CURIOUS: Teacher finds doll with scary message saying that she stabbed former homeowners

Man makes creepy discovery inside the wall of his new home. He finds a doll with a message saying that she stabbed the former owners. His...

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  • Man makes creepy discovery inside the wall of his new home.
  • He finds a doll with a message saying that she stabbed the former owners.
  • His friends show concern and ask him to get out of there.

On the big screen there have been countless horror stories involving dolls that come to life and harm their owners, like Chucky and Annabelle, but what happens when this becomes a reality? That happened to a man who bought a house and found a creepy message from Emily, saying she stabbed the previous owners of the house he just bought.





According to information published by the news site the New York Post, the terrifying movie story became real, and now the inhabitants of that place have asked him to sell the property and run out of the house to prevent something similar from happening to him.


Doll stabbed owners
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The film most similar to this story is that of the Annabelle doll, which is brought as a gift to a pregnant woman and she and her husband begin to see how he brutally attacks them, a film that was very successful because it is said that it was real, without However, skepticism still stands.

In this Emily story, the man decided to go public because he thinks it’s a joke, but how true is it? His friends have shown concern for it to come true, however, the evidence exists and it will only be he who decides what to do next.

Doll stabbed owners: IT’S A TEACHER

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The man has been identified as a teacher at a school in the United Kingdom, his name is Jonathan Lewis and he is 32 years old, according to information collected by the Liverpool Echo media outlet. Her case has caught the attention of the community because of how incredible it seems.

The man has decided to tell the story and showed the evidence to the media and all kinds of comments have been raised, but for you to believe your own opinion, here we will tell you and show everything you need to know about this doll.

I was inside the wall

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It all started when Jonathan arrived at that house after acquiring it in a purchase in Walton. During his stay, one of these days, he observed an unusual situation that he tried to fix, imagining that it would not be so difficult to remedy it with a little effort.

“There was a wire that came out of where the previous owners had the refrigerator, but I didn’t know where it was plugged in, so I tapped on the drywall to see what was there,” he said when asked how he found the doll if it was inside the wall. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Doll Stabbed Owners

Doll Stabbed Owners: CREEPY SURPRISE

Doll stabbed owners
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After hitting the wall, he realized that there was a toy next to a note written on a sheet of paper, as if it were a letter, so he decided to take pictures and videos, as he found the event very strange, without imagining that it would become creepy.

With the letter in hand, the teacher decided to read it and was stunned by the content, since it was allegedly written by the same Emily doll and in it she described several terrifying events, supposedly perpetrated by herself against the previous owners of the house. .


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When reading the note, his surprise was greater, because apparently it was written in 1961 and the first thing that was written is “Thank you for freeing me!”, Supposedly in reference to Emily, who wrote the creepy message, but that was not all, because then she confessed to a terrible crime that she apparently committed.

“My original owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn’t like them, so they had to leave. All they did was sing and have fun. It was disgusting. Stabbing was my choice of death for them, so I hope you have knives, ”read the letter found inside the stairs. Filed Under: Doll Stabbed Owners

Doll stabbed owners: “I HOPE YOU SLEEP WELL”

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But Emily’s message, in addition to being a confession, turned out to seem like a threat to the new owner of the house, since next to the rag doll with blue eyes and ponytail dressed in a striped dress, another message came for him which was unsettling.

“I hope you sleep well”, was the writing that the teacher read. Although the story seems like a movie, his friends have recommended that he sell the property to avoid any risky situation, however, the man does not consider it that way and apparently will remain in it.


Doll stabbed owners
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Faced with all these evidences, the man will not give in and has told the media that this seems like a joke: “I think it’s just a joke. The letter says 1961, but the real estate agent said when she showed me that the kitchen was made only four or five years ago ”.

“I think they should have put it there because the paper does not seem very old and it seems relatively recent,” said the teacher, who did not reveal what he will do after these evidences that appeared in his house after buying it to be able to live there for some time. Filed Under: Doll Stabbed Owners

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