L. Trump, who claims that after the death of her father Fred Trump jr. was defrauded by the current president and her brothers Maryanne, who is a retired federal judge, and Robert Trump.

In accordance with CNN An attorney who had worked for her Fred Trump, named Irwin Durben was appointed as a trustee on behalf of Mary Trump because he was not coming of age.

The plaintiff was 16 years old when the events occurred in 1981, who now filed the lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court, which seeks to compensate Mary L. Trump financially for the damages suffered.

The president’s niece maintains that she was harassed by the brothers to leave the business, in addition to threatening her with the bankruptcy of her interests within the Trump real estate empire built by her grandfather Fred Trump.

“For Donald Trump, his sister Maryanne and his brother Robert, fraud was not just a family affair, it was their way of life.” The niece of President Trump testified at the beginning of her lawsuit.

Through your officer Twitter Mary strongly criticizes her uncle’s administration.

Niece Denounces Trump Fraud

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According to the complainant, after the death of her father Fred Trump, brother of the now president, in 1981, when she was 16 years old, “Donald, Maryanne and Robert undertook to safeguard their interests as trustees” of the stake that they had inherited. in the family business.

“They lied. Instead of protecting Mary’s interests, they designed and carried out a complex plan to divert funds from her interests (…) and deceive her about the true value of what she had inherited, ”the complaint states.

It also maintains that after the death of their grandfather and creator of the Trump empire, Fred Trump, in 1999, the three brothers harassed their niece to put her out of business and threatened to declare their interests bankrupt.

In the 52-page brief, he also accuses President Donald Trump and his two brothers of having taken advantage of the dementia that Fred Trump suffered before his death to take advantage. According to the complainant, their intrigues and the competition that began between them was similar to that of a television series.

According CNN, Donald Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump states in her lawsuit that during the 90s when the patriarch of the family suffered from Alzheimer’s, they competed with each other for their own interests and then come together and work together against all other relatives.

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Also reported CNN that the way in which they scammed her consisted at first in diverting value from Mary’s interests in the Trump empire, later they decreased their value through fraudulent actions to finally pressure the plaintiff with a settlement.

It is worth mentioning that Mary L Trump was threatened with suspension of the insurance of her nephew who suffered from epileptic seizures and that, as reported by CNN, he was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

“Ultimately, the suspects worked together to consolidate their power and advance their own interests at the expense of anyone else, including Mary,” says the legal text, deposited in the Supreme Court of New York.

Last July, Mary published a book describing the president as an unprincipled narcissist who has embraced deception as a “way of life” after being traumatized by his father, who prevented him from “developing and experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions ”.

The family tried on several occasions, but without success, to block the publication of his work, which was finally released on July 14 of this year.

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This book has been a success from its publication, during the first weeks its sales have been extremely good, especially in books on political issues.

The book created by the niece of the US president, Mary L. Trump recounts the life of one of the most controversial wealthy families in recent decades.

It also addresses the childhood of President Donald Trump and how the situations experienced by the head of state could have a direct impact on the person who now governs the United States, and the danger that it means in which some lists declared him the most powerful man in the world. world.

Currently Mary L. Trump has become one of his main opponents heading to the presidential race in November of this year. Through a series of Tweets published by her official account, she makes clear her opposition to Trump’s electoral campaign and in turn has become an important supporter of the election campaign of Democrat Joe Biden.

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