Does not get old! Maribel Guardia ‘for the first time’ appears dressed according to her age (PHOTO)

In social networks Maribel Guardia appears with an outfit that is according to her age The actress looks spectacular with whatever outfit...

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  • In social networks Maribel Guardia appears with an outfit that is according to her age
  • The actress looks spectacular with whatever outfit she wears
  • The image was shared on his Instagram account

Maribel Guardia palazzo. Through your account Instagram, the actress Maribel Guardia, shows off her beauty, but this time she does it wearing an outfit that matches her age.

And it is also singer, constantly captivates her followers with her figure, appearing in some images either in a bikini or in sports outfits that highlight her waist.

On this occasion, the 61-year-old artist published a couple of photographs on her social network, showing that aging does not exist for her, and it is that no matter what she uses, she always looks sensational.

Maribel Guardia palazzo


Accompanied by a phrase from a writer, Maribel Guardia appears wearing a flowered palazzo in black and white, while posing for the camera on some stairs inside a house, “Those who believe that money does everything, end up doing everything for money . VOLTAIRE ”.

The celebrity constantly pleases her followers that every time she uploads a snapshot of her, showing her sensual body, they thank her by sending their compliments and compliments.

Celebrity compliments

Some celebrities were present in the comments of Maribel’s publication, where they were left with their mouths open for the beauty that the singer has despite her age.

Artists like Laura Bozzo and Latin Lover, sent some compliments like fire emojis, along with a clarification of how beautiful she looks wearing that outfit, which is according to her age.

The image so far has a large number of comments, in addition to having obtained more than 43 thousand reactions of “likes” from the Internet users who saw the photo.


The publication where the Mexican actress Maribel Guardia appears wearing a black and white palazzo, has impacted the singer’s fans, obtaining a total of 353 comments.

Maribel Guardia palazzo 2


Some users took the opportunity to send greetings and kisses: “How cool I send you many beautiful kisses”, “Cake that does not age with pure fresh water.”

Even other Internet users sent some poems for the beautiful actress: “In the sky there are many stars, but the brightest is on Earth and it is you”, “Hey beautiful sure you are not a work by Picasso or DaVinci”.

“You are a spectacular woman Maribel I love you”, “Wonderful beautiful afternoon”, “Bella Maribel, from Argentina I send you a big hug”, “How beautiful the love of my life”, “You are a beautiful and spectacular woman many blessings, kisses “,” How beautiful you look, Guaricandilla, have a wonderful afternoon and a nice Wednesday, I love your outfits “,” You are a Goddess, you look beautiful, Maribel, “were some of the comments.

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At her advanced age, Maribel Guardia is the envy of many for her incredible body.

Of impact! At 61 years old, Maribel Guardia previously appeared on social networks showing off her tremendous abdomen in tight leggings, her followers fall in love with the beauty of the actress and ask her how she does to keep herself so beautiful.

Maribel Guardia palazzo 3


Despite the fact that Maribel Guardia is already in her 60s, the native of Costa Rica has one of the bodies most envied by many women and the most dreamed of by men.

This is how we have been able to see it in the constant photographs that the singer has also boasted in her social networks, where every day, Maribel Guardia shows off her well-worked body, and not to mention her tremendous, firm and strong abdomen.

In the snapshot, the ex of Joan Sebastian She wears leggings to exercise, along with a top of the same color, exposing her hard and worked abdomen, taking center stage in the photograph.

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