Doctor Juan warns about the new IHU Covid variant

Doctor Juan warns about the new COVID-19 variant identified as IHU. Cases have appeared in France and experts talk about what it means. S...

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  • Doctor Juan warns about the new COVID-19 variant identified as IHU.
  • Cases have appeared in France and experts talk about what it means.
  • Several countries are concerned about Omicron.

The brilliant Doctor Juan Jr. has launched a new video on his official Instagram account to alert everyone about the appearance of a new variant of COVID-19. It has been identified as IHU and was first discovered in Europe, specifically in France. He explained what could happen in the coming days and what safety measures the public should take.

According to the AP and The San Diego Union Tribune, experts are keeping an eye on another variant of COVID-19. This one has up to 46 mutations. It was detected in France in a traveler who recently arrived from a three-day stay in Cameroon, Central Africa. French researchers reported this in a pre-print study published on medRxiv, meaning it has not yet been peer-reviewed.

How was the new case detected?

Doctor Juan covid variant

As researchers monitored the strain to determine how infectious it is or if it poses a danger, experts stressed that its discovery alone is not cause for alarm. Furthermore, it had been observed even before Omicron took over the world stage, said WHO COVID incident manager Abdi Mahamud at a press conference in Geneva. He added that it had a good chance to pick up steam but hasn’t yet.

The IHU variant has managed to infect 12 people in Marseille in southeastern France. All 46 mutations had not been detected in other countries, The Independent noted. The person infected with the B.1.640.2 variant, dubbed IHU after being discovered by scientists at IHU Mediterranee Infection, was fully vaccinated and had just returned from a three-day trip to Cameroon when he tested positive, the researchers said. Any speculation or alarm would be premature, they added.

What is the IHU variant?


“There are already reports about a new variant that has been detected in France, B.1.640.2 or IHU. Twelve cases have been reported, and the initial cases have been linked to someone who had visited Africa, specifically Cameroon,” Dr. Juan said.

“What do we know about this variant? Obviously, we do not know much. We know that it has approximately 46 mutations. We know that there are two mutations in particular that are important, one of them is N501Y, which is a mutation that we initially saw with the alpha variant. The French variant is more transmissible,” he specified. Filed under: Doctor Juan Covid variant

Is there a reason to be worried about the new variant?


Doctor Juan continued to give more details about the new variant: “Also seen in this variant is a mutation called E484K, which can make it more resistant to the vaccines that we currently have. Why am I making this video? The truth is that we are already tired of hearing another variant.”

Then he declared: “I make the video, number one so that the public are informed, number two so that they know that this is the normal process when there is a pandemic. There are numerous variants that arise, some of them are variants of interest because they can cause disease in humans more than those that exist today.”

Is the new variant dangerous?

Doctor Juan covid variant

The doctor continued with his explanation: “This is how Omicron emerged. This is how Delta emerged. As long as there is a significant percentage in the world, not only in the United States but in countries like Africa, the Asian continent, and Latin America. While there is a significant number of people who are not vaccinated for the variants that are circulating, there will always be the possibility that the virus continues to mutate, creating variants that are more transmissible, that are more infectious, that cause more severe symptoms, or whatever.”

And he warned: “It can also happen like what happened with Omicron, which is more transmissible, but we have really seen that the symptoms are less severe. This is the reality, my people, that we have to try to understand, because it is no longer a question of reaching a herd immunity, it is about fighting something that is probably going to be endemic, it is going to be with us.” To see the video, click here.

What should be done then?


Then, he issued a recommendation: “That is why obviously vaccines are important, but effective treatments that can help us against any type of variant are also going to become an extremely important part in terms of the fight against it.”

He concluded: “So we are going to follow closely to see what we learn more about this IHU variant that was detected in France. But as I said, you cannot overreact every time a variant comes out because this is the natural course of these types of pandemic viruses. We will continue to report because it is important that we stay educated, but we have to learn to fight this, to live with this, and to develop weapons that help us on a day-to-day basis as we continue our lives.”

Do you believe the doctor’s explanation?

Doctor Juan covid variant

Immediately, people reacted:

“Thank you for being our doctor and keeping us all informed and healthy … #eldoctordeloslatinos.”

“This is biblical. We are in recent times, and we have to pray all the time and look for Jesus Christ who is the only one who can save the earth. AMEN.”

“The way is vaccination.”

Some more users commented:

“What I don’t understand is, what is the purpose of creating so much panic? That lowers the immune system, it is a simple flu, which has existed and will exist for all eternity, what variants or what nothing. Why do you lend yourself to this story, Dr. Juan. There are millions of variants missing, and my people get used to living with this flu. I am no longer afraid. I think that is why I have not caught it.” Filed under: Doctor Juan Covid variant

Will this end soon?

IHU coronavirus

More netizens joined in the questions and comments:

“Thank you for always keeping us informed!! How long should I wait for my third dose if I test positive for COVID? The only symptoms were sore throat and headache. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Doctor Juan, for always keeping us informed.”

Someone else commented: “Oh my God, how long are we going to end this?”

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