Dollar General digital coupons: And 10 other ways to save at the dollar store

One of the premises of Dollar General stores is to create a unique shopping experience. And Dollar General digital coupons are a big part...

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One of the premises of Dollar General stores is to create a unique shopping experience. And Dollar General digital coupons are a big part of that. In addition to providing great deals, each of its 18,000 stores in the United States offers an excellent way to save money and stretch your household budget Learn about them here!

Check your receipts

Always check your receipts! You don’t want to miss out on additional discounts both in-store and with online retailers who maintain an alliance with Dollar General Store. When you’ve finished shopping, read your receipt carefully because at the bottom you could find additional coupons with a special discount of 5% or 10% to buy everything you need at an affordable price.

Clip coupons

A person cutting coupons

One way to always keep an eye out for the latest coupons is to check the store’s catalog or mailer, as well as the Sunday coupon section of the newspaper. Clipping coupons will generally get you a discount of between $5 and $25, and can they can sometimes be combined. In these cases, it is also important to put them in order to make it easier for the cashier.

Dollar General digital coupons

This is one of the easiest ways to access discounts at the Dollar General Store, because in just a few steps you can receive digital coupons on your electronic device. You just have to create an account in the store app, registering your phone number. In this way, you will be able to access the digital coupons automatically when paying at the checkout.

Text alerts

A woman receiving coupons on her mobile

Your mobile device is be one of your best allies to access General Dollar Store digital coupons. You can find savings on social media, on the website and through text alerts directly to your cell phone number. Register on the Dollar General Store website and receive the most up-to-date promotions in your number according to your city or the geographical configuration that you establish in your account.

Clearance items

Buying at a discount is easier than you think because, in addition to the coupons that you can clip or receive on your phone, you can also organize your purchases according to the discount season. Dollar General Store has special shelves where you can find items from past seasons at special discounts, as well as clearance aisles at extremely attractive prices.

Buy in bulk at the Dollar General Store

dollar general digital coupons

At Dollar General Store you can find everyday items at special prices and at bulk prices. For example, toilet paper and paper towels at a special price or with a gift item. Coupons, on the other hand, will give you the option to stock up on the non-perishable items you need most in advance, without breaking your budget.

Shop on the weekend

Dollar General Store specials are released weekly, and are usually valid for $5 and $25. Although this does not mean they can be used on any day of the week. In fact, these special prices are only valid for one day, and it is almost always on the weekend and applicable on specific items (such as the generic store brand).

Check the colored dots

dollar general digital coupons

Get ready to take a close look at the colored dots! Your purchases could cost up to a penny on the dollar, as long as they have been cataloged with the special colors of the season. This type of discount is known as a ‘secret’ promotion, where all prices are reduced by 50%, especially on seasonal items such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

Order your coupons

It is not enough to clip or download digital coupons from the General Dollar Store. It is necessary to be strategic to save the most money. First you must present the coupons of the store (in any format), then it will be necessary to show the coupons of $5 and $25 dollars and, finally, you must enter your registered phone number on the website so that the coupons are automatically applied.

Use a calculator


In your Dollar General Store shopping cart you will find a calculator that will help you scan the products and keep track of the accumulated cost, which will help you stick to your budget. You can also apply the digital coupons you have; with this, the store system will alert you about additional discounts or pop-up promotions that you haven’t considered yet.

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